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A Houston Guide For Help During Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey has brought unprecedented weather to Houston. If you have been affected this guide will provide you with information on what to do if you need to reach emergency lines, get updates on flooded roads, or locate a shelter.
We have also included information on those dealing with the aftermath of the storm and need FEMA assistance, if you need tips on cleaning your home after it has been flooded, or if you need help moving your belongings out of your home after a flood.

Emergency Numbers:

Emergency services have asked that people not use 911 to check on the status of the weather, flooded roads, power outages, or anything that is not an emergency.
For people who are in danger and need to be rescued, the United States Coast Guard has posted the following phone numbers:
For non emergencies, Houston Police’s non-emergency phone number is 713-884-3131. Finally, residents can always call 311 to be transferred to proper city officials depending on the emergency.

Power Outages & Down Power Lines:

CenterPoint Energy is your point of contact for all power updates. They can be contacted at 713-207-2222.

Road Closures:

When Houston floods, our roads get incredibly dangerous. Check your route if you have to leave the house.

Weather Updates:

This storm is unpredictable and changing every hour. Stay posted by watching the radar in your area.


There are many locations around Houston that you can seek shelter, lists to consult with shelter locations can be found via ABC 13 and the Texas Hurricane Center.

FEMA Federal Aid:

FEMA has released information about the assistance programs they will be offering in the wake of the flooding.

What to do about flood damage:

    Home damage: If your home has flooded, we have written a complete guide on how to eliminate trapped water and restore your home.

Moving after a flood:

We are still scheduling moves. Weather and availability permitting, we are here to help those that have impacted by the storm. You can call us at 713-333-6683 or visit our website for more information.

In Conclusion

We want to encourage everyone to err on the side of caution. If possible, try not to get on the roads and if you do ensure that you check the routes using the resources listed above and are traveling while it’s light outside so that high water is more visible. Stay strong, Houston, and we’re here if you need us.

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