San Antonio Movers Simplify Your Office Move With 4 Quick Tips

Moving a company or business can be time-consuming. Obviously, the faster you can get your business up and running again, the quicker you can start bringing profit back in for the company. Usually, the first thing to do when moving offices in San Antonio is to find a moving company capable of relocating your business.4 Quick Ways To Simplify Your Office Move

Here are 4 easy tips to simplify your office move from our San Antonio movers.

1. Determine who is in charge of the office move.  Whether it is a committee of people for a large office move, the owner or just one person in human resources for a smaller office move, it is important to make sure that the responsibility is put squarely on the shoulders of those it belongs to.

It is also a good idea to make sure that they are aware of the deadline they are working with and know all of the responsibilities included in arranging the move.  Hiring a mover for the office furniture like cubicles and desks is one thing, but there are many more responsibilities that a move might also include.  These extras like forwarding billing, arranging for electricity and utilities can be easily overlooked during a busy office move.

2. Clear out old furniture and equipment that is no longer used in your office.  Begin going through the items and furniture in your business to decide what will be moving with the company and what will need to get replaced.  As you are doing this take inventory on what will be moved, the quantity of each item and the size and weight of larger items.  Clearing out old equipment and office furniture is not only cleansing for the employees it may mean a better price on the move.

If you have any furniture or equipment you are planning on throwing away, a good option may be to donate it.  Office Movers in San Antonio have many options on where to donate their furniture, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army and Furniture for a Cause.

3. Allow plenty of time for office packing.  It is very important to realize that even though you may want to relocate your San Antonio business quickly, it will take a good bit of time to pack your business up.

If you are packing your office yourself, start as early as you possibly can.  Start packing items in the office that don’t get used often, like the holiday storage area.

If inventory has to be moved, assign somebody the task of organizing and overseeing this task. Give those in charge of this task plenty of time to execute this thoroughly.

Whether it is you, your employees or a packing company in charge of packing your office it is essential to stay organized. Label all items, especially boxes with a clear destination on each side of every box. Labeling the contents of the box will also help your employees transition quicker.  They will be able to work as they unpack.

On the other hand, if you are hiring a San Antonio mover for your office, research the companies thoroughly and do your phone calls early.  Depending on the size of your San Antonio company relocating the movers may want to send a specialist out to estimate the cost and size of your move.

4. Have a clear plan for packing electronics and moving computers.  Take special care when packing your computers.  These are very expensive items that can be easily damaged if not cared for properly during the move. Make sure there is plenty of padding around the screens and hard drive.  Do not allow for tape to be used on monitors, as this can damage the screen.  Keep all cords organized and with the right computer.

It is a good idea to use a removable hard drive to store any and all business information before moving company computers.

Good luck with your office move.  Whether it is a large corporate move or a small business move prepare, prepare, prepare!  The more time you give yourself, the smoother your move should go.

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