How We’re Helping Domestic Abuse Survivors During the Pandemic

On average, 20 people per minute are physically abused by a partner in the United States.

Reports of domestic violence are rising due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is impacting the way we live, work, and how we feel.

But, at 3 Men Movers, our hope is to reduce that number to 0.

So, we’re using our expert moving resources to support local organizations to address domestic violence. Here’s how we’re partnering with the nonprofit Fort Bend Women’s Center (FBWC) in Texas to support survivors.

Houston Partnership Eases COVID-19’s Effect on Domestic Abuse

Typically, the FBWC resale shop, PennyWise, accepts donated furniture and appliances for resale. Proceeds are used to provide programs and goods for domestic abuse survivors and their children.
Until the stay-at-home order in Greater Houston is lifted, PennyWise is closed and cannot move donations to their warehouse. So, our crews are helping by moving donated furniture from clients to the FBWC warehouse.

Three Men Movers has been a wonderful friend and partner to Fort Bend Women’s Center for many years, and we’re thrilled to be working with them to bring in donations for our Pennywise stores, which support our mission to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and their kids. Through this partnership, people can use the VERY BEST movers in town and also make much-needed donations to a great cause! Thank you, Three Men Movers!

Vita Goodell

To dig deeper, we sat down with Sean Hughes, Resale Operations Director for PennyWise. Here’s his take on the partnership and how the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders are affecting domestic violence.

Can you tell us a bit more about your organization and what your mission is?

“Fort Bend Women’s Center has been part of the community for 40 years, and our primary goals are to promote healing and hope and assistance for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. And, unfortunately, with a large community, we have lots of needs for assistance.”

What is your role at Fort Bend Women’s Center and why do you find it rewarding?

“I have a lot of fun doing what I do. My program involves the resale stores—the thrift stores—that are part of the fundraising portion for the agency. So I get to apply a lot of my traditional retail background in a nonprofit organization.
And, I realized, not only am I benefitting myself and my team by having a good operation, but I’m able to make a great place for volunteers to come, a great place for donors to contribute to our cause.

Ultimately, everything that we do well ends up being beneficial to our clients, the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. So, that part of the things is a little bit more meaningful knowing that all our good works go directly translated into good things for the survivors.”

Can you tell me more about PennyWise?

“We operate four different stores and two stand-alone donation centers across Harris and Fort Bend counties, and we operate with a team of paid staff members and lots and lots of volunteers.

Primarily, what we do is we gather donated items from the community either through our trucks and the team of drivers that is involved with our trucks or directly in our facilities. We prepare those items to be gifted to needy clients who qualify for certain things or to be sold to the public.

A lot of members of the public who love to shop in our thrift stores, and we love having them. It’s exciting to see what’s new every day for us, too, because we never know quite what we’re going to have for sale and it’s a lot of fun.”

How is 3 Men Movers currently working with your organization?

“Well, there’s two parts to what’s going on.

We were able to provide some material for 3 Men Movers to use as training aids. Some of the appliances and furniture that we get are things that we can’t give to clients or sell to the public because of their condition or their age, but they’re the right size and texture and they’re great training tools. So, y’all got a hold of some of our stuff and are training new staff members to use those sample items.

From our end, we have had a great opportunity to do some cross-marketing through 3 Men Movers, and also to make some arrangements to have things donated from the public and stored by the 3 Men Movers team, so that we have really an additional donations pipeline. As a nonprofit who is very interested in material donations, we love any new source of items! Our clients appreciate that and the buying public appreciates that, too.”

What expected or unexpected changes have you noticed as a result of this involvement?

“Well, we’ve seen an opportunity to begin to explore some things. I’m actually kind of new to the organization and new to this particular partnership, so perhaps my perspective isn’t as informed at some other folks… But I know that we’re grateful for the opportunity to share some marketing ideas so that both sides can be benefited.

I know—just as an aside—I have been a customer of yours multiple times. I’ve had a chance to move in a couple different places in the Texas area and every time my first call has always been to 3 Men Movers. I’ve had some sensational experiences so I’m anticipating that all our connections going forward are going to be really solid.”

What are your biggest challenges with getting donations?

“Well, the biggest challenge is a good thing. Houston is such a large and diverse city, that there are a lot of very effective and great nonprofit organizations up there. Everywhere from churches to community organizations to government groups, and they all have different niches, geographically and economically, and with their mission.

So we are very competitive for donated items, as well as funds, as well as volunteer time. So our biggest general challenge is to stay relevant and to stay top of mind to those generous people in the community that want to give their money, their time or their property to us.”

What types of donations do you need the most?

“Honestly, the thing that gets our staff and our clients most excited are furniture items. We sell everything from clothes, to shoes, to household goods, to home décor, toys and games, and neat stuff. But, we have the best luck and have the best opportunity to make the most money for the agency with furniture items.

For instance, we recently opened a second community that provides shelter for some of our needy clients, and all of those members of the community needed new furniture of some kind.

And so, we had a huge run on our inventories of furniture during the early to middle part of February. We were pretty well cleaned out, and that was great because it means we were providing things to clients. But, we’d like to get the opportunity to be restocked always, in the future. People will always get excited about furniture!”

What types of donations are you currently not accepting?

“Well, the things that we don’t accept are for three basic reasons:

One is if the items are so large that it’s not physically practical for our staff to move them around. We don’t like certain things like huge, huge, huge desks, or large pool tables or aquariums that are the size of Cleveland or things like that. So, really large items—things that aren’t safe to resell.

We pay attention to the government guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and there are certain things—because of the technology or just general safety concerns—that we don’t like.

The other type of thing is, if you wouldn’t want to use it yourself, you shouldn’t donate it. We want something that’s clean and healthy, and that next person who does have a chance to use it, it’ll be hazard-free for them.”

One reason it is so difficult for domestic violence victims to leave is because their abusers often take over financial control. How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting this and what do you think can be done to help people finding it harder to leave?

“That is a super great question, and there’s no easy answer for it.

Yes, there’s additional stress—both in financial circumstances and the proximity to your abuser. Let me talk about finances first.

The government relief programs are great, and there’s a lot of local people who are stepping up and trying to help needy people. But, all those sorts of relief connections take time. It takes time for the money to come in.

So, the suggestion always is for anyone in a relationship to try to establish their own credit, their own separate banking accounts, and things like that if it’s at all practical to do that. Having some money squirreled away so that you can make a more informed and capable escape from your situation is critical.

The other tricky part right now, especially with the [coronavirus], is that people are shut in together to a degree that they weren’t before. Typically, an abuser doesn’t like being out of their own routine, and it’s an opportunity for that person to get triggered and act really, really badly towards their victims.

Our suggestion here is to try to create circumstances where you can have some alone time. It could be a trip to the store, it could be a trip to the bathroom inside the store if you’re shopping as a group. Or, it could be going into the garage or into a car if you have access to a car just to get a little privacy.

At that point when you have that privacy, we encourage people to call a number like our helpline which is 281-347-HELP Or, get on our website, which is

Folks can get connected with our team 24/7 and explain, ‘Hey, I’m in the middle of something that’s really ugly… Can you give me some quick ideas about what I can do to try to make my situation better?’

Our staff is trained to help get people started to plan that exit.

Unfortunately just like you say with the financial stresses and being in close proximity to your abuser, it’s harder than ever to do that right now.

Typically, in a standard situation, statistics say that it takes something like seven attempts before someone can actually exit a toxic relationship. I can only imagine that it’s harder right now.”

What housing, financial, or moving resources would you recommend to people who currently feel trapped in abusive domestic situations?

“The best thing that they can do is to leave with a concrete plan where to go, who to be with, when to be there, how to get there.

Our 24/7 helpline has trained folks that’ll assist with those sorts of issues. It’s always a challenge to leave and to bring enough with you. Sometimes people are leaving money and checkbooks behind, they’re leaving credit cards behind, they’re leaving family members and pets behind. A lot of times, when the survivors are fleeing, they’re bringing some family members, but some of them are still in school or across town or doing something and they can’t have an intact family.

But the more time you have to think about what you need when you get to your new space, the more successful that situation is going to be. And, making a plan about how and when and what to bring and who to bring is critical.
There are resources that we have online for that, as well as counselors.”

If people want to get involved with donating or volunteering, what are some important things they need to know?

“The ‘where to learn more’ part is easy! We just updated our website, so again it’s for Fort Bend Women’s Center. There are a couple different types of volunteering that people can do: You can get some specialized training to work directly with clients. We do background checks and we go through an extensive training program that’s certified by the office—or, the Attorney General’s office here in Texas. Then, folks can accompany people to court, or go to hospitals, or work one-on-one with their children… All sorts of things.

But the easier way, something that groups can do that doesn’t take as much training, is to volunteer inside our PennyWise stores. Lots of people can relate to working inside retail stores, and we work real hard to have the volunteers that work in PennyWise help us prepare the items for sale, help us treat our customers nicely and just do things inside stores. That’s a great opportunity for individuals to come in anywhere from 15-90, to volunteer, and for large groups to come in and help us.

We work with donors of money too, and obviously cash is always acceptable. There’s portals on our website for financial assistance, and for pledges for future assistance. There’s information about fundraising programs that we have, because we have special events that are great. Also, just in general, we love and need volunteers.

So if you’re donating items, you’re donating yourself, or you’re donating your time, we can put that to use and you will feel satisfied at the end of your donating experience or volunteer experience that you’ve done some immediate good.

What is Fort Bend Women’s Center’s vision for the future?

“It’s sort of funny because our CEO says we’d love to put ourselves out of business.
We’ve talked about the fact that we help survivors to get on their feet, get away from their traumatic situations, in short-term and long-term health, and we talked about the PennyWise program and how it helps fund the organization but something I haven’t spoken about yet is our prevention programs.

We do some prevention and some community outreach so that people in our community—from student groups to social organizations, to law enforcement and healthcare providers—understand the dynamics of healthy relationships, what to look for, what to expect, and how to stand up for yourself and what consent looks like.
There are people who have been exposed to unhealthy behavior for a long, long time, and they don’t realize how utterly toxic their circumstances are. So, our prevention program helps to show what the norms of behavior are and helps to get at those people early enough to potentially solve some of the problems.

One of the cool things that we do when working with our survivors, is about half of our clients are kids. It’s the adult in the relationship that’s usually fleeing, but they’re bringing children with them. Those kids sometimes are direct abuse victims, but more often are indirectly abused and they’re aware of how badly their parent has been treating the other parent.

Breaking that cycle of violence in someone who’s young is incredibly critical to their long-term health and emotional stability.

So, the prevention efforts that we’re making is what we want to continue to emphasize a lot. We’re glad that we’ve had an opportunity to serve a lot of people in a lot of ways. We are doing trauma-based treatments with people. We’re recognizing that many of our clients have physical issues. We have a lot of people that we’re helping who have had chemical dependencies, or traumatic brain injuries, and that changes how they’re able to handle their own treatment. So we’re sensitive to that, and have developed some new therapies to do a better job connecting with those folks.”

National & Local Resources to Help Stop Domestic Abuse

If you or someone you know is in an abusive situation and needs help, please contact the following for help:

  • Fort Bend County Women’s Center (
  • Houston Area Women’s Center (
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline ( 1-800-799-7233, *Advocates are available 24/7. All calls are free & confidential)


3 Men Movers Implements Plan to Address COVID-19

Houston, TX – March 24, 2020: Amid the rapidly changing environment around COVID-19, 3 Men Movers, a family owned Texas moving company, announces new steps the company is taking to address health and safety precautions during the moving process. These important measures will address how to be safer while moving during a pandemic. Many state and local governments recognize moving as an essential service, and 3 Men Movers will continue offering moving services to those who are ready to move.

3 Men Movers is a leader in the moving industry and is proud to be a company that puts people before profits. One of the company’s core values is to be The Experts in the moving industry. It is in this spirit that the company announced new guidelines for customers and employees during this turbulent and fast-changing time.

Safety Comes First

  • Moving crews who want to continue providing moving services will follow the new safety guidelines.
  • Every Crew member is required to PARTICIPATE IN A once-a-day temperature check and health screening using drive-through checkpoints the company has set up throughout Texas.
  • Crew Leaders are asked to sign a COVID-19 Crew Leader Pledge to follow safety guidelines.
  • Crew Members are encouraged to wash their hands often for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer over 70% alcohol, and refrain from touching their face.
3 Men Movers employees complete driver temperature checks.

3 Men Movers employees complete driver temperature checks.

Social Distancing is Important

  • All Driver’s Meetings are canceled in an effort to limit group congregation.
  • Drivers have to sign a pledge that they will not congregate in groups of more than five individuals during this time.
  • Moving crews are encouraged to self-isolate if they live with at-risk individuals.
  • Most office personnel are working remotely and are still available to help customers during normal business hours.
  • A small crew of employees will staff the office to be available for any customers that need to access their self-storage and mobile storage units.

Recommendations for Customers with Scheduled Moves

  • 3 Men Movers requests that customers make available a sink with soap for moving crews to wash their hands.
  • Any customers that meet the following criteria are asked to cancel their moves for the safety of both the customer and the moving crew:
    • They have had or have come in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last 15 days.
    • They have traveled to a COVID-19 outbreak country during the last 15 days.
    • They have had a fever, shortness of breath, coughing, body aches, or other flu-like symptoms, or have been around someone who has had these symptoms in the last 15 days.
  • 3 Men Movers recommends that customers be aware if they are in an at-risk group, and to take precautions to protect themselves. Studies have shown that some preexisting health conditions can make at-risk individuals more susceptible to infection.

Reflecting on the importance of the situation, Jacky Fischer, CEO, said, “Postponing your move until we have found a treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19 is the safest way to go, but some customers have no choice and need to move now. For customers who have to move, we have enhanced our already stringent safety policies to provide customers and moving crews with peace-of-mind during their upcoming moves.”

About 3 Men Movers: 3 Men Movers is a woman-owned business that has demonstrated dedication to its customers and its community with a philanthropic spirit and a commitment to honest practices for 35 years. We believe that to have great movers, you must start with good people. That’s why with 3 Men Movers you’re getting kind-hearted experts that go beyond to ensure each customer has an excellent experience. Founded in 1985, We are proud recipients of The Pinnacle Award & The Gold Star Award from the Better Business Bureau. With offices in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, our local moving company has become recognized as the mover of choice for over 30,000 Texans each year.

Peggy’s Story | Helping those effected by Hurricane Harvey | 30 Moves 30 Families

Peggy felt the devastation Hurricane Harvey brought to Houston. As a local from Pearland, she was not able to afford movers, but we told her not to worry. 3 Men Movers is giving 30 free moves to local Houstonians in financial distress and need. We are calling it our 30 Moves 30 Families program. Peggy more than qualified and we get to share her story. We are Texas Strong. We are Houston Strong.

Video Transcription

Forty-four years I’ve been here and I raised my kids here, so it’s real special.

Oh, I’ve lived here all my life so I’ve been through every hurricane that ever came to Houston. So I called my son Monday I said it’s coming up, it’s not stopping, so he came and we got all the furniture up that we could get up and save what we could save because my house is filled with my grandmother’s antiques and I don’t want to lose them.

The camaraderie has been beautiful because it’s showing the love for each other that we’re Pearland and we are Pearland proud and if you lived here you know we just love our little city.

A lady named Janelle brings us dinner every evening. It’s the Mormon Helping Hands and Samaritan’s Purse they’re gonna come and help gut it so we’ve gotta take all the sheet rock out like 4 foot down and put in the paneling they can’t do they’ve got to take all the paneling down.

What is it like five loads six loads and a pickup truck and a van that’s not gonna work and then two little girls five foot tall so then Tiffany found it on Facebook so she called in she said mom you gotta call in so I texted it and in 30 minutes you all called. I mean that is a blessing I mean an absolute godsend thank you thank you thank you It’s awesome thank you.


The Lopez Story | How 3 Men Movers is Helping those effected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard and left a lot of devastation. 3 Men Movers is giving 30 free moves to local Houstonians in financial distress and need. We are sharing the stories of families we have helped and the Lopez family is our first one we get to share. Houston is where we began and this is where our heart is. We are Texas Strong. We are Houston Strong.

Video Transcription

This has absolutely devastated our community.

As you can tell if you go up and down the street, it’s devastated everybody here. Up until Harvey, we hadn’t had any issues with anything here.

It’s flooded our homes so we’re trying to rebuild day by day and hopefully get back on track. The guy when he received my phone call was inquisitive as to why I was moving and he probably wondered if I was well he asked me if I’d been affected I told him I had been and he said you know he was gonna do everything possible to see what he could do to help me with the
whole thing.

You don’t tend to realize how much disaster water can cause and how fast it rises I can only tell you that if they tell you to leave, evacuate… they tell you to do things like that because you never know what could happen.

You guys moved me in 2004 when I moved into my house. My first experience then was amazing that’s why I figured I’d call you guys right back so you guys have been awesome. Thank you, guys. The amount of labor that these people put in. Breaks away.


A Houston Guide For Help During Hurricane Harvey

Photo via CNN

Hurricane Harvey has brought unprecedented weather to Houston. If you have been affected this guide will provide you with information on what to do if you need to reach emergency lines, get updates on flooded roads, or locate a shelter.
We have also included information on those dealing with the aftermath of the storm and need FEMA assistance, if you need tips on cleaning your home after it has been flooded, or if you need help moving your belongings out of your home after a flood.

Emergency Numbers:

Emergency services have asked that people not use 911 to check on the status of the weather, flooded roads, power outages, or anything that is not an emergency.
For people who are in danger and need to be rescued, the United States Coast Guard has posted the following phone numbers:
For non emergencies, Houston Police’s non-emergency phone number is 713-884-3131. Finally, residents can always call 311 to be transferred to proper city officials depending on the emergency.

Power Outages & Down Power Lines:

CenterPoint Energy is your point of contact for all power updates. They can be contacted at 713-207-2222.

Road Closures:

When Houston floods, our roads get incredibly dangerous. Check your route if you have to leave the house.

Weather Updates:

This storm is unpredictable and changing every hour. Stay posted by watching the radar in your area.


There are many locations around Houston that you can seek shelter, lists to consult with shelter locations can be found via ABC 13 and the Texas Hurricane Center.

FEMA Federal Aid:

FEMA has released information about the assistance programs they will be offering in the wake of the flooding.

What to do about flood damage:

    Home damage: If your home has flooded, we have written a complete guide on how to eliminate trapped water and restore your home.

Moving after a flood:

We are still scheduling moves. Weather and availability permitting, we are here to help those that have impacted by the storm. You can call us at 713-333-6683 or visit our website for more information.

In Conclusion

We want to encourage everyone to err on the side of caution. If possible, try not to get on the roads and if you do ensure that you check the routes using the resources listed above and are traveling while it’s light outside so that high water is more visible. Stay strong, Houston, and we’re here if you need us.

Houston Press BREWFEST | Bust a Move

Flipping Cups and Busting Moves! Our 2017 Houston Press Brewfest report is why you should get up and start busting some moves! A fun and exciting time in Houston and the perfect weather for some beer tasting! We tasted craft beer and played flip cut till the sun set in Houston


San Antonio Fiesta | Pin Pandemonium | VIVA LOS TRES

Loving Life and Loving Fiesta! 3 Men Movers showcases their second place medal for small businesses at Fiesta San Antonio 2017! A fun short clip to show our love for San Antonio and for Fiesta!

“Fiesta San Antonio” or simply “Fiesta” is an annual festival held in April in San Antonio, Texas, and is the city’s signature event (along with some events held in the following surrounding cities: Boerne, Schertz, Windcrest, Balcones Heights, and Alamo Heights) since the late 19th century. The festival began as a single event to honor the memory of the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto.

Fiesta is the city’s biggest festival, with an economic impact of $284 million for the city. More than three million people take part, in more than 100 events that take place all over the city and beyond.

The festival began in 1891 when local women decorated carriages, baby buggies and bicycles with live flowers, met in front of the Alamo, and threw the blossoms at one another, thus inspiring the name “Battle of Flowers.” Soon, other activities were added to the flower parade, including balls, parties and a carnival. The celebration’s name changed over the years from Carnival to Spring Carnival to Fiesta San Jacinto and, in 1960, to Fiesta San Antonio.

This Year in 2017 3 Men Movers won second place for our “Viva Los Tres” Fiesta Medal. Our love for local communities and our brand showed through our Hispanic-inspired design of a 3 Men Mover truck (3MM Papel Picado).

Till next year San Antonio!


Houston Nicknames | Htown | Space City | 713 | Metro City | Screwston | Super Bowl 51

Local Houstonians showing love for their city with every way they know how to say Houston! Every nickname this is given to Houston shows you the amount of diversity and culture the city really has.

Video Transcription


“H-Town” is a widely popular and modern nickname for Houston. It is commonly used in reference to the city both locally and internationally, especially within the entertainment community. The “H” stand for Houston.

Bayou City

Houston is popularly known as “The Bayou City” because it is home to ten winding waterways that flow through the surrounding area. Buffalo Bayou is the main waterway flowing through the city and has a significant place in Texas history, not only due to the founding place of the City of Houston, but also because the final battle for Texas Independence was fought along its banks.


Although “Screwston” is not an official nickname, it is widely known by fans of local hip-hop artist DJ Screw and his style of music, known as “chopped and screwed”.

Space City

Houston received its official nickname of “Space City” in 1967 because it is home to NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center. The first words transmitted by Neil Armstrong from the moon, “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed”, are written in 15 languages on bronze plaques placed along the main entrance of Tranquility Park in downtown Houston. A replica of one of the footprints left on the moon by Neil Armstrong is also on display inside the park.

Flood City

“Flood City” is a modern nickname for Houston due to it’s constant flooding and national headlines for the amount of flooding.


“713” is Houston’s area code and a widely popular name among locals.

Energy Capital of the World

Houston is considered to be “The Energy Capital of the World” because the city is home to more than 5,000 energy-related firms. The city is a leading domestic and international center for virtually every segment of the oil and gas industry—exploration, production, transmission, marketing, service, supply, offshore drilling, and technology.

Clutch City

The nickname of “Clutch City” was given to the city of Houston after the Houston Rockets won the 1994 and 1995 NBA championships. The moniker was adopted in response to a front-page headline in the Houston Chronicle declaring Houston to be “Choke City”. The Rockets’ mascot, “Clutch the Bear”, was named the 5th-most recognizable mascot in sports by USA Today in February 2005, and was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006.


Christi’s Life Changing Move

For Christi and her family, moving meant the start of a fresh chapter in their lives. She recently adopted 6 children and needed to move to a home that could accommodate her newly extended family right in the midst of the hectic holiday season.

Video Transcription

The Story of a community coming together to bring one special family hope, love, joy, blessings, laughter, compassion, inspiration, a life changing move.


I am very happy about moving. It’s been an experience, it has been crazy but we are finally doing it.


I first met this family through Child Advocates. Christi is actually the children’s aunt there are 7 children in this family 6 of them are Christie’s nieces and nephews.

She had ended up adopting her 6 nieces and nephews.

They were living in a house that was bursting at the seams. It’s just been kind of a group effort. The 3 older boys have out grown their regular size twin beds. The Holly Hall board of directors got involved in this. And they went to a company called Texas Mattress Makers when the board member went in to pay for the beds the owner came out and said no you just give that money to the family. When we add up all the discounts and the free stuff and the gifts and the cash that’s been given Holly Hall has ended up providing about 5,000 or over 5,000 dollars worth of goods, services, toys.

I have the same crew for the 2 moves that 3 Men Movers has done for me.
You get a personal connection with the people that are moving you, and that’s a nice touch.


The experience with 3 men movers has been really good. They were very polite and respectful towards the family I do want to thank all the people that helped Holly Hall, Nell Richardson, and 3 Men Movers.

To be in a bigger house, to give the kids a bigger backyard to play in feels a lot better.
I am truly blessed so thank yall.


How To Clean Your Home After A Flood

Flooding occurs in many regions of the world. The recent flooding in Texas has reached historic highs. No matter where you’re from, you know exactly how harrowing and devastating it is when your home is flooded. However, it is a situation that won’t fix itself. Which is why we’ve put together a list of crucial steps to restore your home after flooding.

The Prep Work:

Ensure that it is safe for you to re-enter your home

  • You may be anxious to return to your home and get started on the work you have ahead of you, but please do not re-enter the home until you know it is safe. Check with local authorities and news stations before returning.

Contact your insurance agent and take photos before you begin repairing the damage

  • Upon re-entering your home, you need to document the damage that your home has incurred. Take photos of the home, inside and out. Afterwards, contact your insurance company and provide them with a thorough report.

Make sure that the power is off before you enter any areas of your home with standing water

  • Before you enter any part of your home that has standing water you need to ensure that your electricity is turned off. If there are electronics that are submerged and turned on, you could be facing a perilous situation.

Enlist help

  • Gather your friends, family, neighbors, volunteer aid, or professionals. You cannot manage this arduous task alone. It could take days, weeks, or even months to get your home back to a habitable state and you’ll need the support to get through it.

Buy protective gear

  • Make sure you’re protected. You need to purchase gloves, rain boots, masks, and protective goggles before you start working.

Check to see if there are any existing holes or entry points for water

  • The flooding may have caused holes or leaks. You’ll never get your home dry if water is still coming in.

The Initial Clean Up:

Clear the water out of your home

  • Use buckets, electric pumps, or other tools to remove standing water. If there are only small amounts of water you can try using blankets and towels to soak up the water.

Clean any mud or other debris

  • Use gloved hands to pick up and throw away debris that has made its way into your home. Your best bet for clearing out mud is to shovel it. If there is still mud that persists use a hose to wash it away.

Throw away items that are damaged beyond repair

  • This is a hard task. The last thing that you want to do after a disaster is part with your belongings. However, some items will be beyond repair and it isn’t worth your time to try and save them. If the following items were submerged for 24 hours throw them away: carpet, mattresses, comforters, pillows, books, and rugs.

Put the items you can save in storage

  • To prevent further damage, move all of your furniture, clothing, electronics, and valuables to a climate controlled storage unit.Research local companies and move your belongings as soon as possible. 3 Men Movers has many affordable options for portable and self-storage at our Houston and San Antonio locations.

Make sure walls and ceilings are not holding water

  • Ceilings that are holding water can be very dangerous. If you see a bulge in the ceiling after a flood it is most likely holding water. Plug a hole in the areas the ceiling is bulging and drain the water. You may also consider bringing in a professional. Wet walls can take an extensive amount of time to dry completely. It could be weeks or even months. You may have to remove layers of the walls in order for them to dry, or you may have to replace them altogether.

Dry the inside of your home and the belongings that can be salvaged

  • The cooler and less moist the home is the more effectively you will be able to dry it. Open the windows, use fans, keep the home cool, and utilize dehumidifiers to dry out the inside of the home and the belongings that can be salvaged from the flood.

The Final Stages:

Clean out your refrigerator

  • If your home was without power for over 4-6 hours throw away all perishable food in your refrigerator, food in a standard freezer usually lasts for 24 hours, and a deep freezer can keep food for about 48 hours.

Disinfect every surface of the home

  • Floods are a breeding ground for bacteria, and it can be toxic for your family. You must thoroughly clean every single surface of your home. Use diluted Clorox or other powerful antibacterial products.

Have a professional assess the threat of mold

  • It’s not imminent, but it is possible that you may have to deal with mold after a flood. It’s best to have a professional assess the damage and determine if you have or will have any mold complications.

In Conclusion

The most important facet of cleaning your home after flooding is creating a safe environment to live in. Getting your belongings dry is only a small portion of cleaning after a flood. You also need to eliminate any bacteria, mold, and mildew. If you sense that the damage to your home is too extensive for you to handle, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. The safety of your family is what’s truly important.

3 Men Movers Wins Over 5 New Fans – The Busby Quintuplets

We got the special privilege to move the Busby quintuplets! The Busby family needed more than muscle – they needed reliable, professional movers that would allow them to focus on their daughters, not the logistics of a move. Check out the cutest “Little Movers” in town and read about their special move!

A VERY Special Move:

3 Men Movers Moves The Busby QuintupletsWhen Adam Busby called us, he explained that he wasn’t not going to be our average customer… he and his wife needed assistance moving their all-girl quintuplets into a bigger home. Parents of 6 beautiful daughters (5 of which were only 8 months old), the Busbys weren’t just looking for muscle; they needed reliable, professional movers that would allow them to focus on getting their daughters acclimated to a new space, not on the logistics of a move.

Moves can be one of the most stressful experiences of our entire lives… they have a way of making even the most type-A and prepared among us feel as if we couldn’t possibly be more disorganized – something the Busby family was beginning to feel. They were wrapping up Season One of their new TLC show when their old home sold before they could close on a new home. The pressure to pack, but leave themselves with the essentials to care for a 4 year old and 5 babies was no easy task – that’s the moment they decided to call in the professionals.

Over the past 30 years we’ve found that the secret to a happy move rests in the crew you hire. Extensive background checks, driving record inspections, physical exams, and our Crew Leader Certification program ensure that every mover on our team is hardworking and equipped to handle whatever you could throw their way – even a quintuplets move. The Busby family heard about our “high standards, happy customers” business model, and decided to put their BIG move in our hands.

The Day Of:3 Men Movers Moves The Busby Quintuplets

The weather could not have been any nicer that Saturday morning. Tito and crew got there at 8am sharp and jumped right into packing up any loose items. Feeling comfortable with the move and the pace, Mrs. Busby filed all 6 troops out the door about 30 minutes into the move. Seeing the quintuplets (in matching outfits) look around in wonder put the biggest smiles on our faces.

Tito got the Busby’s items wrapped and loaded into our the as if they were his own – ensuring everything arrived at point B the way they left point A. When it was all said and done, we got this family of 8 completely moved within 5 hours. Mrs. Busby called us her “knights in shining armor” – coming from a busy Mom of 6, we could not have been paid a higher compliment.

Thank You Busby Family:

We got the Busby family all moved in before the Christmas/New Year holidays, and left them with 5 “Little Movers” onesies as a token of our appreciation. Last week we got an email from them with the cutest picture – the photo attached at the beginning of this post. We are over the moon that we got to work with such an amazing family. Keep an eye out for their new TLC show and check out their It’s A Buzz World blog to read more about their move and other adventures.


Food Drives: Where Do Your Donations Go?

Ever wonder if your food drive donations make it to those in need or if they are being pocketed by an evil fake corporation? Well, I can assure you my friends, food donations are being properly distributed (whew!). Read more to find out how it works.Food Drive Donations

It’s that time of year again! It’s chilly outside, making everything inside exponentially warmer and more fuzzy feeling than usual. A runny nose is greeted with a sort of nostalgia for what the winter months bring with them; love and celebration. During this time we all gather with our friends and family to celebrate life in many different ways, most of which involve feasts of all kinds. When we’re being grateful for everything that we have we usually stop and attempt to reach out to give to those who have-not.

During the holiday months many places collect donations and run food drives for the hungry, but it’s not often that we stop and ask the question, “where are the donations going and how do they help?” I became interested in the inner-workings of food banks when the 3 Men Movers Houston, San Antonio, and Austin offices hosted a food bank recently and I decided to do a little research.

Often when donating to charity we wonder if our donations are actually being given to those in need, or if they are being pocketed by an evil fake corporation. Well, I can assure you my friends, food donations are being properly given to those in need. This is how it works:

  • Donations are collected from various donation points and taken back to the food bank. We usually see food drives happening at grocery stores, with companies, or with schools. However, anyone can host a food drive with the help of your local food bank. They will happily supply you with the materials needed to promote donations.

  • At the food bank the donations are sorted by volunteers. The food bank is sensitive to the needs of the people that they are feeding. There are often dietary restrictions due to health concerns that the bank needs to take into consideration. They also like to try and give people foods that they enjoy. For example, if you donate a can of sauerkraut, the team is going to do their best to get that sauerkraut to a person that loves sauerkraut! So don’t hesitate to donate unique foods. Also, think about nutritional factors. It is hard to come across protein sources that are non-perishable. Donations like beans and canned fish are given high value at the food bank.

  • The donations are then handed out to a variety of other non-profit foundations that help combat starvation. In most states if you dial 2-1-1 it takes you to a food emergency line which helps connect people with sources of food for the hungry. Food banks are the central supplier for foundations that offer disaster relief meals, meals for the housebound, meals for the elderly, and school lunches for low income families. So when you donate to a food bank, you are donating to a plethora of different charitable foundations that will put your donation to good use.

Although food banks request donations of non-perishable food items, they do also accept monetary donations. Food banks can stretch your dollars further than you can and feed more hungry people with cash than with cans. In this article, one food banker stated that her food bank can get $4 worth of food for every $1 donated. The reason why food banks push for food donations is because they’re easier! It is easy to put an extra can or two of food into your basket when shopping at a grocery store in order to drop them in the donation bin on your way out. In our case, we allow people to donate non-perishable food items when they’re cleaning out their kitchens during a move. Donating food is often more convenient which means more people will participate. It is also important to note that food donations are needed year-round, not just during the holiday months.

So whether it’s scarf and boots weather or swimsuits and flip-flops, your donations are being used to help support hungry people in your city. Pick up an extra can of beans or tuna when you’re in the grocery store and drop it off in the donation bin up front. Or volunteer your time at your local food bank. All help goes a long way and it is never under-appreciated.