History Of Moving

What did moving look like before the moving truck? What motivates mankind to move? Our Move Concierge Sarah takes a brief look at the history of moving, and how it has grown into a multimillion dollar industry.

“Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday.” – John Wayne

In a lot of ways, John Wayne embodied the Western culture and the pioneering spirit of moving through history graphicAmerica. We Americans have always felt the need to explore and build new places. Moving is in our blood.  Many of John Wayne’s films featured the horse-hauled Conestoga Wagon. You may not think so, but this vehicle is the ancestor to the modern-day moving truck! If you were a settler in the 1820s, you most likely owned the wagon and were moving more than a few cardboard boxes, but essentially it is the same idea!

Early 1800s: In 1804, the first full-scale steam locomotive was introduced in the United Kingdom, effectively revolutionizing the idea of transportation. Not only did trains usher a new opportunity for travel, they opened plenty of opportunities for relocation and expansion. People could venture wherever trains would take them, and they did! Naturally, the first semblances of moving companies sprang up around this time to address the complications relocation presented. These companies would pick up your belongings via horse and buggy (the old-fashioned way) and store them in warehouses that were located close to train stations. When a train was heading to your destination, the company would load your belongings onto a train car and send it to your new location.

Early 1900s: Motorized vehicles added yet another means of freedom and transportation, allowing the moving industry to grow. Moves could now be done locally or interstate with motor-vans. As the vehicles evolved, so did the moving companies. People have been given more freedom to move and explore without being tied down by their ability to move their belongings.

1995: Despite these rapid advances in transportation, the moving industry remained unregulated until 1995 when the Department of Transportation set forth the rights & responsibilities of companies in caring for their customers. At this point, 3 Men Movers had been operating for ten years under the guidance of John Fischer. His daughter Jacky began to work under her father at the age of 12, before eventually taking over the company after years’ of growth. At 3 Men Movers, we follow all of the guidelines put forth by TxDOT closely and operate with the utmost transparency in order to maintain the trust of our customers. Doing so has allowed us to branch out all over Texas to offer the best moving services possible.

It is interesting to look back through the history of the moving industry and see just where a company started and how they grew with the industry itself. I enjoy being part of a company that has made moving easier through honest business. In honor of #WayBackWednesday, Happy Moving!

The History Of “Keep Austin Weird”

The History Of “Keep Austin Weird”


There’s always a random holiday trending on Twitter: Donut Day, Real Estate Investor Day, Sloths Dressed As Unicorns Day (wait, what?) Sure, they’re all pretty silly, but today, Wonderful Weirdos Day, is special for Austinites. Keeping Austin weird has been an evolutionary endeavor since the late 1960s and has inspired everything from creating SPAM sculptures to music and tech festivals. The motto “Keep Austin Weird” gained momentum during the initial tech-boom that brought multiple technology companies and instilled a distinct tech-sector Austin. The locals wanted to ensure that Austin didn’t lose its originality due to the influx of new faces. In 2000, the motto was officially adopted by the City Council, and now graces merch like bumper stickrs and T-shirts.

Although Austin did shift its “idea” of weirdness to support artistic endeavors (instead of bizarre hobbies or demonstrations), the new residents embraced the motto whole-heartedly. A lot of people, who are arguably not weird, have asked what “keep Austin weird” means. The truth is, it can mean different things to different people. What do you think is “weird?”

For local businesses, the slogan can be used to remind customers that shopping local is not only great for the community, but is also the best way to keep a city unique. Local businesses are more able to custom tailor merchandise and cuisine to the things that you like. For example, Austin is famous for its bizarre fusion food scene, where local restaurateurs are known to sell things like “taco donuts” or Southern soul food with Pan-Asian cuisine.

Artists of all mediums flock here in order to pursue their dreams, and we invite them with open arms! Artists make it easy to “keep Austin weird” by contributing uncensored art of all types. Unlike other cities, Austin’s tight-knit community encourages creative societies to collaborate and inspire each other. Artists can get together to create large displays that otherwise be impossible in your average community. You don’t visit many cities that have sanctioned graffiti masterpieces on the sides of the buildings.

There are a lot of sub-cultures perusing Austin, but even if you don’t feel like you belong to any scene, you can help “keep Austin weird” by being tolerant of the things that make us different. Sure, you might not have tattoos and paint pictures of whales with your forehead, but you can still do your part by being accepting and appreciative of the eccentric nature of your fellow Austinites.

So, take a moment today to love your local neighborhood weirdos, because their unique lifestyle is what makes Austin – and any city! – so much fun. It’s not everywhere that you can walk down the street and experience a sporadic acoustic set or see a live painting performance while eating a bratwurst made of antelope. Embrace the weird.

11 Free Things to Do in Houston

11 Free & Fun Things To Do In Houston

Construction Creates Career Opportunities

Construction in Houston Promises Many New Career Opportunities

Just how booming is Houston’s job market? Check out some of the top areas in Houston that are in the process of literally building thousands of job opportunities. No matter what industry you’re in, Houston’s demand for talent is huge and it’s only getting bigger.

Construction Cranes Taking Over Houston

Cranes in Houston

Houston is under construction and it’s bringing in more jobs. We’ve got all the “hot spots” around the city that you can expect to see growth in.

In some cities, seeing a ton of construction cranes would put a huge frown on your face. Not in Houston! (Well, unless your’re in traffic becasue of it) For the past few years, this city has been recognized for its thriving job market, strong real estate industry, and the overall quality of life residents enjoy. Folks from across the country have been packing up and moving here to essentially build a better life. These cranes are just a confirmation that they made the right decision, and there are more good things to come.

Houston is a global leader in both domestic and international business as the city’s cultural and economic ties stretch across the planet. It is the energy capitol of the world, and “Site Selection” magazine recently named it as the top city for corporate relocation and expansion. So, Houstonians are definitely not complaining about the cranes.

Construction = Jobs

When one thinks of office construction, New York City often comes to mind. Interestingly, Houston has more than double the amount of office construction NYC has. There are more than 50 office buildings currently under construction. Together they total more than 17 million square feet.

What happens when there are this many buildings under construction? A tremendous number of jobs are created. If you are a bricklayer, carpenter, painter, plumber, or electrician, this is exactly where you want to be. In the past 12 months more than 120,000 jobs have been created, so naturally more office space is required. The city’s skyline is changing, and it’s exciting to watch.

Hot Markets

Wondering where the hot spots in the city are right now for office tower construction?


ExxonMobilThe Woodlands

Just south of The Woodlands there is an Exxon Mobil campus ranking as the city’s largest construction project? When it is complete, there will be 20 buildings with 10,000 employees. This includes approximately 2,000 employees transferring to the city from across the country. The Woodlands area is just getting started though. Southwestern Energy and Hughes Landing are building in this area, too.


Capitol TowerDowntown 

Right across from the Rice Lofts, Hines has a huge project at 609 Main. By 2016, this 48-story skyscraper is expected to be done. The Houston Club building was demolished by Skanska to build their 35-story Capitol Tower. Hilcorp is currently building their 41-story One Market Square, and the 50-story Crescent’s Six Houston Center for Chevron  are in the works for the near future.



Energy CorridorWest Houston 

There are a ton of projects going on here in West Houston. MetroNational, Midway, Air Liquide, Skanska, Hines, and Trammel Crow have projects planned, many of which are in the Energy Corridor.



Phillips 66 is building a 1-million-square-foot tower in Westchase, BHP Billiton has a large tower going up in Uptown, and Kirby Grove is being built near Kirby Drive by Midway.


Your Best Garage Sale In 6 Easy Steps

Ready To Plan Your Best Garage Sale?

Before or after a big move is a great time to declutter with a garage sale. Follow the 6 steps to throw the best garage sale on the block.
moving through history graphic

When you are moving, hopefully you can spare some time to go into major cleaning and declutter mode. This is important to do when you move. Clearing out old items not only saves you money on your upcoming move but it also allows you to move into your new home with a fresh start minus the clutter.

In some of our previous blogs we have mentioned that one of the best ways to clear out your home before you move is to throw a garage or yard sale. A garage sale can be whatever you want it to be. You can make it extravagant and all about making a lot of money or quick and focused on almost just giving away things for the purpose of cleaning out your home.

No matter what type of yardsale you want to have, we have some tips for you that will help make it a success.

Here are 6 Tips to having the best garage sale on your block from your Houston Movers!

1. Get help! Having help with your garage sale makes all the difference. Even if you are just having a small thrown together garage sale, you will probably need help. The more the merrier, and those you enlist to help may even have some items they can sell too.

Ask your family members or friends to pitch in. They may want a cut of the profit or a thank you lunch, but it will be worth it. Most children will find garage sales fun and be of some help at the same time. It can be a good opportunity to teach your children about money, selling, and repurposing items.

2. Go over your pricing techniques before the garage sale. If there is anything that you are not willing to budge on price, make sure that everyone knows about it. If things are priced a certain way and you don’t want to accept anything less, make sure everyone is informed and on board. If the purpose of the garage sale is just to get rid of things make sure that everyone involved knows that they can drop prices if someone is interested but wants to negotiate the asking price.

3. Set a date and get the word out. Set the date as early as you can and inform the neighborhood. You may be able to generate interest in your area, and have several families pitch in and have their own garage sales on the same day. If you can arrange a neighborhood garage sale, you will generally get more traffic and interest than if it were just your house.

You can use the newspaper and Craigslist if you are in a big city like Houston. Be sure to include your entire address when you are advertising on these platforms. Another good way to bring traffic to your sale is a good old-fashioned yard sign on the main intersections near your home.

4. Make sure you have proper room to display your items. It is important to have plenty of table space for garage sales. Things don’t sell as well if people have to dig in boxes or on the floor for them. Have hanging areas for items on hangers and if you are not pricing them individually, separate these items into different areas according to price.

5. Have all the change you might need before the day of the garage sale. You’ll want to have a roll of quarters, a stack of $1 bills, and a few $5 bills on hand. It is important to have it before the big day of the sale because it may be hard to find anywhere early Saturday or Sunday morning that can give you change.

6. Have a plan for the items that don’t sell. Many charities will do pick ups of items from garage sales that don’t sell. This will save you the trip and ensure that you keep those items on their way out the door and not coming back in your home to be moved the next week and thrown away in a few years.

We wish you luck on your garage sale and your upcoming move!

Local Lovin’: Top Places to Visit if You’re New to Houston

Being the 4th most populated city in America, Houston has some of the most interesting and culturally diverse activities in the nation. Whether you’re into watching sports with your buddies or you like to enjoy visiting art galleries, Houston has it all! Here are some of the top spots for people to visit that are new to Houston:

The Houston Museum of Natural Science
This museum is great for all ages. Dedicated to natural science, the museum promotes many fun exhibitions that include the subjects of outer space, dinosaurs, Africa’s Serengeti, and some of the world’s rarest minerals. The museum also has a six-story butterfly exhibit that’s really one of a kind. As one of the nation’s most popular museums, this is a great place to visit if you just relocated to Houston. No wonder kids and adults alike can’t get enough of this place!

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
This museum contains a variety of art that suits all tastes and it is the first municipal art museum in Texas. Many Houstonians flock to this museum to check out its impressive collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Baroque and Renaissance art. All the way from Monet to Manet, you can find your favorite artists here! The Museum of Fine Arts also holds a teacher wing: works of students and top Texas artists. It also features an impressive collection of various sculptures from all around the world. It is a wonder and inspirational experience for all ages!

Children’s Museum of Houston
If you have kids, then they’re in for a treat! The Children’s Museum of Houston is the perfect place to visit with your children. With 90,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, you just can’t go wrong! Founded in 1980, the museum is dedicated to elevating early childhood development. With over 850,000 visits a year, the museum teaches children with various learning programs and fun activities.

Miller Outdoor TheatreThings To Do In Houston: Miller Outdoor Theater
This outdoor theatre offers professional entertainment including classical music, jazz, ballet, classic films, and even Shakespeare. Built in 1922, this theatre has a rich history and is a must-visit for anyone moving to Houston. It’s one of the best spots in Houston for good family fun!

Minute Maid Park
Located in downtown Houston, Minute Maid Park is the house to the Houston Astros. Opened in 2000, this retractable-roof stadium not only hosts MLB games, but also features concerts from the likes of Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Madonna. This impressive stadium seats just about 40,000 people and is definitely a spot for a good time with your family and friends.
Hermann Park

Houston Zoo
With over 1.84 million guests each year, the Houston Zoo is the perfect place to visit if you’re new in town. With animals from all around the world, this zoo will give you an inspirational experience through its unique blend of nature and appreciation. The zoo features many ecosystems and aims to provide an educational and rare experience. It’s something you won’t soon forget!

Why Realtors Should Partner with a Local San Antonio Moving Company

Powerful partnerships are key to improving sales revenues, margins, and profits as a San Antonio realtor. Partnerships have proven to be the best way to exponentially increase your success as a realtor.  The biggest dilemma when understanding this is putting this theory into action and finding the right business partnership in San Antonio to enter into.  partner local san antonio moving company

First, when entering into a business partnership it is important to evaluate several things before taking action.  What do you the realtor hope to gain from the partnership?  What are you willing to give to enter into this partnership to make it mutually beneficial for both parties?  It is also important to decide what industry would be the most beneficial to target when looking for a fellow business to partner together with.

It is important to partner with a company in an industry that has a similar target market.  A professional moving company shares that same target market, (homeowners in transition), that the real estate industry has.  As an industry that will not prove to be competition for you as a realtor, the moving industry is a great place to start when looking for a partnership in local businesses.

Here are 5 reasons realtors should partner with a local moving company.

1.  Have an online marketing partnership with a San Antonio moving company.

Prominent and successful real estate agents place a high value on their website and strive on a daily basis to improve them.  Having a quality website with helpful content is important no matter what your industry is. It shows that you are successful, accommodating and legitimate. Partnering with other businesses that have a comparable, high-quality web presence will only further this strength.

An established local moving company holds online presence as high as a successful San Antonio realtor does.  A San Antonio mover should be interested in the quality of their website and the informative value it offers the company’s customers.  If the local moving company has these concerns their website will more than likely have an informative blog supplying helpful information pertaining to its industry, company, and for customers.

Most San Antonio real estate agents also offer a blog on their website and are savvy in the blogosphere.  Blog writers are always looking for ideas for content and information for their readers.  As a realtor partnering with a San Antonio moving company, not only does that company give you fresh ideas on content, but it also gives you insight on an industry that is beneficial for realtors to know and utilize.

2.  Create a like-minded business partnership with a San Antonio Mover.

By partnering with a local San Antonio moving company there is a common customer demographic but no actual direct competition.  Those customers who trust that moving company will be inclined to follow their recommendations and endorsements.
Locate a moving company in San Antonio that shares the same philosophies, style, and structure that you do as a realtor. A San Antonio Realtor partnering with local moving company is likely to benefit all parties involved.

3.  Increase your marketing capacity and creativity.

By choosing good alliance in a moving company it is possible to build all sorts of creative campaigns to increase your customer base and maximize the partnership.
Throw a party or event together, team up to support local charities, you can even give discounts or incentives to customers who conduct business with both partners to drive up customer volume.

4.  Increase your exposure as a realtor by forming a partnership with a Moving Company in San Antonio.

In any industry brand recognition is powerful, especially with realtors.  We live in a very visual, competitive world. A realtor should capitalize on exposure at every opportunity possible… opening up your visibility with a partnership found with a moving company will help you do that.

5.  Have a competitive advantage over other San Antonio realtors.

You, the realtor, provide a true value-added service to your client, but the real estate industry is highly competitive.  Differentiate yourself from your competition by entering into a partnership with a moving company and becoming more as a business. Offer more than one solution for your customers needs. Become more than a “one-stop-shop.” Provide a resource that saves your prospects/clients time and money.

Save Electricity in Your New Home

So it is no secret that these days everyone is looking for a way to save money.  After a move, that need is on overdrive.  Saving money in your new home is important after a move because let’s face it, moving costs money. save electricity in your new home

Electricity is expensive and is usually one of the most expensive bills when you total up your monthly expenses.  There are many fancy new ways to be eco-friendly and save money in the long run with your electricity.  In this article, we want to look at simple ways you can cut back in your home on your electricity bill without spending thousands of dollars up front.

The best way to have cheap electrical power is by coming together as a family, being conscious of what electricity is being used.  You can easily cut back in your new home and keep the electricity bill lower just by following a few simple tips our movers have put together.

Our Movers have put together 8 tips to help you save money on electricity in your new home.

1.  Don’t spend money on electricity you aren’t even using.  Many of the items in your house stay plugged in all day and without you even knowing it continues to cost you money on your electricity bill. Computers, chargers, and all sorts of other electronics suck up small amounts of electricity daily and when added together end up costing you quite a bit extra on your electricity bill every month.

2.  Use solar-powered night lights. Many homes use night lights throughout their homes, in the hallways, bedrooms and kitchen. These lights do not have to be the typical plug in lights for this.  You can use low voltage LED lights that are solar powered for this to save money on your light bill. There are versions of these LED lights that are dome-like lights that can also be used in your cabinets and closets to eliminate the use of overhead lights and plug-in versions.

3.  Caulk and weather-strip around windows and doors.  You can carefully use caulking around window frames and doors to eliminate energy from escaping out of your house.  This prevents wasting money on your electricity bill every month.

4.  Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. Doing this can save your home up to 10 percent on water heating costs, which in turn affects your electricity bill.  Setting the water heater temperature to this will not cause a noticeable change, except for in your electricity bill, which is where you would like to see a change.

5.  Change and clean the air filters on your air conditioner.   Each month you can save up to five percent on your electricity bill by doing this. This also ensures cleaner air in your home.  These air filters should be changed monthly and can be purchased in bulk at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

6.  Be aware of your laundry habits.  Wash and dry only full loads of laundry. This will easily save you time AND money on your light bill.  Also, another way to save money on laundry costs is to NOT use hot water anymore and take advantage of the cold water detergents that are new on the market and help save money on electricity costs.

7.  Keep blinds shut on south and west-facing windows. Blinds help you to use less energy and tap into or keep out the sun’s natural ability to warm up your home.

8.  Keep doors and vents shut.  If you keep the doors and vents closed in rooms that aren’t being used this saves a lot on the energy being used in the home.  There is no sense spending money on heating or cooling rooms that aren’t being used.

Cutting electricity cost is simple if you just work to keep everyone in the house aware of waste and on board to help save money on the electricity bill.

We hope this helps and look forward to hearing any other ways you may use in your home to save money on your electricity bill.

Local Lovin’: Untapped Festival in Houston

Cheers To The Untapped Festival, Houston!

Cheers To The Untapped Festival

Whether you’re all packed for your move, or ready to explore Houston after a night of unpacking, the Untapped Festival on September 12th can be your deserved reprieve from your hectic schedule.

Local Lovin’ celebrates the traditions and culture of our home, Texas. This week, our Austin Move Concierge Sarah gets us pumped for the 4th Annual Untapped Festival on September 12.

Relaxing and taking a load off is a sure-fire cure for the “moving blues.” Whether you’re all packed for your move, or ready to explore Houston after a night of unpacking, the Untapped Festival on September 12th can be your deserved reprieve from your hectic schedule.

As it’s name suggests, the festival focuses on tasty and unique beers, boasting over 70 breweries vending and upwards of 275 different beers for tasting. Foodies and attendees under 21 will be able to partake in healthy local eats available too. Events like this can help introduce you to your new home: not only will you meet new people, but you’ll also get a real taste of all that Houston’s restaurants and bars have to offer. Answer the age old question of “where do you want to eat?” once and for all!

The Untapped Festival, now entering its fourth year, takes place in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth annually. As our markets continue to grow, we at 3 Men Movers take pride in being part of some of Texas’ most popular communities. The great thing about these events being based in multiple locations is that you can reap their benefits no matter where you are in Texas – much like our services.

Each location is host to different bands. This year, Houston will bring indie rock names like Cold War Kids, Twin Shadow and Deer Tick to the stage, as well as multiple local artists including Fat Tony, Sarah Jaffe and more. Supporting local musicians means learning more about the musical styles, genres and cultures “brewing” in Houston’s many neighborhoods, and it allows you to connect with the people who live there. Music will take you on a much better tour of your new city than anything else.

Above all, 3 Men Movers is proud of its Texan roots and we strive to shop, eat, and celebrate locally as well. Supporting your local businesses not only promotes a sense of community, but it also keeps your hard earned dollars within Texas. Its a concept we identify with through our community service efforts. Community support is key, and Untapped Festival is just one of the many ways you can make your local businesses smile.

If you have the time, climb down from your mountain of boxes and join your neighbors for a few drinks, local eats, and good music next month at the Untapped Festival. Immerse yourself in Texas culture and support your community. There is no better way to get to know a new city or reconnect with an old one. See you there!

8 Reasons Why You Should Move To Houston

8 Reasons Why Moving To Houston Is A Great Idea

From a growing international community to a rich arts and theater scene to a thriving economy, Houston is the city expected to experience colossal growth this year! Our Houston movers have seen all kinds of moves from different cities so they know first hand!

People may be obsessed with keeping Austin weird, but there is another Texan city folks are flocking to for 2015. Despite San Antonio’s River Walk and deep sea of culture, it is even being overshadowed; before you assume the beta-plus world city of Dallas, and it’s phenomenal sports teams must be the state’s hot spot, you need to shift your nose south a little farther on the map. Our Houston movers have seen all kind of moves coming from different cities so they know Houston is a hot spot. So if you’re trying to figure out why, here are some of the best reasons why Houston is the place to be in 2015!

• Low Cost of Living


Looking to relocate? Houston is a great option. From it’s low cost of living to it’s robust job market, here are 8 reasons Houston is hot.

While much of the state (and country!) has seen a rise in housing costs, Houston has managed to dodge the inflation bullet. Groceries are affordable, and you won’t have to choose between buying that specialty coffee at the corner café and paying your electricity bill when you live here. In fact, when compared to the 20 most populated metropolitan areas in the nation, Houston has the third lowest cost of living. In 2013, housing costs were a whopping 36.6 percent below national average.

• Job Market

The job market alone is reason enough to move to the Space City. After all, what’s the point of relocating to a city with a low cost of living, if you can’t even get a job? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Houston ranked first on job growth for 2014 in nonfarm employment. Houston’s energy industry is recognized worldwide, and being the global city that it is, there is no surprise that it is America’s top market for exports, surpassing even New York City. Interestingly though, the super sectors in Houston’s employment statistics are education and health services, which have boasted uninterrupted annual gains every single month since February 1991.

• No State Income Tax

You will get to take home a little more of your paycheck when you live in Houston because there is no state income tax. Plus, Texas has a lower yearly tax bill, helping your dollar stretch even farther.

• Healthcare


Houston has long been recognized for setting the bar high with healthcare systems in the country. Many hospitals here are ranked as some of the nation’s top institutions. The Texas Medical Center is here, which is the world’s largest medical complex.

• Greenpeace

Houston is a haven for outdoor lovers. The city houses more than 50,000 acres of parkland. Not to mention, amidst the concrete and steel urban jungle is the City of Houston Bikeway Program, a trail network composed of 345 miles that meander throughout the city.

• Education

The education potential in this city is profound. Greater Houston has 14 major higher learning institutions, and the city’s education level for public schools ranks among the state’s highest. The Houston Independent School District is the country’s seventh-largest district. Plus, there are more than 300 private schools, including many accredited by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.

• Arts and Theater

You don’t have to live in a matchbox apartment and be a starving artist in Manhattan’s East Village to be part of an astounding arts scene. The Houston Theater District has nine major performing arts organizations as well as six performance halls, and anytime you need to be enveloped in history and cultural, the 20 facilities in the Museum District will more than satisfy.

• Sports


Pull up a seat courtside at Toyota Center to cheer on the Rockets, or grab your peanuts at Minute Maid Park to watch the Astros hit home runs. Of course, you will want to make NRG Stadium your home-away-from-home, when the Texans are playing. Oh, and there’s a crazy “little” thing called the Super Bowl that the Bayou City will be hosting for 2017!

How to Recycle Your Old Electronics

How to Recycle The Old Electronics Your Found During Your Move

Our Houston movers have seen it all and they will tell you that there is a solution for all your old boxed up electronics! If your electronics are all sitting in the garage and collecting dust, here are your best options: – See more at: https://www.3menmovers.com/houston/blog/2015/02/11/how-to-recycle-old-gadgets/#sthash.u0GXCtng.dpuf

Moving? How to Recycle Old Gadgets

Are you packing for a move, and have suddenly felt like you might be a good candidate for the “Hoarders” TV show? You are quickly realizing that every closet and junk drawer in the house seems to have an old gadget you have been meaning to do something with at a later time. Now, looking at the embarrassingly large pile of odds and ends, your stomach has turned thinking about all those things sitting in a landfill for the next few centuries. Fortunately, recycling these items is a lot easier than you probably think. Our Houston movers have seen it all and they will tell you that there is a solution for all your old boxed up electronics! If your electronics are all sitting in the garage and collecting dust, here are your best options:


Learn how to easily and safely recycle your old electronics. From donation to locating your nearest recycling options, we’ve got you covered.

No one has to tell you that Americans throw away millions of tons of electronics every year. So, where does it all go? Well, it certainly does not just decompose like the cardboard box these things came in. According to Greenpeace, it is often exported illegally, dumped in landfills, or incinerated. If you are thinking incineration sounds like a good idea, think again. This process releases cadmium, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals into the air.

You know you don’t want to throw these gadgets away, but you also know you can’t just sneak them in the recycling bin and hope someone else takes care of them. Years ago, recycling electronics was a giant pain. Today, it is easy to find a place where you can dump these items.

Turn those old phones into cash with SellCell.com. You can also sell phones and tablets at Gazelle.com. If you have cameras, audio equipment, laptops, and other electronics, BuyMyTronics.com is a great source, as well. In fact, there are plenty of places online similar to these options. Best Buy generally takes a wide variety of electronics, and sometimes, cities or counties schedule drop-offs for these things throughout the year. You can also go to RecyclingCenters.org for a list of recycling centers near you.

DonateFloppy Discs

What’s old to you could be new and exciting to someone else. The average American replaces their cell phone every 18 months even though there is nothing wrong with it. There are homeless shelters and battered women shelters, as well as programs for seniors and soldiers that you can donate your working phone to. Old computers, televisions, DVD players, and other electronics can be donated to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.


Nearly every city has local swaps, whether you know about them, or not. There are often closed swap groups on Facebook, too. You can sell your working items to someone local. Just make sure you meet in a safe place. If you have a lot of nonworking items, list them as free. Someone may be interested in fixing, refurbishing, or using them as parts. You could list them on Craigslist, as well.

Local Lovin’: Enjoying Houston on a Budget

You do not have to be related to any of the Texas billionaires to enjoy every minute you live here. Houston is jam-packed full of things to do on a smaller budget.

Like any major city, Houston has its fair share of attractions and restaurants that will put a little dent in your wallet. However, you do not have to be related to any of the Texas billionaires to enjoy every minute you live here. Houston is jam-packed full of things to do on a smaller budget.Enjoying Houston On A Budget

• Sam Houston Boat Tours – Would you believe that you can take a leisurely 90-minute boat tour along the Houston Ship Channel for free? Sam Houston Boat Tours takes 100 passengers on these tours Tuesday through Sunday. You simply have to call and reserve your space.

• Miller Outdoor Theatre – A large percentage of Houston residents will agree that Miller Outdoor Theatre is one of their favorite perks to living in this city. March through September you can enjoy a wide range of free performances. You can BYOB, but glass is prohibited, so pour it into a travel cup or thermos.

• Water Wall – When you visit the Water Wall for the first time you will immediately understand why it is one of the most photographed sites in the city. Every 3 hours and 20 minutes, this 64-foot fountain pumps 78,500 gallons of recycled water over the tall wall. The 3-acre area surrounding the fountain has 180 oak trees to provide shade for an afternoon picnic. • Lawndale Art Center – This contemporary art center includes more than 500 artists annually in its ever-changing exhibits. So, you can visit frequently and always have something new to see. Admission to Lawndale is always free, and guided tours are available Monday through Friday.

• Heritage Society Museum – Nine historic structures built from 1823 to 1905 are nestled on 10 acres in the heart of Houston. It is the only interactive outdoor museum in the city, and you will truly feel like you stepped back in time as you stroll along the stream and cross a rustic bridge to the mill. Admission is always free, but there is a small charge for tours.

• Houston Center for Contemporary Craft – If you are visiting the Lawndale Art Center, you will find this venue right next door, so you can enjoy both in one day if you want. Admission is free to see the work of artists who primarily work with clay, wood, metal, glass, and fiber.

• Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park – If you have kids you will be spending a lot of time here. If you are an adult who likes to stay active, you will also love Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park. This in-ground facility sprawls 30,000 square feet and is the only skate park of its kind in the region. The park welcomes skateboarding, rollerblading, and roller-skating, and admission is free. Helmets are required.