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5 Stages Of Living In Dallas

5 Stages of Living in Dallas

If you’re thinking of moving to Dallas or if you’re already there, you’ll find yourself living in one of these 5 stages. From the first apartment post-college to the house with a good school district, we’ve all been there (or we’ll get there quickly):

Stage One: I’m looking for a home I can afford

Stage One Lower Greenville Dallas

Stage One Lower Greenville Dallas

You’re out of collegeā€¦and yet you don’t want to stray too far from the college life. You need lots of social interactions, but your housing needs to be affordable. Enter Lower Greenville! It’s minutes from SMU, so you get the college feel, but it’s a bit more affordable than the surrounding areas, such as the swankier University Park.

In Lower Greenville, you can find an apartment you can afford on your barely-out-of-college salary. This means after you pay rent, you’ll still have a little money left to check out local attractions, such as the hip Granada Theater or The Libertine Bar. Yeah, you’re not living in luxurious digs, but your neighborhood has some flavor — and cheap housing!

Stage Two: I need to be in the center of the action, so I’m off to Uptown

Stage Two Uptown Dallas

Stage Two Uptown Dallas

As much as you love the down-to-earth feel of Lower Greenville, maybe it doesn’t quite feel like home to you. And thanks to that raise at work, now you can afford something closer to the center of Dallas, and that’s Uptown!

Here you’ve got access to posh bistros, trendy boutiques and bars your friends will actually go to. And when you take the fast Lyft ride home — or even walk! — you’ll get to enjoy your upgraded appliances and amenities. After all, you get what you pay for, and you’re definitely paying a little more these days.

Stage Three: I can’t do what I want every weekend, but I can still try!

Stage Three Oak Cliff Dallas

Stage Three Oak Cliff Dallas

Now you’re at the stage of life where you don’t feel like partying quite as much — but you’re not ready to give it up completely. Get the best of both worlds in a spot like Oak Cliff.

This area is quiet and affordable. Basically, it’s where you can find a nice apartment or townhome and get some space to yourself, but you’re still super close to some great walkable spots. Bishop Arts District is one place many younger residents love, as it’s known for its artwork, concerts and restaurants fit for foodies.

Stage Four: I’m ready to settle down and buy a house in Dallas

Stage Four Farmers Branch Dallas

Stage Four Farmers Branch Dallas

The amount of time you’re spending on Zillow is a dead giveaway! You’re done renting and are ready to fork over a down payment on your dream home, or maybe just a house you can afford.

If you’re looking to buy, Farmers Branch will come up in your home search. Yeah, you might not get the newest or largest property for the amount you’re willing to pay. But you’re in a good location — less than 20 minutes from Dallas!

Stage Five: I’m movin’ on up to more space and better schools!

Stage Five Plano Dallas

Stage Five Plano Dallas

Whether you’ve started a family or just want to be prepared for when that day comes, you’re looking at other areas in Dallas. Sure, your current place is decent, but you’d like more room to spread out. Not to mention, you’ve heard about your local schools and you’re starting to worry about your kids’ education.

Basically, it’s time to do something you thought you’d never do: move to suburbia! Luckily, Dallas is chock-full of suburbs that suit your lifestyle. Plano is one of the best options for this stage of life. And yes, you’ll learn to love the quiet atmosphere, eventually!

No matter which of these areas you’re checking out, you can rely on 3 Men Movers to help you relocate to the Texas city you choose. Contact our Dallas office today for a moving quote!

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