3 Men Movers Implements Plan to Address COVID-19

Houston, TX – March 24, 2020: Amid the rapidly changing environment around COVID-19, 3 Men Movers, a family owned Texas moving company, announces new steps the company is taking to address health and safety precautions during the moving process. These important measures will address how to be safer while moving during a pandemic. Many state and local governments recognize moving as an essential service, and 3 Men Movers will continue offering moving services to those who are ready to move.

3 Men Movers is a leader in the moving industry and is proud to be a company that puts people before profits. One of the company’s core values is to be The Experts in the moving industry. It is in this spirit that the company announced new guidelines for customers and employees during this turbulent and fast-changing time.

Safety Comes First

  • Moving crews who want to continue providing moving services will follow the new safety guidelines.
  • Every Crew member is required to PARTICIPATE IN A once-a-day temperature check and health screening using drive-through checkpoints the company has set up throughout Texas.
  • Crew Leaders are asked to sign a COVID-19 Crew Leader Pledge to follow safety guidelines.
  • Crew Members are encouraged to wash their hands often for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer over 70% alcohol, and refrain from touching their face.
3 Men Movers employees complete driver temperature checks.

3 Men Movers employees complete driver temperature checks.

Social Distancing is Important

  • All Driver’s Meetings are canceled in an effort to limit group congregation.
  • Drivers have to sign a pledge that they will not congregate in groups of more than five individuals during this time.
  • Moving crews are encouraged to self-isolate if they live with at-risk individuals.
  • Most office personnel are working remotely and are still available to help customers during normal business hours.
  • A small crew of employees will staff the office to be available for any customers that need to access their self-storage and mobile storage units.

Recommendations for Customers with Scheduled Moves

  • 3 Men Movers requests that customers make available a sink with soap for moving crews to wash their hands.
  • Any customers that meet the following criteria are asked to cancel their moves for the safety of both the customer and the moving crew:
    • They have had or have come in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last 15 days.
    • They have traveled to a COVID-19 outbreak country during the last 15 days.
    • They have had a fever, shortness of breath, coughing, body aches, or other flu-like symptoms, or have been around someone who has had these symptoms in the last 15 days.
  • 3 Men Movers recommends that customers be aware if they are in an at-risk group, and to take precautions to protect themselves. Studies have shown that some preexisting health conditions can make at-risk individuals more susceptible to infection.

Reflecting on the importance of the situation, Jacky Fischer, CEO, said, “Postponing your move until we have found a treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19 is the safest way to go, but some customers have no choice and need to move now. For customers who have to move, we have enhanced our already stringent safety policies to provide customers and moving crews with peace-of-mind during their upcoming moves.”

About 3 Men Movers: 3 Men Movers is a woman-owned business that has demonstrated dedication to its customers and its community with a philanthropic spirit and a commitment to honest practices for 35 years. We believe that to have great movers, you must start with good people. That’s why with 3 Men Movers you’re getting kind-hearted experts that go beyond to ensure each customer has an excellent experience. Founded in 1985, We are proud recipients of The Pinnacle Award & The Gold Star Award from the Better Business Bureau. With offices in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, our local moving company has become recognized as the mover of choice for over 30,000 Texans each year.

4 Ways We’re Leading The Movement Of Green Movers

During a move you use paper, shrink wrap, boxes, and tape. It doesn’t seem like a sustainable industry does it? Over the years we’ve taken measures to lessen the footprint we leave as a company and give moving a green makeover!

Paperless billing and communication

All of our communication is paperless from booking moves, sending clients follow ups on the date and time of their move and even payment at the end of the move. In earlier years, our crew leader had to drive back to our office after every move to drop off a paper invoice. We’re saving time, paper, and cutting back on fuel emissions!

Box and newsprint recycling

One of our ancillary services is professional packing. Along with packing, our professionals will also unpack your home. After an unpack, our packers take all of the used boxes, paper, and tape with them to be recycled at our facility.

Electronics recycling

Boxes and paper aren’t the only thing that we recycle. We also allow our clients and our entire community to drop off unwanted or outdated electronics to be recycled.

We encourage our clients to donate unused items

Before an upcoming move we encourage our clients to go through their belongings and donate any clothing or items that have been gently used. Instead of letting these items become waste they can be given a new life!

In conclusion

Taking the initiative to protect our environment is an extremely important part of our company culture. This mission ties back to our commitment to being fair and respectful, not just to our clients but also to our planet.

3 is a Magic Number!

3 Men Movers shows you why 3 is the most beloved number and why you only 3… Men Movers! A fun and funny collage of all things 3 to show you why all good thing come in 3’s!


Millennials in the work place | How Millennials Work

The millennials of 3 Men Movers have something to say.


Video Transcription

Hi I’m Kate, Hi I’m Lauren, Hi my name’s Jeremy, oh hi my name is Eddie,
Hey my name is Paige, Hi my name is Andrew.

We heard in the office that there’s a bit of a generational divide.

I’m a Millennial.

I know that you guys have a couple of issues with the way we work. So I thought we could clear some of that up today. not necessarily what you’re thinking is wrong about us more in the sense that it’s a misunderstanding.

So I mean just off the top of my head for example Lauren okay she’s our content marketing specialist she’s always head down phone constantly. she’s not doing that to tweet with her friends or to send a quick text about the next happy hours she’s actually responding to our customers here we have a 30 minute response rate so within 30 minutes she responds our customers whether they’re happy , sad, or otherwise because we want them to know we’re here.

Really having your phone is like your computer or having a tablet. Just because I’m on my phone does not mean I’m not working.

Let’s take Eddie for example. Eddie is our web developer and I think a lot of people see him more as the IT guy instead of the technologists. So might look like he’s just getting to roam the internet all day long or maybe his core function using power tools to fix a pc or fix that excel formula just can’t seem to work. But what he’s really doing is ensuring our website up and running and it looks great because the way we represent ourselves digitally means so much more now than it ever has.

We use technology for research and we use it to learn information just because it has so much available to us. So the next time you see a millennial on their phone or on the internet chances are that we’re actually building something or we’re creating something.

Another misconcepción would be Andrew for example: short attention span. It’s not that we have ADD and have possibly been overmedicated for most of our childhoods. In Andrew’s case he has a short attention span because everybody needs him. Andrew’s brilliant and he wears so many hats around here so usually his problem is after you’re done working with Andrew there is probably a line of about three other people who need him.

I like feedback and I know other people do. Paige for example, she’s always running back and forth to Jackie’s office and it could look like Paige can’t make a decision for herself but really we’re just trying to get stuff right like branding or ensuring that our drivers don’t need anything. So while it seems like we constantly need to be praised for our work some of that is we just need a little more information from you.

I don’t think that you can judge a whole group of people based off of a set of a few bad eggs.

There’s a perception that millennials jump around from job to job. Jeremy’s in the boat where he’s just got a lot of talent and a lot of skill and he’s exercising his abilities He’s a senior at the University of Houston to jump around and see what’s out there. Not a bad thing but a good thing. We want our interns to be curious about the world.

You’re kind of misguided in the way that you’re thinking about us and why we do certain things that we do.

Maybe your opinion of our generation,
if you look at it in a different light we’re not so bad after all.


Shirley Fischer, Co-Founder of 3 Men Movers, Turns 80!


Shirley Fischer Turns 80

A place to rest in honor of a woman who never does.

Shirley Fischer, wife, mother, and co-founder of 3 Men Movers turns 80 today! In honor of this milestone, her children have dedicated a bench to her in front of a building she and her husband own, in their hometown Dixon, Illinois.

Shirley was born on August 6, 1936, and was named after Shirley Temple (the child star during the Great Depression). She grew up in southern Illinois and lived in a small two-bedroom house with her parents, little brother, and three sisters out in the country. Life was simple back then. The four girls shared a bed on the porch and walked to school together. They did laundry in a washtub and hung it on the line. They didn’t have electricity, running water, or own a car when they were little. They went to school in a one room school house with about 13 children of all grade levels, and her father worked in the mines.

When the mines shut down her family moved to the “big town”, of Dixon, Illinois. She started Dixon High School at age 13. She was shy, being from a very small school, but eventually came out of her shell. She excelled in art and was a tomboy. Her best friends were Burt Lorenzen and Sammy Kerley who later went on to marry her two younger sisters.

Later in life she met John Fischer, the town hellraiser…AKA The Kingfish. Although she was warned to not marry him, she was headstrong and did it anyway. After marriage, John settled down and did right by her. However, life was never the same because John had big plans. John liked to travel and took Shirley to Florida, Mexico, and Tennessee. Quite an adventure for a small town girl.

The whole gangShirley had 4 kids from her previous marriage, Mike, Kelly, Chris, and Patrick and they added another child, Jacky, to the brood. After the older kids left the nest, they moved to the city of Houston, Texas with their youngest.

Life in Houston started off difficult with failed businesses and very little money to live on. Through grit, determination, and a little luck at age 50 they started a moving company, 3 Men Movers. While John worked on the trucks moving furniture, Shirley supported her family on a minimum wage job at the public library as a desk assistant. Later she found out she could get a raise if she drove the bookmobile. She went to school, got her CDL license and became a trucker, driving a library on wheels to communities that didn’t have libraries! John always said he could not have started and grown 3 Men Movers without her unwavering support.

As the business became more successful life got easier. Shirley retired and began to focus on her art and they bought a home on the Gulf Coast. She traveled to New York with her son Chris and to England with her friend. They sold the moving company to their youngest daughter and settled down to enjoy their golden years.

Unfortunately, life is not without its ups and downs. On September 13, 2008, they lost their home and all of their possessions during hurricane Ike. They were lucky enough to have made it off the peninsula, as many did not survive the deadly storm.
They eventually moved back to the beach and built a new home. Recently they purchased another waterfront property on the edge of the Rock River in Dixon, where they spend their summers close to their friends and family.

Although Shirley is 80, she still walks over 10,000 steps a day (that’s about 4 miles!) and is known for her witty sense of humor. She is now the matriarch of the family and respected for her resilience and strength. She is loved. Happy Birthday, Shirley Fischer!

3 Men Movers Leverages iPads To Go PAPERLESS

3 Men Movers Leverages iPads To Go PAPERLESS

Going paperless means that 3 Men Movers will be saving thousands and thousands of trees each year! By helping the environment out, our Texas movers and packers will be able to help you faster and easier than ever before. We are now serving all major Texas cities: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas!

3 Men Movers has gone PAPERLESS!

Our movers know how much this is going to make your moving process easier. At 3 Men Movers, we leverage technology to scale our company while increasing our profitability. 3 Men Movers has recently completed our project to go paperless by providing all of our Crew Leaders with iPads. Our Houston movers are now much more comfortable now that everything is digital! Our iPads make the following information available:

For our Movers:

  • Real-time dispatch data delivered to their iPads so that the Drivers do not need to come into the office daily to pick up paper invoices.
  • Key Performance Indicators that enable our movers to view their customer satisfaction scores and obtain any existing damage claims in real time.
  • A portal that allows our Movers with access to their payroll information.
  • Secure mobile payment center for customers with emailed receipts.

Everything that can be automated is automated. While other moving companies are waiting to get feedback on when a driver shows up late to a job, our iPads send us a message in real time so we know there is an issue and our operations department can spring into action. Our Accounting department is able to scale without having to hire more data entry people. We utilize these savings to make the customers’ experience more delightful with more customer service positions.Our paperless process, complimentary electronic recycling service, and our free of charge box-recycling program are some of the efforts we use to stay on top of the changes in our industry and become more environmentally friendly.  We are currently the only moving company that has electronic recycling and have been recognized by the Houston’s mayor for our efforts. 

Becoming A “3 Men Mover”

What It Takes To Become A Mover At 3 Men Movers

What does it take to be a “3 Men Mover?” We sat down with our Houston Operations Manager Eric to get the scoop on the hiring & training process of our movers.

What does it really take to become a “3 Men Mover?” Turns out, it requires much more than you think! We ensure that our movers experience a thorough hiring and training process that prepares them for all of their responsibilities on the road. By the end of the process, our movers are well-informed, knowledgeable, and ready to create happy moves!

Our Houston Operations Manager Eric gave us the run down of the average hiring process for our movers, as pictured below:

Becoming A "3 Men Mover"

After completing a thorough hiring and training process, our movers are well-informed, knowledgeable, and ready to create happy moves!