Realtor Spotlight Henry Carmona

Henry Carmona is a determined realtor ready to help San Antonio movers find the home that’s right for them.

Henry Carmona Keller Williams HeritageBorn and raised in San Antonio, Henry Carmona knows the city like the back of his hand. A Realtor with the Keller Williams Heritage group, Henry is ready to help his clients find their dream home. Here’s a little bit about what makes his service special:

For Sellers: “I go all out. From professional photography to professional cleaning, I’ll get your home sold.”

For Buyers: “I won’t stop until I have found you the home of your dreams. I won’t rush you, but I will always be brutally honest with you – your time is precious.” 

For everyone: “You will learn what to expect so there are never any surprises. I am working toward gaining a client for life, not just for the sale.”

Henry always like’s to say that “it’s not about me, it’s about the client”, but we do have a few fun facts about him that we’d like to share:

Where did you go to school? Highlands High School and SW Texas State University (Texas State)

Describe yourself in 3 words. Determined, honest, professional.

What do you do to relax? Kayaking and fishing.

What celebrities would you like to live next door to you? Stephen R. Covey.

Your first car was a? 1963 Ford Falcon.

Read any good books lately? The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason.

Folks would be surprised to know….That I know how to sew :).

So if you’re looking to move in and around the San Antonio area, give Henry a call! In the meantime please feel free to check out our Moving Checklist and other great resources. Happy Moving!

Customer Testimonial (Eric & Corina)

A customer testimonial from one of our lovely customers.

Video Transcription

Eric: “We choose 3 men movers because some people who used the service and worked with the company before and had nothing but good things to say about it. So we knew it was going to be a very reliably, trustworthy company. And we wanted our moving to be as easy as possible on move day.. and it’s been a total pleasure so far.”

Corina: “The brand to us means reliability, quality it means arriving on a timely manner, it means checking in with us every step of the way, it means safety and trusting the people who are going to help you move your belongings on your moving day and also minimal cleanup of parts… our moving day has been spectacular.”

Eric: “The only thing that’s missing is probably a glass of champagne this has been a wonderful service and has been super easy..I did not expect the move to go this well.”

Corina : “It’s been a stress free moving day.”


Super Bowl – It’s game time

Leave it all on the field…it’s Super Bowl 50, baby! Who are you cheering for tonight?
Behind The Scenes: We had a blast making this video! As movers, we’re a pretty athletic crew, so it was awesome to see the arm on some of our guys and gals. It was also equally as fun to see everyone’s “fierce” game day pose when they came out of our MOVITS portable storage container. Happy Super Bowl, everyone!


Our 2016 goals

From repelling 300 feet into a cave, to spending more time with our kids, we’ve got some fun personal goals for 2016….check it out 🙂

Video Transcription

The start of a new year always brims with promise of achieving personal and professional milestones. While we certainly create and share our business goals amongst the team, we thought it would be fun to share the goals that were a little more personal in nature with our customers. From starting a garden, to traveling to Tokyo, our office staff has some pretty fun stuff lined up for 2016. Here at 3 Men Movers we believe that nurturing the hobbies and personal interests that move each of us is essential to being a productive, happy, and healthy member of the team! So go ahead, click play, and see what we’ll be up to this year!


30 Things We’ve Learned In Our 30 Years Of Creating Happy Moves

When we first opened our doors in 1985, 3 Men Movers had five employees and one truck: John Fischer, Founder and first Crew Leader, two helpers, and his wife Shirley and daughter Jacky who ran the administrative side of the business. 30 years later Jacky has become our Owner/CEO, our fleet has grown to 70+ trucks with 30+ office staff, and we are creating happy moves for 30,000 families each year. Our growth stemmed from: dedication to exceptional customer service, a passion to create a stress-free move, the expansion of services offered, and with some good old fashion wisdom that comes with time.

30 Things We've Learned Creating Happy Moves

This New Year we wanted to pause and reflect on what we’ve learned since 1985…the takeaways that have defined our culture and values. While there is always room for more wisdom, here are 30 things we’ve learned over the last 30 years from Jacky Noons:

1. Don’t treat others the way YOU would want to be treated.  Treat them the way THEY want to be treated.

2. Listen more, talk less.

3. A good team is a force multiplier.

4. A smile is just as important as a dolly to bring to a move.

5. Arrive a stranger, leave a friend.

6. Surprises are for birthdays not move days.

7. Teaching someone how to be a good mover is easy; teaching them to be a good person is almost impossible.

8. A mover with an amazing smile always has the best customer service reviews.

9. Only hire movers that you would feel comfortable having over for dinner.

10. When it comes to being effective as a mover, size doesn’t matter!

11. Arrive early on the first move of the day, always.

12. If it doesn’t fit don’t force it.

13. Don’t open dresser drawers without permission.

14. Always wrap the bed screws with the rails.

15. Ikea stuff is hard to reassemble!

16. Even super nice people can get grouchy on their move day, and that is ok.

17. Eat a good breakfast on your move day.

18. Don’t pull a moving truck into the driveway, even if a customer asks you to…they are meant to hold cars, not 26,000lb trucks!

19. Jeans aren’t part of our uniforms!

20. Dirty trucks = Upset Jacky!

21. Don’t slide the fridge out.

22. Under promise, over deliver.

23. Stay hydrated in the summer.

24. Make sure the guy in the middle seat of the moving truck wears his seatbelt too.  Seat belts save dads!

25. Everyone should try our packing services at least once.

26. Commercial trucks cannot accelerate quickly and jump around in traffic.  They have to go 5 miles under the speed limit to protect our customer’s belongings.

27. Everyone has a part to play in running a successful business.  The custodian’s job is just as important as the CEO’s, especially when you are in the bathroom and there is no toilet paper.

28. Culture trumps strategy.

29. Drive trumps intelligence.

30. Kindness trumps all!

Cheers to 30 more years of wisdom and creating happy moves!

What Items Your Movers Can & Can’t Move

We have compiled a few of the frequently asked questions revolving around what the movers will do and what they will request you to handle. Our guys are as close to superheroes as they come, but they do have some limitations.

So you’ve decided to forego the physical and emotional stress of moving and you have hired movers. That’s great news! Now you’re thinking, “Sure… they move, but what else can I ask them to do?” Once you’ve hired movers, you are more than welcome to ask them to help with anything around the house, within reason. We have compiled a few of the frequently asked questions revolving around what the movers will do and what they will request you to handle.

The movers will:

  • Rearrange your furniture.
  • Move things in and out of the garage.
  • Disassemble and reassemble furniture.

Think of the movers as ‘The Muscle’.

If it’s heavy and/or you don’t feel like moving it yourself, the movers are more than happy to move it for you. This can include moving items in and out of your garage and rearranging furniture in your home to make sure it’s placed perfectly.

The movers will disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you, this includes those pesky Sleep Number beds!

*Please note, however, that if you disassemble the furniture yourself, the mover may decline reassembling it. Also, movers will not disassemble and reassemble bunk beds or cribs for the safety of your children.

The movers might:

  • Dismount televisions.

This category comes with a disclaimer. The movers want to do everything they can to help you and make you happy. But like we stated before, the movers are the muscle, they are not handymen.

If you ask your mover to disconnect and/or reconnect your electronics, they will often do their best to do this correctly. However, you will be asked to sign a waiver that says they will not be held responsible if the items are disconnected or reconnected incorrectly.

The movers will not:

  • Remove doors in rental properties.
  • Hoist belongings to or from balconies.
  • Park in restricted parking zones.
  • Disconnect and reconnect your washer and dryer.
  • Disconnect and reconnect refrigerators.

Sometimes the size and shape of a home can be less than complimentary to the moving process. Even though it may seem like it would be a simple fix, unfortunately, we cannot alter the current state of your property intentionally. However, if you own your home and want the movers to remove the doors for easy entry, then by all means.

Hoisting your belongings is just not safe. It is not safe for your items or the people involved. Unfortunately, we cannot approve the use of ropes to maneuver around an interesting layout.

Our professional crews are experts at moving your items but they are not electricians or plumbers, and are unable to disconnect or reconnect any appliances.

Movers are as close to superheroes as they come, but they do have some limitations – so try to be understanding when a mover lets you know that they cannot do something or if they ask you to sign a waiver. If you have any questions, always give us a call! Our crews go to extraordinary lengths to make all moves simple and stress-free. As always, happy moving!


Answers From A Move Concierge: “How Do I Spot The Good Guys?

Our Move Concierge, Sarah, decided to take her efforts to the drawing board this week with a Good Movers vs Bad Movers comic.

Moving is stressful enough without dealing with phony moving companies. Don’t be fooled by companies offering absurdly cheap rates, because with moving, you get what you pay for. If you want the best, you hire the best. Here are a couple of key indicators to spot both the good and the bad movers out there.Good Movers vs Bad Movers

Key Indicators of a Reputable Mover:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Number is present on both their truck and website
  • They will give you a copy your Rights & Responsibilities before moving your items
  • They will be professionally dressed in a uniform that indicates the name of the company you hired
  • Their truck is clean and clearly labeled with the organization’s name
  • They will perform a walk through of your house to discuss already existing damage
  • They will arrive equipped with all of the proper equipment to move your belongings safely
  • Good movers are always engaged with your move, NOT: texting, smoking, wandering away from their vehicle

Warning Signs of a “Bad” or Illegitimate Mover:

  • You cannot see their DMV Number on their truck – this is the biggest red flag
  • Their truck is not labeled and the crew is not wearing a branded uniform
  • They are not equipped with dollies and blankets to protect your belongings
  • They do not walk through your home prior to the move – this makes it easier for them to avoid liability should damages occur
  • They may not provide you with a proposal or contract document, or, may rush you through a contract form and make you sign it before reading it
  • Their online reviews may include: people mentioning payment for a review or reviews from people not located in your city
  • They do not load your belongings appropriately – there is a science to it!

So remember to look for the DMV Number and most importantly trust your instincts. If you feel that you are dealing with an illegitimate mover make sure you report them to the DMV. Happy Moving!


The 3 Men Movers’ “ABCs of Moving”

There’s no doubt that moving can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be if you know your ABCs!

ABCs of Moving - Moving Tips Made EasyIn our thirty years of creating happy moves for Texans, we’ve learned quite a bit about the moving process – that’s why we created the ABCs of Moving as a simple and fun guide to stay on top of your move. These moving tips and tricks take the guesswork out of planning your happy move by helping you anticipate the road ahead. Pair this guide with our Moving Checklist and our How-to Guides for an informed and stress-free move.

A is for Apartment Restrictions: If you’re moving into a new apartment, it might be best to check with your landlord about your complex’s moving restrictions. Features regularly open to the public (like elevators or carports) might not be available, or you may be asked to travel within the complex via an alternate route to keep things clear for other tenants.

B is for Boxes: It is very difficult and time-consuming for your movers to move loose items, and some moving companies may refuse to move any items that are not packed properly. Luckily, there are boxes for every kind of shape or object – use them to properly protect your valuables!

C is for Checklist: Having trouble keeping up with loose ends? Don’t know where to start planning a stress-free move? Use this handy moving checklist to stay on track!

D is for Damages: No one wants them, but sometimes you can’t avoid them! Make sure your moving company of choice has a transparent system available to report damages as or after you find them.

E is for Efficiency: Save time by planning ahead! Create a color-coded system to distinguish your boxes by room, pack a few extra games to keep the kids entertained, or schedule a kennel visit for the dogs – anything that can be done ahead of time will shave off time.

F is for the First Night in Your New Home: Pack a separate box for your “must have” items for your first night. Be sure to include toiletries, medication, blankets, an extra change of clothes, electronics and their chargers, and anything you can’t spend one night without!

G is for Garage Sales: Need to downsize quickly? Organize a garage sale for the items you don’t trash. It’s a great way to pick up extra spending money, and it lets you rest easy knowing that your beloved valuables have a brand new home!

H is for Happy Moves: What does your ideal move look like? Is it easy, fast, or cheap? Visualizing how you’d like your move day to progress ahead of time, often translates to a smoother and happier reality.

I is for Insurance: All moving companies are required by law to offer a standard liability coverage of 0.60 per pound. If you’re concerned for your valuables, check with your moving company to ensure that you can purchase insurance plans that offer more coverage per pound for your items.

J is for (Traffic) Jams: If you live near a metropolitan city, traffic is to be expected. Ask your moving company what you should expect in the event of a traffic jam, and whether that will affect the overall price of your move.

K is for Kids: Don’t forget to prepare a separate game plan for the kids on The Big Day! If you can’t find a babysitter in time, try packing an “entertainment kit” to keep them occupied throughout the day.

L is for Long Distance Moves: If you’re moving in or out of state, planning a long distance move will require more planning and set-up. Make sure your moving company of choice can provide this service.

M is for Multiple Stop Moves: Adding a third or fourth stop to your move doesn’t have to be difficult if you inform your movers beforehand. When booking a move, be sure to mention the name and location of your extra stops so they can be added to your itinerary.

N is for Your New Neighborhood: After the move, you may need a few weeks or months to adjust to your new neighborhood. Use our How-to guide to discover how easy it is to love your new community.

O is for Options: Can your moving company provide extra crews or bigger trucks? Be sure to ask before you book!

P is for Pianos (and Other Heavy Items!): Pianos and similar heavy items might require extra fees. Be sure to ask your moving company about their policies on moving pianos, gun safes, and other items over 600 pounds.

Quotes (free ones, that is): This isn’t a requirement, but a free moving quote can put your mind at ease for sure! Always make sure you get a quote ahead of time, and don’t hesitate to ask about other pricing options or coupons that may be available to you.

R is for Redecorating: The best time to redecorate is after your move, when you’ve yet to unpack. If you’re looking to spice things up, try our guide to redecorating on a DIY budget.

S is for Self Storage: Don’t be afraid to let your movers know if you need to move some things to storage. If your moving company doesn’t offer on-site storage services, try to find one near your home to cut down on the trip charge.

T is for Tipping: Not sure how to tip your movers? Read our guide here.

U is for Understanding Your Rights: Did you know that you have certain rights afforded to you as a customer? Moving companies are required by law to inform you of the Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities before your move.

V is for Vetting your Movers: Don’t forget to do your research! Protecting your move from fraudulent moving companies can save your family time, money, and stress.

W is for Waste Recycling: Have some old boxes or electronics to get rid of? Try recycling them! Check with your moving company to see if they have a recycling program in place; if not, check for local programs in your area.

X is for “X-perts:” Anyone can be a “moving expert,” but how do you qualify expertise? When researching moving companies, check for metrics like the number of completed moves, number of satisfied reviews on Yelp or the BBB, and how long the company has been active.

Y is for Yelp: Loved your move? If your move was amazing, Yelp is a helpful tool to review your services and provide feedback for your moving company.

Z is for ZZZs: You might be tempted to stay up the night before your move to finalize plans or burn off some anxiety, but a good night’s rest is the best way to keep you refreshed and ready to go the day of your move!

How To Avoid & Report Damages From Moving

You’ve probably dealt with this before: you’re ready to move, but you’re concerned about potential damages to your home and your belongings. We’ve got some quick tips on how to prevent damage and handle unexpected bumps.

You’ve probably dealt with this before: you’re ready to move, but you’re concerned about potential damages to your home and your belongings. Packing and prepping your valuables is critical, but it doesn’t hurt to anticipate unforeseen consequences. Here are some tips on how prevent damages during your move:

Step 1: Preventing Damage

  • Pack properly: Never underestimate the advantages of a good packing job. Packing properly not only saves time, but also ensures your items will arrive safely.
  • Empty furniture: It may be tempting to leave items in furniture to avoid having to pack, it could cost you more in the end. Your furniture is not designed to be moved with extra weight inside. Sure, clothes don’t weigh that much, but they do add quite a bit of weight to a dresser set. If you’ve ever had to lug a laundry basket full of clothes, you know what we mean. Furniture can be fragile and collapse under the pressure of being moved. Protect your furniture and empty the drawers.
  • Wrap your furniture: 3 Men Movers uses blankets and shrink wrap to protect furniture while in transit. If you are planning to use our wrapping supplies during a standard move, the blankets and shrink wrap are included in the cost. Once the furniture is delivered, we remove the blankets (they are only available during transit.) If you are using one of our MOVITS portable storage containers or moving items into a storage facility, you will need to purchase the blankets on a separate charge if you plan to keep the items wrapped while in storage. You can also use your own supplies, if you’d rather skip the extra cost. If you decide to not have your items wrapped to save time, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver.
  • Protect Your Floor: 3 Men Movers provides floor protection during moves, so if you’re concerned about your floors getting scratched or your carpet getting dirty, we have you covered! All of our moves come equipped with floor protection, available prior to moving any furniture or boxes.

Step 2: Prepare for the Unexpected

  • Know your mover’s liability: 3 Men Movers is licensed in the state of Texas, and like all licensed movers, we offer a standard liability of 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if you have a 40-pound item that is damaged during your move, the mover is only required to reimburse you $24 (40lbs. X 0.60 = $24).
  • Insurance: If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you may be covered during your move. However, you should contact your insurance provider prior to your move to ensure you will be covered.

If You Incur Damages

If you suspect that your items have incurred damage or have been lost during your move, contact the movers immediately (if they are still present). If you use our services, we will provide you with a claim form to file a formal written claim with our Customer Service Manager.

It is best to complete the form immediately in order to speed up the process, but you do possess the right to submit a written claim within 90 days of the move date. The moving company then has 20 days to respond acknowledging the claim, and 90 days to provide a resolution (pay, deny, or make a settlement offer). Be sure to take photos of the damages to attach to your claim.

Visit the Texas DMV’s official website for more information on your rights and responsibilities. As always, Happy Moving!


Realtor Spotlight Valerie Palmer

Valerie Palmer with Coldwell Banker Apex

20 years living in Dallas TX, Valerie is very familiar with every neighborhood across the DFW-Metroplex. The communities Valerie serves are Rockwall, Heath, Sunnyvale, Rowlett, Mesquite, Garland and many more.

Say “Hello” to Valerie!

Realtor Valeria PalmerValerie is very professional and courteous with her clients, but her main focus is to adapt and understand what her clients really want whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced home owner. With her focus on adaptability and understanding her clients, Valerie has consistently received the Production Award each month since 2010. Very results oriented, Valerie really loves the real estate industry and enjoys serving the public.

About Valerie

Valerie is a very down to earth individual. Respectful, courteous, individual who is truly passionate about the real estate industry. Besides being a Real Estate Agent, some of Valerie’s Hobbies include tennis, movies, reading, and even Scuba Diving. Being a great individual, Valerie enjoys the outdoors with her friends and family.

What is your favorite food?

I really enjoy eating Tex Mex food and Thai food when I have a chance to.

Dogs or Cats?

I have two dogs that I have spoiled very much! Not so much cats. My husband loves his cats, but I do not really like cats…I love my dogs.

Have you worked with any celebrities?

No… working on it though. Although I did have a friend who was a director for MTV back in the 2000’s and had the chance to meet Jennifer Aniston. I have also met Mark Cuban: a very down to earth individual, but no…haven’t really had a client who was a celebrity.

 Valerie is very familiar with the Dallas/Fort Worth area and so are our Dallas movers! If you need help for your move in Dallas give us a call for a free quote today!

Valerie’s Contact Information:

[email protected]
(214) 212-4983

What To Expect on Your Move

A walkthrough on your move.

Hi, I’m Lorie Clements president of 3MM, and I’d like to share what you can expect on your move with us today.

First, our crew leader will go over the contract with you and e-mail you a copy. Then, the movers will perform a pre-move inspection during which they may call your attention to anything that may have been previously damaged. Next, you will sign in the movers and your movers will safely and quickly begin loading your items.

Please ensure that all items you wish to be moved are on the truck before it departs for the destination.

After the move is finished, you will sign your crew out and receive your invoice and a short survey by email. You will receive a short survey by e-mail after your move is complete, please take a moment to let us know how we did.

On behalf of everyone here at 3 Men Movers, thank you for joining 25,000 Texans each year in making 3MM your local mover of choice.

3 Men Movers awarded 2008 Pinnacle Award


Houston Business Recognized for Maintaining Superior Commitment to Ethics, Overall Excellence and Quality in the Workplace Two Years in a Row

Pinnacle Mover HOUSTON – The Better Business Bureau Education Foundation recently recognized 3 Men Movers for service excellence by awarding them the coveted Pinnacle Award for the second year in a row. Only one mover a year is chosen for this prestigious award and currently 3-Men Movers has both the 2007 and 2008 proudly on display.Pinnacle Award Movers

“I am really excited that our staff earned the Pinnacle Award for their efforts two years in a row. We have worked hard to develop a corporate culture that focuses on customer service. This philosophy originated with my father, John Fisher, 23 years ago. He always said, ‘Just do what you say you are going to do, it’s that simple’,” said Owner and C.E.O. Jacky Noons.

A woman-owned business, 3 Men Movers has served Houston and surrounding areas for the past 23 years, moving more than 16,000 customers last year alone. They also offer self-storage, online boxes, and packing services.

“All companies make mistakes, and with the sheer number of moves we make yearly, I can’t say that we haven’t, but it is how you treat that customer when a mistake happens that makes the difference. Do you return their phone calls, do you make things right? We look at each customer as a future fan. We want them to refer us to their family and friends. We are committed to leaving a lasting impression and that is the way we grow our business,” added Noons.

Noons went on to explain that customer service is all about a process they have developed over the years that makes moving easy for their customers. We follow up each job to inquire about the service a customer receives. This gives their customers the opportunity to “grade” every single move. That information helps us monitor the quality of service provided by their drivers.

“We are truly lucky to have drivers that are such wonderful guys. They really care about their customers and take pride in their work,” said Noons.

Fully insured and licensed, 3 Men Movers hires only highly trained professional movers. Some of the crew leaders have been with the company for over 20 years. Continued education on safety and customer service is required of all drivers. In addition to moving, 3 Men Movers also has an experienced team of packers and unpackers – hauling away empty boxes when the job is complete.

Recently 3 Men Movers started a sister company 3 Men Movers and Self Storage and now offers storage to customers located just five miles from the Galleria.

Whether moving across town or across the state, 3 Men Movers prides itself on helping customers eliminate some of the stress of a move. Call 1-866-3MOVERS or visit today to view testimonials of satisfied customers, review moving tips, and receive a free quote.