Moving With Us During Hurricane Season? Here’s What To Know

Moving With Us During Hurricane Season? Here’s What To Know

Are you moving with 3 Men Movers during the Texas hurricane season? If you’re moving when the National Weather Service issues an inclement weather notice for the Gulf Coast, you’ll most likely wonder how it will affect your move. When you book with 3 Men Movers, we’ll instantly provide up-to-date information regarding your moving-related services. Read on to learn about our company policies when you move during hurricane season.

Accessing Your 3 Men Movers Storage Unit in Houston

We are otherwise open during normal business hours for storage. There is no reason to panic about your belongings in our Houston storage facility. If you would like to access your storage unit(s) in our facility, we welcome you to come by at your discretion. However, if weather conditions deteriorate, or if there are reports of flooding or debris en route from your location to our facility, we advise that you refrain from trying to access the facility for your own safety. Weather permitting, we are open and plan to continue services as scheduled.

Safety Is Our Top Priority While Moving You During Hurricane Season in Texas

In the event of worsening weather, we completely understand that our customers value flexibility. Movers do have the right to halt a move if the weather or conditions are unsafe. They will take both their safety and yours into account, should this occur. (We can always reschedule or come back another day, but your safety is priceless!)

Rescheduling Your Move During Hurricane Season

If you're not comfortable moving during hurricane season or inclement weather notices, that’s completely understandable. To discuss rescheduling your move, give us a call or email us! Please contact us directly using the information below. One of our staff members will happily assist you.

Email: [email protected]

3 Men Movers’ Hurricane Season Cancellation Policy

Customers who prefer to cancel their move during hurricane season will appreciate the flexibility offered by our cancellation policy.

Here’s what to expect if you’d like to cancel your move:

What To Remember About Moving in Inclement Weather

  • Blankets are not waterproof!
  • We won’t stop the job unless it’s determined to be unsafe by the mover or based on a customer’s request.
  • While it rains, we can focus on the preload process of the move (i.e. disassembling, arranging, blanketing and shrink-wrapping items, etc.)
  • Due to rain, your move might take longer since safety is the priority and moving items becomes a more difficult task, especially on wet surfaces.
  • If the weather deteriorates, we can stop the clock for 1 hour to determine if the weather will improve.

We look forward to assisting you with your moving needs.

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