4 Things to Know If You’re Moving in the Texas Heat

4 Things To Know If You're Moving In The Texas Heat - Austin Movers

Whether you’re moving from one Texan city to another,  a few blocks away, or even if you’re brand new to Texas, moving in the summer is going to be a challenge if you’re not prepared. Sure, you might have grand plans to spend all day lugging your belongings from your house to the moving truck, but those plans will probably change after ten minutes in the Texas heat! And no, it’s not a dry heat. It’s pretty humid, which means it’s more like wet, sticky, uncomfortable heat. Granted, this doesn’t mean you have to postpone your move until fall. Plenty of people survive moving to and from Texas in the summer, likely because they heed the following tips our moving company has learned over the years.

1. Stay Hydrated

If you’re not a big water drinker, now is the time to change that, at least on moving day. Buy a big jug of water or dozens of water bottles, and plan on becoming best friends with this beverage, because it’s what’s going to keep you alive during your move! If you just can’t bring yourself to drink plain water all day, try flavored or sparkling water…or even sports drinks like Gatorade. Otherwise, you’ll sweat out all your electrolytes after you spend even a few hours dragging your fridge, mattresses and dozens of boxes out the door.

2. Take Lots of Breaks

Maybe you normally pride yourself on keeping a steady pace no matter what kind of work you do, but moving day is not the time to overexert yourself. Not in Austin, anyway. Make sure you take lots of break during your move, especially if you’re not used to lifting heavy items in the Texas heat. Sit down and relax out of the heat any time you start to feel a bit winded, thirsty, or just worn out. You might not want to delay your move, but think about how much a trip to the hospital would interrupt your day after you get severe dehydration or heat stroke! It’s not worth the risk. And, who could forget about air conditioning? Living in Texas wouldn’t be the same without it, so make sure to set up your electricity service for your move day. You’ll want to make sure the lights (and air conditioning) are on for your move.

3. Look for Signs of Dehydration

Speaking of heat-related illnesses, make sure you know the symptoms so you can get medical help as soon as possible. For example, some common symptoms of dehydration include thirst, lightheadedness, fatigue, decreased urination, dark urine and a flushed face. If you notice these symptoms on yourself or anyone helping you move, it’s time to take a break inside the house and drink lots of water or Gatorade. And if you have symptoms of heat stroke–such as headache, confusion, dizziness, fast heartbeat and an absence of sweat–it’s time to pause the move so you can get medical attention immediately.

4. Leave Your Move to the Experts

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by these tips and think you might have trouble following them, it’s best to hire an Austin moving company to do the hard work for you. After all, our Austin movers have been helping people move in the heat for years, so our crew is used to the local weather. When you hire our Austin movers, you’ll notice the heat doesn’t bother them, meaning they can keep moving all day without lots of breaks. In fact, we perform more than 30,000 moves per year, so the Texas heat is second nature to this Austin moving company!

If you’re thinking of letting professional Austin movers handle the hard work, contact 3 Men Movers today to schedule your move!