Essential Moving Day Tasks Everyone Needs to Know!

Moving day can be a very stressful time if you’re not prepared. But with a little organization and preparation, you can make your move day less stressful by taking on these priority driven tasks! These tasks will not only help you be prepared mentally and physically, but it will help your movers on move day as well. So save yourself some time, money, and stress with these essential moving day tasks!Essential Moving Day Tasks


Empty Drawers

A lot of people ask why one should empty the drawers if you are still going to move the items inside of them. Well to begin with, the items inside the drawers put on extra weight if you are lifting a dresser. You don’t want to injure yourself during your move! That would be disastrous since you’ve already planned it for months! Or at least, 3 Men Movers hopes. If you are having one of our 3 Men Movers crews at your location we advise that you empty your drawers for many safety reasons.

Disconnect Heavy Items

If you live in an apartment the chances of you actually owning a heavy item are sleek. Most apartments provide the tenants with both a washer and dryer or stove and a refrigerator. Each item has an owner’s manual which provides special instructions for disconnecting and moving the heavy item, therefore, it is always good to know these instructions so your item will not be damaged in the process. For our Dallas movers out in your location, it is always best if you disconnect these items a night before your move because it is time-consuming to read the owner’s manual and we know how busy the whole day is during moving!

Label Boxes With Items for Each Room

Do not pack your dirty laundry with your clean dishes inside the same box! It is so important during your packing that you are labeling each box to know what room it is going to. It is so much easier to know what items are in each box because it would be difficult trying to find your dishes without your boxes being labeled. Those dishes can be anywhere if your boxes are not labeled! At 3 Men Movers we recommend you label your boxes because, during your move, our 3 Men Movers crew know exactly where to take each box instead of having to ask you where they need to go. Save time and save money!

Have a Bag With Essential Items at Your Disposal

If you believe that moving will only take a few hours, you are completely wrong! Moving will take the whole day so it is important to pack a bag with essential items you need at a reach of a hand. What are some important items? Electronic chargers for all your electronic devices are very necessary along with snacks and drinks during your move. Also, pack your sheets and blankets with your essential items because your move and unpacking might proceed until the next day. Want a complete list of essential items? Check out our comprehensive Moving Checklist to know what you should pack and what you should definitely not pack!

Choose the Perfect Timing

The most important item on our list is timing! Do you want to move during the winter or the summer? Planning your move is always difficult because of all the different elements that can arise. Planning ahead of time is crucial and is always the best choice, but having a backup plan is even better! Whether you are moving out of state, city, or just to the other side of town, it is always best to plan ahead rather than plan as you go. Here at 3 Men Movers, we book you even if you are moving 3 months from the date you called us. We also have 3 wonderful moving concierges that will assist you with any questions you have before, during, and after your move.

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