Moving Out For The First Time | Moving Out Of Your Parents House | Happy Adulting

3 Men Movers explains what you need to look out for when moving out of your parents’ house. Simple tips and tricks to make your first few adulting steps easier.

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So you graduated you got a job now you’re ready to move out start adulating!

The first rule of adulting is budgeting. So before you figure out where you want to live you need to figure out how much of your monthly income is going to rent how much is gonna go to utilities. A good rule of thumb is to use twenty percent on rent and ten percent on utilities.

The best thing about having a roommate is that you have someone to split your rent your utilities and your food with which takes your cost of living way down. Plus, there’s always someone to hang out with.

Rent is due at the first of every month and if you forget to pay your rent your landlord can evict you, sue you and it can trash your credit.

The biggest expense when you’re moving out of your parents house for the first time having to buy furniture like a dining room table, chairs, couches, coffee table and your kitchenware.

One thing you also need to figure out is if you need to higher movers. If you have a lot of large bulky items it’s probably safer to hire professionals. If not, it can probably all fit in your car.

The first thing that you should do once you get into your new apartment is to take pictures of any pre-existing damage that way you make sure you get your security deposit back when you move out.

The best thing about moving out of your parents house is that you can do what you want when you want. You come home whenever you want, you can drink out of the milk carton and no ones there to tell you how to do laundry.


The 3 Deadly Moving Sins – Things To Remember While Moving

Our insider guide on what mistakes to avoid while moving: 3 Deadly Moving Sins explained in 40 seconds. A quick guide on what people normally forget when they are moving and what to look out for.

We all want a stress free move but that’s not normally what happens. In order to avoid the stress and headache avoid these 3 deadly moving sins.
Before you schedule your move make sure your booking with verified movers.

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All movers in the state of Texas are required to have their DMV number on their website as well as on all their trucks. You can even check to see whether or not their number is still valid by visiting the DMV website Truck Stop.

Everyone has their own idea being packed; However be properly packed means having all of your belongings in a sealed and labeled box. Being packed means you save time on your move which means you have money in your pocket.

Time is precious during your move but know there are several factors that can affect how long your move takes like:

  • whether or not the movers are going up and down stairs to load the truck
  • whether or not you’re fully packed when they arrived
  • and the fact that they have to drive below the speed limits to get you second location.

and that was the three deadly moving sins in 40 seconds.

Is It Worth It To Hire Professional Movers?

Your home just sold, you’re ready to move into your new place, now it’s time to box all of your belongings, realize how much “stuff” you accumulated, and physically get them to your new home. You’ve almost made it to the finish line, but you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost to hire professional Houston movers or suffer through it and DIY your move. We’re here to help you weigh the benefits of hiring a moving company if you’re on the fence!

Benefit #1 Less labor for you

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional mover to handle your move is that you’re handing over the labor. Lifting countless boxes, large pieces of furniture, and appliances is no small feat. It can even be dangerous if you lift from the wrong place or overexert your body. Save yourself, and your family a few nights of icy hot patches and hire professionals.

Benefit #2 It speeds your move up

Your move may end up being more expensive if you hire movers but you’ll end up saving when it comes to time. Professional movers can load your items faster than you can on your own, and they have larger trucks which equals fewer trips. You’ll have to take less time off of work to complete the move. Plus, the icing on the cake is that you can save major time and labor if you opt to also hire professional packers to pack your home before your move.

Benefit #3 Your belongings are being handled by pros

Professional movers have the expertise to load your items efficiently and safely in the truck which reduces the chance of damage to your belongings during the moving process. They will also come equipped with standard supplies to protect your items like shrink wrap and protective blankets.

In Conclusion

Choosing to hire professional movers can (literally) lighten your load during your move. However, ensure that you are hiring verified professional by checking that they have a TXDot# listed at the bottom of their website, checking their online reviews, and by asking your family and friends who they trusted with their last move. Happy moving!

5 Must Do’s To Find Reliable Movers In Houston

During our 32 years as Houston movers, we have heard endless stories from clients who have booked with shady Houston moving companies in the past and are hesitant to trust movers again. To protect yourself from these illegitimate moving companies we have outlined the five ways to ensure you are booking with movers in Houston you can trust!

1. Check to see if their TXDMV# is valid

One of the most important, and least known, ways consumers can ensure that they are booking with a legitimate moving company is to check their DMV#. Every legal Houston mover is required by law to list their DMV# on their website (it’s usually located in the footer) and on their trucks. By simply typing the number that you find into the Texas DMV Truckstop site, you can verify that you are booking your Houston move with legitimate movers.

2. Make sure they are BBB accredited

Another important step is verifying that your movers are BBB accredited! Simply type the business name into the search bar on the BBB site and you can find out whether or not the Houston moving company is accredited, what complaints they may have outstanding, and their letter rating.

3. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about the fine print

Unfortunately, not all Houston moving companies are forthcoming about their service. Keep reading for the questions you may not think to ask but need to know before you book.

  • Are there any special fees for moving large items?
  • Does the hourly rate begins when they leave their office or when they start moving?
  • Is there an hourly minimum?
  • Are there fees for travel time (sometimes referred to as fuel charges)?
  • 4. Do some digging online

    Check out the moving company’s social media platforms and reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google +. Checking these websites gives you the opportunity to see what other customers have to say about their moving services and you also get the chance to see how they interact with their clients.

    5. Ask around

    While online research is great, there’s nothing wrong with doing things the old fashioned way. Get the opinions of your friends and family. See what Houston movers they have used in the past and what their experience was like.

    In Conclusion

    Ensuring that you are booking with reliable movers in Houston may take more effort, but when all of your belongings are in your new home without a scratch, you’ll be glad that you put in the time and booked with pros! Happy moving!

    Moving In Houston? Here’s How To Find Your New Neighborhood!

    One of the best things about Houston is that our city is a melting pot. Each section of Houston has its own flavor – Houstonians can move 15 miles and experience a completely new lifestyle. However, the city is so varied and large that you may be struggling to decide which Houston neighborhood you should move to. Keep reading for our quick guide on choosing the perfect location for your next Houston home!

    Consider your kids

    One of your biggest factors when choosing where to move in Houston will be whether or not your new home meets the needs of your family. If you’re single then move on to the next tip. If you do have kids you need to think about the quality of the schools your potential neighborhood has to offer. To explore your options, check out this 2017 list of the best Houston schools.
    If you want your kids to have a huge backyard to play in (this tip also applies if your kids are covered in fur) you probably want to steer clear of the inner city and opt for the suburbs where you can get more square footage for your dollar. Just to name a few; Katy, and Sugar Land are both family friendly suburbs of Houston.

    Consider your lifestyle

    Houston isn’t a compact city by any means. According to facts from the City of Houston, it is the largest city in the South and covers a whopping 8,778 square miles. Your neighborhood becomes your world when you live in Houston. If you live 30 miles away from your favorite restaurants or yoga studio, it makes it hard to swing by your favorite spots after work. Make sure that your neighborhood has local spots that you can come to love. If you’re a die-hard Rockets fan and never miss a game, you may not want to drive all the way back to Katy after every fourth quarter.

    Test your new neighborhood out before you move

    Spend some time in your neighborhood before moving. Go for lunch, take a Saturday stroll, and just get a feel for how everyday life would be. There are some places that you may love but may not like as a homebase. For example, you may like going out in Midtown but you may not love the noise instead you may want to opt for the River Oaks area, still close but a little more calm.

    Think about your commute

    Houston is a commuter city. You need to consider what your morning and evening commute will be. When you calculate a trip in Google maps it defaults to the “leave now” setting but a handy trick is to take advantage of the feature that allows you to change to time of your trip to see what the traffic patterns are like at different times of the day.

    In Conclusion

    One of the best things about Houston, TX is that each pocket is like a little mini city! Once you decide on your next adventure you’ll be ready to start planning your move. Remember, when you’re ready to get moved into your new Houston neighborhood, give professional movers a call to start your next chapter on the right foot!

    What Should I Do With My Valuables When Moving?

    One of the things our customers worry about the most when moving, is how to keep their valuables safe from damage. A “valuable” can be subjective… from items that have monetary value to sentimental items that could never be replaced. No matter where they fall on the spectrum, here are our top tips to keep them safe.

    Insider top tips on how to keep your valuables safe during your next move:

    Ensure that you know where your valuables are before your move

    During the process of moving it’s easy to lose track of things, especially if you haven’t seen the item in a while. Some people get to their new home and are looking for an item that they haven’t seen in years but assumed was in a box somewhere. Before the packing phase of your move ensure you know where your valuables are so that you can make sure they are packed and transported to your new home.

    Pack your items ahead of time

    If your valuable item is personal, we recommend packing and boxing it ahead of time instead of leaving it for your professional packers or movers. Seal it with packing tape, and add a label on the outside of the box instructing your movers where they should place the box in your new home. It’s a little work on your end, but it ensures that personal items aren’t lost.

    Take your valuables to your new home ahead of time

    The back of a moving truck can be a hazardous place. Even when a truck is loaded properly, you have to remember that the back of the truck is full of very heavy and bulky items. If you’re worried about a very delicate, valuable item (think glass or crystal) getting damaged consider transporting it to your new home ahead of time. Another option is to set it aside and let your movers know that you will be taking it to the new location later. Even with proper wrapping and protection, some delicate items are best moved outside of the truck.

    Keep them on your person

    There are some things that you should keep on your person during a move like expensive watches, cash, wedding rings and bands, other jewelry, priceless antiques, and items that you deem priceless. Your belongings will be out of their usual place, and you may have different people going in and out of the home (movers, internet installation crew, cleaning crews, etc.) so keep these valuable items with you at all times or with a family member. It will give you peace of mind and ensure that they remain safe and in your hands.

    In Conclusion

    Ensuring your valuables are safe during your move doesn’t need to be something that causes you stress, it just requires a little pre-planning. Remember to keep your valuables boxed, sealed, or on your person. Happy moving!

    Packing Delicate Items Safely For Your Next Move

    We all have that special set of china, family heirloom, or fragile glass figurine that we want to ensure remains safe during our next move. Broken items are one of the things that people fear most about moving. Often, these delicate pieces also have sentimental value which makes it even more devastating if they are damaged. Your items will have a very bumpy ride in the back of a moving truck.

    Pro tips that can keep your precious items safe during your next move!

    What you’ll need:

    • Packing Paper
    • Bubble Wrap
    • Brown Paper Tape

      Double wrap each item with paper and bubble wrap

      Keeping your fragile items protected begins with wrapping and packing them properly. You’ll want to go above and beyond when packing delicate items. The trick here is to wrap each item first in two layers of bubble wrap and then in two layers of packing paper. Finally, seal the layers with a little bit of tape. This ensures that your fragile items stay nice and tightly wrapping during the process of moving and don’t break while being loaded, unloaded, or in transit.

      Add paper to the top and bottom of the box as cushioning

      Crinkle up a few pieces of packing paper and add it to the bottom of your box before you add any delicate items and once you finish packing your box, add another layer of paper to provide some cushioning and extra protection. You can also add paper in between items.

      Label your box

      Ensure that your movers know that your box contains fragile items and should be treated as such. Along with noting that the box is fragile, you should also list the contents on the outside of the box so that you’ll know what’s in it when you start unpacking.

      Leave an inch of space at the top of the box

      Wondering why? Here’s the inside scoop; if your fragile items are packed at the top of the box and a heavier box is placed on top of it, your item could be cracked or seriously damaged. Leaving at least an inch of space prevents this from happening.

      In Conclusion

      These tips may seem simple but they make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your belongings safe during your move. If you are extremely worried, you can also transport your delicate pieces to your new home ahead of time. Another option is to hire our professional packers who have plenty of experience packing fragile items! Read reviews on our packers here!

    4 Things You Need To Know About Moving During The Holidays

    December is a hectic time of year. You have to get the decorations up, buy gifts for your loved ones, and make time to visit your friends and family on top of your everyday responsibilities. Taking on a move during the holiday season probably seems like it’ll send you over the edge. Luckily, our simple tips give you the secret to a drama-free holiday move! We also have some surprising reasons why moving during this season can be a blessing in disguise!

    #1 Label all of your boxes well

    While you should always label your boxes well for an easy move-in process, it is particularly important during the holidays. You need to ensure that after you move you know where all of your party attire, fine china, and holiday decorations are. Include the contents of the box, the room that it belongs to, and whether or not it is fragile.

    The awesome thing about moving right before the holidays is that you don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy Christmas tree down from the attic, or boxes of ornaments. You can have the movers place it all right where you want it in your new home!

    #2 Moving during the holidays could give your family some extra time to pack

    If you are taking time off of work or school for the holidays, this could be the ideal time to move. You will have a bit of free time to pack and organize your belongings instead of having to stay up late after you get home from a long day. If you have kids they can also contribute and take on responsibility during the move by packing up their own rooms during their break from school.

    #3 Depending on where you live the cooler weather may be a gift

    Here in Texas, our yearly break from the stifling heat is a welcome treat. Moving for hours in the heat can become very difficult making the winter a great time to move. However, if you live in a climate that has harsh winters, you may want to consider planning your move before the snow and ice arrive.

    #4 Start setting aside your funds for your move months in advance

    Budgets are already tight during the holidays and the price of a move can really start to add up once you factor in the cost for packing materials, labor, and any fees that you may have to pay to move into your new place. In order to avoid hitting a roadblock with your budget, start putting aside a money for your move months in advance. That way when the holidays and your move arrive, you’ll be able to use your funds for fun!

    In Conclusion

    Moving during the holiday season may feel overwhelming at first but the key is to stay organized and begin the planning process well ahead of time. If you have time off, use it to get ahead on packing. Label your boxes well, take the weather into consideration, and ensure that you budget for your move in advance. Follow these simple tips and your move will be full of cheer! Happy holidays and happy moving!

    How To Befriend Your Neighbors

    After moving into your new home one of the things that people struggle with the most is getting to know your neighbors. They can come to be close friends or they may just end up being someone that you can call on for a quick favor like watching your place when you’re out of town or someone to contact in case of an emergency.

    Getting to know your neighbors, or really anyone, is difficult these days. People don’t walk door to door with gift baskets when they see movers arriving in the neighborhood.

    Easy tips on how to befriend your new neighbors:

    Bite the bullet and just say hello

    Rip the band aid off! Make sure you introduce yourself the first time you see them, or else you run the risk of falling into that awkward territory where you feel like it’s too weird to say hello. If you see your neighbors in the yard while you’re leaving for work or while you’re unpacking take a few moments to introduce yourself. If you don’t see them out and about, knock on their door!

    If you’re feeling nervous you can ask them about local yard services, or the best places to eat as a way to get your foot in the door.

    Take a dish

    This is a tried and true way to get to know your neighbors. Food just has a way of bringing people together. Take them your signature dish or for those aren’t talented in the kitchen, you could also take them pastries or a treat from the store.

    See what local events are happening in your neighborhood

    A great way to get to know your neighborhood as well as your neighbors is to attend local events. Look online or in the newspaper for what’s going on in your area and make an appearance!

    Invite them to your housewarming party

    If you’re planning on throwing a housewarming party, add your new neighbors to your guest list. This is a great method for those who hope to start friendships with their neighbors.

    In conclusion

    Once you get the slight awkward pleasantries and small talk out of the way you’ll be grateful for it. Being on good terms with your neighbors can be very beneficial. You’ll have someone next door that you can call should you ever need them!

    15 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To San Antonio

    If you are planning or thinking about moving to San Antonio Texas you have a lot to look forward to. This city’s past is just as vibrant as its present. Keep reading to find out 15 things that you may be surprised to learn about San Antonio!

    Benefits of Moving To San Antonio

    It’s an affordable city

    If you’re moving to San Antonio one thing that you will be glad to know is that it is an affordable city to live in. Which is impressive considering that San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas. In 2014 it even landed at number six on Yahoo Finance’s Most Affordable Cities To Live In. According to Zillow, the median price for a home in San Antonio is $220,320 and the median price for renting an apartment is $1,095… that’s hard to compete with in most major cities!

    The Spurs are royalty

    Everyone loves them, and we do mean everyone. You won’t see the residents of this city sporting any other jerseys come basketball season. The Spurs have called San Antonio home since the early 70’s and the city’s love for the team runs deep. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the fandom… and who knows, maybe you’ll even consider switching teams.

    There’s a ton of historical sites making for a vibrant Texas cultureWinter on the Riverwalk

    The Alamo is one of the most treasured San Antonio historical sites, and for good reason. The battle site is significant to Texas and US history and demands to be seen. The River Walk is also a fantastic place to take a stroll and slow down the frantic pace of daily life. The San Antonio river runs through the city and both sides of the channel are lined with restaurants, hotels, and of course the iconic rainbow umbrellas. But this isn’t all San Antonio has to offer. There’s also the Natural Bridge Caverns for adventurers, the beautiful San Antonio Japanese Tea Gardens, and the site of the 1968 World’s Fair.

    It is growing and there’s room for it

    According to the US Census, San Antonio gained over 21,000 new residents from 2014 to 2015. However, unlike other major cities in Texas, the city isn’t suffering from unbearable traffic or push back from current locals due to its recent growth. If you hate long commutes, you’ve found the right place.

    It’s family friendly

    The thing that makes San Antonio such a great place for families is that you don’t have to sacrifice affordability and space for access to a thriving city. You can have a backyard without disconnecting from urban life. That’s a hard balance to find, but San Antonio makes it a reality.

    The city turns up for Fiestafiesta-sa

    Fiesta is San Antonio’s largest festival and their site estimates that about 3.5 million people attend the festival per year. It is a tradition that began in 1891 by a group of women who donned traditional dresses, decorated carriages, and led a parade in front of the Alamo in honor of those who lost their lives in the Battle of San Jacinto. This week long party brings parades, fireworks, block parties, and lots of delicious food to San Antonio. You can’t escape this party.

    San Antonio embraces the military

    There’s a reason why the nickname for the city is “Military City USA.” There are bases lining the city and the military has a visible presence in San Antonio because of it. There are also many organizations dedicated to the support of veterans, like USAA.

    It’s become a hub for corporate headquarters

    San Antonio may have a small town feel but there are also many businesses with corporate headquarters in the city. Some of the corporations based in San Antonio are H-E-B, USAA, Rackspace, and Cullen/Frost Bankers. Some of them even have campuses that are worth a visit.

    Hill Country is around the cornerhill-country-texas

    Most San Antonio residents can get to the Hill Country in about an hour making it a great place to do weekend or even day trips. When visiting Texas Hill Country you can look forward to the signature rolling hills, lavender fields, caving, wineries, hiking, biking, and plenty of spas and retreats for weekend getaways.

    There are tons of federal jobs

    You probably think of DC when you think of US cities with a large amount of federal jobs but San Antonio comes in at number three, just behind Atlanta. If you want a government job because of the stability and perks they hold like federal holidays off and health insurance, San Antonio may be the place to find your next gig.

    There are several notable people from San Antonio

    If you’re moving to San Antonio you should probably be acquainted with the notable figures that the city has produced. Current US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro served as mayor for his home city. Hollywood legend Joan Crawford is also a native of San Antonio. Arguably the most beloved San Antonio figure is retired Spurs player, Tim Duncan (affectionately known to the locals as Timmy).

    In Conclusion

    San Antonio is on the rise. It has so much to offer. From affordable housing and rent, to Hill Country getaways, and traditions like Fiesta that bring the city together in celebration. This Texas city just may be the perfect destination for your next move!

    5 Things People Forget To Do When Moving

    Moving is a juggling act. You have to pack, and ensure that the time to move into your new place aligns with when you have to be out of the old one. This isn’t even counting the stress of moving with pets or moving with kids. Most of us are bound to forget something during this process, and there are some common things that people forget to do when they’re moving. We’re sharing these easy to forget tasks so that you don’t make the same mistakes during your next move!

    Household Moving Checklist:

    Switch over all of the utilities

    You would be surprised how easy it is to blank on switching one of your utilities over before moving. Make a list of the utilities that you have and check them off as you update them so that you don’t arrive at the new house and realize that you don’t have electricity. The utilities that you need to switch over may include electricity, gas, cable, internet, phone, trash collection, home alarm system, and water.

    Remember to check the dishwasher for dishes

    This is a big one! A lot of people pop their dirty dishes into the dishwasher before a move so that they’ll be clean and ready to pack up, but in the mayhem many people forget to retrieve them.

    Leave cleaning supplies out at the old house so that you can do a final cleanup

    One thing that you’ll want to do before you move out of your old home or apartment for good is to do a final tidying session. However, you may have forgotten to leave out cleaning supplies so that you can get the job done. The supplies may also come in handy when you get to your new home if you want to wipe the place down before you move in! If you just don’t have the time to tidy up before you go remember you can always call a professional cleaning service.

    Pack the coffee pot and supplies in a place where you can access them easily

    This one’s for the coffee addicts! You probably can’t start the day without your morning fix, so make sure that you pack your coffee pot, filters, mug, and grounds in a place where you can get to them the next day. Pack your coffee supplies in a labeled box and let your movers know to put it in your kitchen when they unload. Check out our blog on first night essentials for more ideas!

    Transfer your prescriptions to your new drugstore

    Make sure you do this ahead of time, especially if you are moving to a new city or state. You don’t want to get to the day that you need your refill and realize that your prescription is waiting for you at your old pharmacy.

    In Conclusion

    These are just a few things that people blank on when moving. You may still have a hiccup or two when move day comes around, but keeping this moving checklist in mind will help you be proactive! Happy moving!

    The Perks Of Moving

    Moving is often said to be one of the most stressful events that a person can experience. According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, it comes after a death and a divorce. However, moving shouldn’t always be regarded as a negative. There are so many fabulous things that can come with moving, and as moving fanatics we feel that it’s our duty to remind you of the perks that accompany a move!

    You may be switching to a better school district for your children

    Every parent works to provide their children with the tools to succeed in life. Moving to an area with a better school district can provide your children with more resources and opportunities when it comes to their education and professional development, who wouldn’t want that?!

    Moving into a new space and giving yourself a fresh start

    Another perk of moving is the opportunity to have a fresh start. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. You can breathe life into a new home and have the opportunity to let your inner HGTV star loose! Starting over in a new home can also be a great idea if you have memories in your old home that you want to move on from.

    Upgrading or downsizing your home

    According to the US Census, one of the top reasons that people moved in 2015 was that they were moving to a better home or apartment. Your next move may be a transition into a smaller or larger space depending on your needs. If you’re going minimalist or contracting after the kids leave the nest a “better” home might be downsizing. Or maybe you need a little more room for an expanding family. Either way you’re moving into a space that will fit your needs!

    Starting a new job

    A new job or a job transfer were also among the top reasons that people moved. Acquiring and starting a new position is a huge accomplishment and it may require that you relocate. You may be advancing in your salary or maybe you are just changing the direction of your career. No matter which category you fall into you will have the opportunity to make your mark on a new organization, learn new skills, and grow as a professional!

    Exploring a new place

    Changing your environment means that you will have the opportunity to explore a new place. You may be moving cities or maybe you’re just changing neighborhoods. If you’re a foodie, pop into your neighborhood coffee shops and restaurants to get a feel for the local cuisine. Visit the local parks and trails if you’re a fan of the great outdoors. Just get out and take a peek around! If you just moved to Houston, we made a handy cheat sheet: 10 Things You Need To Know When Moving To Houston!

    Making new friends

    This is one facet of moving that many people shy away from. However, making new friends and getting to know new people can be one of the most exciting parts about moving. Even if you don’t plan to stay in the area forever, having a few people that you call on to hang out with can really change your opinion of where you’re living for the better. Have trouble making friends? Befriend co-workers that you get along with, say hi to your neighbors, and make it a point to strike up conversations with people when you’re out and about. If these ideas sound to risky, check out the app Meet Up. It allows you to connect with people who share common interests in your area.

    In Conclusion

    Your move is what you make it – thinking positively and focusing on the bright spots we’ve listed is a great place to start. As always, if you’re ready to make the jump into a new chapter, we’re here to answer any of your moving questions. Happy moving!