Here’s What Really Happens When Movers Damage Your Furniture

The moving industry has a dirty secret, the truth is that the state requirements surrounding claims are not designed to protect you. If you’re dealing with an experienced and professional mover, they should take measures to prevent your belongings from being damaged. But let’s be honest, things happen. If lamp drops, a wall is scratched, or a piece of furniture is dinged most movers use the law in order to ensure that you’re never fairly reimbursed for their mistakes.

They don’t have to fairly reimburse you for damages that they cause

If your mover drops a designer lamp and it shatters, you’d think that they would be obligated to provide you market value for the lamp right? Nope! Movers in the state of Texas are required to provide you with a settlement that is measured by the weight of the item, not the value. The state requires that in the event of a damage movers are required to provide 0.60 per pound per item. What that means is that if your lamp weighs 8 pounds, your movers would only be required to give you $4.80 after destroying it.

They’re not required to get back to you in a timely fashion

On top of not having to rectify their error by giving you what you deserve for your damaged belongings, they don’t even have to respond to you in a reasonable amount of time. According to state requirements, you’ve got 90 days to file a claim with your moving company, which provides you with plenty of time to unpack and inspect all of your belongings. However, your movers have up to 20 days before they are required to even acknowledge your claim and a whopping 90 days to either deny or make a settlement offer. Pretty crazy huh!

If they’re illegal movers they could leave you in the dust

The moving industry is riddled with illegal companies that pop up overnight and begin operating without a license. Often, these companies have fake addresses and even phone numbers that are mysteriously disconnected when a client whose belongings have been damaged tries to get back in contact with them. You could be left with damaged items and no way of tracking them down. Or even scarier, they could load your belongings into the truck and disappear with it all. Before you book, search the company’s name on the TxDMV Truckstop app. If they are verified movers, their credentials will show. If not, you should think twice before booking with them.

How 3 Men Movers Does Things Differently…

1. We use our expertise to prevent damages from occurring

Our damage claim rate is pretty impressive, under 2% (not to brag); which isn’t easy to maintain considering that we handle up to 2,800 moves during our peak months. 3MM crews take great measures to prevent damages including wrapping your furniture with shrink wrap and blankets to keep it protected, pack your belongings tightly in the back of the truck to prevent the items from shifting, we take care when we are loading/unloading to prevent furniture from scratching your walls, and our crews even roll out a blue carpet to protect your floors!

2. If something goes wrong, we’ll be here to make it right

For the 2% of clients that do experience a damage during a move, we go above and beyond to do everything that we can to make the situation right. We believe in accountability and every one of our clients has a number to call and a person to talk to in the event of something going wrong. In fact, the person that you would be speaking to is our Claims Manager Norma! She responds to all claims within a week, and she does everything in her power to ensure that each client’s belongings are either fixed or replaced.

In Conclusion

At 3 Men Movers, we understand that your belongings are more than just material possessions; they’re your memories and should be respected as such. However, there are many moving companies out there that abide by the state requirements and will not go out of there way to make things right. Be careful who you book with and choose a mover who’s on your side!

How To File A Claim Against A Moving Company

Whether you’re moving with an established company or unverified movers, accidents happen. If your belongings are scratched, dented, or broken what you should do now. The answer is simple: follow the steps to file a claim against your movers.

Photograph your damages

Make sure you document the items that are damaged with photos. Best case scenario you’ll also have photos of the condition that the items were in before your move.

Call your movers and ask for a breakdown of the process

Every company and state has different procedures and laws when it comes to what a mover is required to do when a client’s belongings are damaged. The required evidence, timeline for the mover to acknowledge that they have received the documentation, and the required time to either deny or present an offer to settle the claim will vary.

Send in the requested paperwork, receipts, and photos

The best way to speed up the process is to send back all required information in a timely manner. The company will most likely ask for documentation like photos, a written claim form that details the damages, and possibly receipts for the items.

Choose to accept or deny the settlement

After being presented with a settlement offer you can choose to accept or deny the offer. If you choose to accept the offer you will need to send back a written agreement. If you choose to deny the offer, the next step is to seek mediation with your local DMV.

File a complaint with your local DMV if you’re being ignored

If the company isn’t responding back to you the best thing for you to do is to contact your local DMV and file a complaint against the company.

In conclusion

Although the process of filing a claim can be lengthy and frustrated, the best advice we can give in this situation is to, keep the lines of communication open and respectful. If not, your local DMV will be the best resource in order to ensure that the company that damaged your items are held accountable.

How To Avoid & Report Damages From Moving

You’ve probably dealt with this before: you’re ready to move, but you’re concerned about potential damages to your home and your belongings. We’ve got some quick tips on how to prevent damage and handle unexpected bumps.

You’ve probably dealt with this before: you’re ready to move, but you’re concerned about potential damages to your home and your belongings. Packing and prepping your valuables is critical, but it doesn’t hurt to anticipate unforeseen consequences. Here are some tips on how prevent damages during your move:

Step 1: Preventing Damage

  • Pack properly: Never underestimate the advantages of a good packing job. Packing properly not only saves time, but also ensures your items will arrive safely.
  • Empty furniture: It may be tempting to leave items in furniture to avoid having to pack, it could cost you more in the end. Your furniture is not designed to be moved with extra weight inside. Sure, clothes don’t weigh that much, but they do add quite a bit of weight to a dresser set. If you’ve ever had to lug a laundry basket full of clothes, you know what we mean. Furniture can be fragile and collapse under the pressure of being moved. Protect your furniture and empty the drawers.
  • Wrap your furniture: 3 Men Movers uses blankets and shrink wrap to protect furniture while in transit. If you are planning to use our wrapping supplies during a standard move, the blankets and shrink wrap are included in the cost. Once the furniture is delivered, we remove the blankets (they are only available during transit.) If you are using one of our MOVITS portable storage containers or moving items into a storage facility, you will need to purchase the blankets on a separate charge if you plan to keep the items wrapped while in storage. You can also use your own supplies, if you’d rather skip the extra cost. If you decide to not have your items wrapped to save time, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver.
  • Protect Your Floor: 3 Men Movers provides floor protection during moves, so if you’re concerned about your floors getting scratched or your carpet getting dirty, we have you covered! All of our moves come equipped with floor protection, available prior to moving any furniture or boxes.

Step 2: Prepare for the Unexpected

  • Know your mover’s liability: 3 Men Movers is licensed in the state of Texas, and like all licensed movers, we offer a standard liability of 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if you have a 40-pound item that is damaged during your move, the mover is only required to reimburse you $24 (40lbs. X 0.60 = $24).
  • Insurance: If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you may be covered during your move. However, you should contact your insurance provider prior to your move to ensure you will be covered.

If You Incur Damages

If you suspect that your items have incurred damage or have been lost during your move, contact the movers immediately (if they are still present). If you use our services, we will provide you with a claim form to file a formal written claim with our Customer Service Manager.

It is best to complete the form immediately in order to speed up the process, but you do possess the right to submit a written claim within 90 days of the move date. The moving company then has 20 days to respond acknowledging the claim, and 90 days to provide a resolution (pay, deny, or make a settlement offer). Be sure to take photos of the damages to attach to your claim.

Visit the Texas DMV’s official website for more information on your rights and responsibilities. As always, Happy Moving!