6 Questions To Ask When Renting

6 Questions To Ask Before You Sign The Lease

So you have been looking and looking for a new apartment or home to rent, and then all of a sudden… you find it! The exact apartment or home to rent in Houston has finally appeared on the Houston housing market and everything seems to be aligning perfectly.

6 Questions To Ask Before You Sign The Lease

It’s a good idea to ask plenty of questions about every aspect of your lease and discuss the expectations for both parties. Here are 6 essential questions.

Before you sign that lease and call your Houston Moving Company, pause for a second to make sure you are asking all of the right questions. Be fully aware of what important aspects of renting that might not be apparent right away and know where to conduct further investigation before signing a lease.

Finding the perfect home takes so much time and can be very draining. Though it may be tempting to begin to rush after your search begins to take longer than you expected, it is worth it to make sure you are thorough. Take your time to get the correct information and consider your needs for the entirety of the lease agreement.

You will be in this apartment or house for at least six months when you sign your lease. It is a good idea to ask plenty of questions and be very clear on every aspect of your lease and expectations for both parties. You the renter, and the landlord or apartment manager, need to set clear expectations upfront. Taking these extra measures may even lead you to find something that you can negotiate with your landlord before moving in that will make your lease much more enjoyable. Here are 6 questions to ask when you are renting a home or apartment.

Here are 6 questions to ask when you are renting a home or apartment.

1.  Can I paint after I move in? Normally, the landlord will put a fresh coat of paint on the walls before you move in.  Many people don’t want to mess with painting, if they know they will only be living there for a few months or a year at the most.  In this instance, you may be content with the white or cream color paint that is typically painted on the walls of rental properties. You may want to consider asking about your options on painting if you are planning on renting for more than one lease term.  Paint is a great way to personalize a rental home or apartment.   The policy changes from property to property and this is a great question to ask upfront.  Asking this before you move in may allow you to schedule painting before you move in, and not have to paint around your furniture if the landlord or apartment manager says that is acceptable.

2.  How will I be paying my rent every month? Typically, for large complexes, apartment movers find that the landlord has an office provided for the tenant to drop a check off at every month.  This drop box may be in the leasing office or off property.  Apartment moving is a hectic time and asking this question upfront may save you a step when it comes time to make your first rent payment.  With renting a home, you may find that your landlord can provide you with easier electronic ways to pay your rent than sending a check out every month.  Conversely, your bank likely offers a recurring bill pay service free of charge, saving you the hassle of remembering and writing a check each month.

3.  Can the rent be lowered at all? The asking price on a new apartment or rental home is almost always negotiable.  It is better to ask about this after filling out all paperwork and getting approved for the apartment, but before you sign.  That way the landlord knows that you are serious about moving in, and wants to close the deal after spending the time to complete all the paperwork. Offering to extend your lease may get your rent lowered too.  You may also find that even if the actual rent doesn’t get lowered, the landlord may still cut extra costs like the deposit, additional fees, or offer you upgraded parking options.

4.  Is anything included in the rent for my new apartment in Houston that I don’t already know about? You need to know if the rent includes heating, water, electricity, cable or wireless internet. You will be signing many forms when moving into your new home or apartment, and sometimes it is easy to overlook things.  Instead of expecting to see the paperwork on it, ask specifically about any extra bills that may be included in the rent.

5.  What is the landlord’s policy on who can enter the residence and when? If you enjoy privacy, keep away from a lease that gives the landlord unlimited access without notification.  Tenants should know the landlords policy on this and agree with it before signing anything.  If agreed on prior to move in, the landlord should only be permitted to enter the property without advance notice in emergency situations only.

Congratulations on finding your new home and good luck!

5 Tips For A Safe Move

There is a lot to do when you are moving to a new home in Houston and anywhere else for that matter. Although safety may not be what you are thinking about, it is the most important thing you need to know before moving even one box. Everyone loves to get tips when moving, to help them move quicker and smarter, even cheaper, well we have a few tips that are just as important for a safe move.

The number one thing is to remember when moving is to make safety a priority even if you just want to get it over with and have a quick moving experience.

When you feel like you have a million things to do and your head is spinning, it’s easy to have accidents and get hurt. We know this, and that’s why we take special care to stress that our movers know the danger and learn to be extra safe while still working hard. We have come up with a few safety tips that if applied, will greatly reduce the risk of injury while getting past the hidden dangers of moving.

1) Lift Properly It’s easy to want to just get done when moving, and start grabbing boxes and going. Houston movers are guilty of this, as the heat would make anyone want to finish moving quickly!  This is dangerous and an easy way to get injured during a move.  Whether you are moving a heavy safe, just boxes or moving something crazy like a hot tub yourself. For the sake of your back, safety tips are not to be ignored. Always stand in front of the box with feet shoulder width apart, assess the weight of the box and lift using your leg muscles without bending your torso.

2) Pack Correctly It doesn’t matter how many driving safety tips you are mindful of, if you have packed poorly there is a danger waiting as soon as you open the door to the back of the truck. Hiring a packing crew is an option, but if this is not for you, be mindful of the way your pack and stack your boxes. The boxes packed on the bottom must be the heavier boxes, and the weight should get lighter as you stack them. If heavier boxes are put on top, they will crush the boxes on the bottom. The top heavy boxes could even fall from the stack, breaking something or hurting someone.  If the boxes are stacked properly and carefully they will withstand the move and stay sturdy when the back door is opened.

3) Buy reliable packing materials. Whether you have hired one of the major moving companies or are moving everything yourself with some of your buddies, your packing materials are very important. Some of your boxes may hold heavy or fragile items. These items can be a hazard and need to be packed and protected in new sturdy boxes. You have spent years acquiring nice things, make sure to protect them and yourself during the move.

4) Pack your truck or trailer for even weight distribution. The first and most important of our tips when moving and doing so safely is to remember to have even weight distribution in the car or truck. This is a hidden danger, but still a danger. Trucks weighed down with an entire household carry a heavy load. This load needs to be evenly distributed as you pack. It’s not hard to do as long as you are aware of the importance of it.

5) Keep a first aid kit handy. No matter how many moving tips and tricks you use, accidents happen. So it is very important, as you are taking the precautions to remember to pack up a little first aid kit to keep handy and with the family as you are moving. This is also good to have because it may take a few days to unpack the box that has your bandaids in it.

Just remember, moving is something to be excited about, but also something to take seriously. Be careful, aware, and please feel free to add any creative ideas or tips you have on moving safely.

How To (Properly) Introduce Yourself To The Neighborhood

You have chosen your new home and booked the Houston movers to relocate your family, but now it’s time to say goodbye to your old neighbors and hello to your new ones.  This is a sad and exciting part of moving into a new home.  You have to say goodbye to some of your favorite people who have been there in times of need (cup of sugar) and fun times (backyard bbq).

Moving into a new home surrounded by homes full of people you don’t know is intimidating to some and exciting to others.  What if they don’t like you…  What if you don’t like them?  Well the only way to find out is to get yourself out of your comfort zone and FIND OUT!  Don’t be afraid to get you and your family out there and meet the neighborhood.  This is a very exciting opportunity to possibly meet your new best friend or child’s new playdate!

As a Houston moving company we move people in and out of neighborhoods daily, and move ourselves and we have a few do’s and don’ts for meeting the new neighbors we hope will help.

Houston movers do’s and don’ts for meeting the neighbors.

Do get you and your family out of the home!  Even though you have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do in the home, don’t stay in there all of the time.  Just getting out of the house is the best and easiest way to meet new neighbors.

  • Grill out with the family is a great way to put your family outside and visible to your new neighborhood.  It is a great idea to make extra food and take some to a neighbor of your choice or even go next door and invite them to grill out with you.  It is a chance to start a new family and neighborhood tradition.
  • When you are sorting and unpacking your garage, leave the door open.  You may even get offers to help!
  • Wash the cars with the family.  You know the neighbors are looking out their window checking out the new comers.  This may give your neighbors the chance to come meet you.
  • Garden if the weather permits.  This kills two birds with one stone.  You get a beautiful garden out of it and you may meet your next gardening buddy.  If you need to borrow any gardening tools, look for the house with the nicest yard.

Don’t make a bad first impression.  The worst thing you can do is leave Fido outside late the first night in your new home, barking and carrying on.  This may make you the talk of the neighborhood watch meeting, and not in a good way.  Just think about what your neighbor’s may think about things.  Try not to leave trash outside or be excessively loud and let your teenager’s friends sit outside honking their horns loudly.  You may not be sending the right message to the neighbors you hope to befriend.

Do just go and introduce you and your family to the new neighbors.  Now is not the time to be shy, get your family out of the house meeting people.  There are easy ways to strike up conversation with questions about your new neighorbrs and what they like in the neighborhood.

  • Get the family baking.  Nobody will turn down brownies or cookies.  The best excuse to walk up to a neighbor’s door is to have goodies for them.
  • Ask your neighbor to take a walk with you.  Everyone needs a walking buddy!
  • If you need to borrow something, ask! Of course, always bring it back right away and let them know that they are open to come to your home when they are in need.
  • Ask your neighbor their opinion on local schools, restaurants or parks.  Most people appreciate being asked.

Don’t paint your house pink or neon green!  You know what we are talking about, don’t make some crazy change to the outside of your house.  It is a good idea to learn neighborhood guidelines for the exterior and yard of your home.  Follow these guidelines.  There is a reason you picked this neighborhood and now is not the time to go against the crowd.

3 Must Know Tips for Moving and Relocating Animals

Many families have members that bark or meow and if you are moving to a new home, that means the furry guys will be moving as well. Pets and moving are not always the best combination, but you know your pet better than anyone and there are always ways to make sure the move is smooth for all, even the four legged. Take the time to think about the four-legged members of your family in your move to avoid having your lil angel turn into devil doggy.

These days families that include pets commonly see their pets as actual members of their family and treat them as so.  Some homes have pets that have been in their family for over ten years.  It is important to remember that these animals have feelings as well.  When you are moving and relocating animals it is not uncommon for animals to act out or cause problems during the move, if their owners don’t properly prepare for the move to include them.  There are a few things you need to know and prepare for when you have furry members in the house that will be getting adjusted to a new home as well. 3 Must Know Tips for Moving and Relocating Animals

Here are 3 must-know tips when moving and relocating animals:

1. Pets Need Proper Identification

Whether you are shipping a dog, using pet transportation services or just moving a pet down the street they need proper, up-to-date identification is extremely important.  You can order identification tags for cats and dogs online or make them yourself at local convenience or grocery stores.  You can also inquire with your veterinarian or online for information about other options such as microchipping or tattooing of owner information.

Whatever route you take it is important even if you are not moving your pet right now, to make sure they have identification.  Remember as much as some of us may believe they can, our pets aren’t human and can’t speak for themselves!

2.  Consider a Pet Moving Service.

There are many pet moving companies that are easily found online that exist solely to help assist you when you are moving to a new home and relocating your pet yourself is not an option.  When looking for these companies it is important to take the same steps you would as if you were hiring a moving company to move your valuables.  Check on the reliability of the company on online directories and with the Better Business Bureau.

Along with this option, you also have to consider dog shipping or pet transport companies if you are moving a pet to Hawaii or moving pets overseas.  There are many of these companies that can also be found online or by word of mouth.  As with any company you chose to entrust with precious cargo, do your research.  Use online directories and the BBB to find trustworthy companies.

If you are shipping pets on airlines yourself make sure to do very thorough research on restrictions and rules, each airline is different.  It is a tricky process flying animals and there is usually a lot of red tape. Give yourself plenty of time to research and make decisions on this in order to choose the airline that will work best for your situation and avoid outrageous extra fees.  Contact the airline early. Some airlines permit pets in passenger cabins depending on the size. Otherwise, your pet must travel as air freight. Keep in mind that only a few airlines have climate control cargo holds for pets.  These are highly recommended.

3. Give your pets time to adjust

Animals absolutely have feelings too!  Moving can really shake them up.  Just as you would with your children, spend time getting them acclimated to their new environment.  Take walks, play in the yard, give your furry pals time to get adjusted.  But above all, remember after relocating pets, do not let them out in the neighborhood without a sturdy fence or on a leash, as they may not know how to make it home!

Common Questions for Houston Movers

A city as large as Houston, TX has many moving companies, but one of the oldest and most established local Houston Movers is 3 Men Movers. This moving company has relocated Houstonians for more than 26 years. At 3 Men Movers, the moving specialists hear many of the same questions over and over. We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions at 3 Men Movers.

1.) Will I really get 3 Men with my move?

Yes.  With 3 Men Movers you will actually be getting three experienced, uniformed professional movers to quickly relocate you to your new home or office. 

2.) Is a one story house with stairs out front considered 2 story?

The only reason why 3 Men Movers would charge extra for another floor is if you are moving a piano, pool table, safe or overweight object. In this circumstance there is an extra charge per flight of stairs.  Even in this case though, just a few stairs out front is NOT considered an additional floor.With 3 Men Movers this is considered a one story house. Typically most reputable moving companies do not change the rate or add fees for extra stories at all.  This is a good example of why it is important for thorough research to be done on your moving company before booking the big day.  There are so many situations where shady companies could tack on faulty extra fees and charge for things you may not expect, leaving you with a bill much higher than planned.

3.) What about my plants?

Houston movers ask this question a lot, but it is hard to give one simple answer to this question without knowing the details of your move and plants. The answers differ because the type of plant being moved determines how 3 Men Movers will handle the situation.

4.) Do you move on Sundays?

Yes. We move on Sundays and holidays.

5.) Will you disassemble and reassemble baby cribs?

Yes and no.  3 Men Movers will dissasemble your baby crib premove.  Because of the sensitive nature of a baby crib and the importance of it’s use, 3 Men Movers will not reassemble your baby crib in your new home.  This is a company wide policy and is not up to the mover’s discretion.

7.) Do your movers get paid during their breaks?

No.  You do not pay for any break the movers take while they are moving you, if they take one.

7.) Do you tow trucks, boats, motorcycles or cars?

No.  3 Men Movers does not tow any vehicle behind the moving trucks we use.  Houston movers can find information on good vehicle towing options on the Better Business Bureau website.

8.) Does somebody have to be there?

Yes.  Somebody must be on location during the move.  It does not have to be the person who booked the move as long as consent is given, but the person in charge must be over the age of 18.

9.) Does your company accept credit cards?

Yes.  3 Men Movers accepts credit cards as a form of payment for your move.

10.) What’s the latest time of day I can schedule?

The latest time of day that you can schedule a move is 6:00 PM.  Our Houston movers will keep working until they finish the job.  If you choose to have them stop early and have them come back the next day, there will be another trip charge added to your move.

11.) Can you guarantee what time my movers will show up?

3 Men Movers will guarantee the time your movers will show up if you are a “first move of the day.”  This means that you are the first move your mover will be making that day.  During the fall, first moves of the day are at 8:00 or 9:00 AM.  During the summer months, first moves of the day are at 7:00 AM.

Second and third moves of the day will not have a guaranteed time of arrival.  The moving specialists that book your move will give you an estimated time of arrival, but this is always a tentative estimate based on how long the move before you should take.

13.) Can my child be the supervisor during my move?

No.  The supervisor for the move needs to be 18 or older.

14.) Can I ride in the truck with the movers?

No.  Because of liability issues no one can ride in the truck with the movers.

15.) How much notice do you need to move me?

As soon as you have a date in mind call to book your move.  You give yourself more options when you call earlier.

16.) Do my dressers need to be emptied?

Emptying your dresser is up to you.  If you have a very heavy dresser, it is wise to empty the contents to reduce the weight.  Any item over 300 lbs is subject to an additional charge by the mover.

A city as large as Houston, TX has many moving companies, but one of the oldest and most established local Houston Movers is 3 Men Movers.  This moving company has relocated Houstonians for more than 26 years. At 3 Men Movers, the moving specialists hear many of the same questions over and over.  We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions at 3 Men Movers.