3 Men Movers Implements Plan to Address COVID-19

Houston, TX – March 24, 2020: Amid the rapidly changing environment around COVID-19, 3 Men Movers, a family owned Texas moving company, announces new steps the company is taking to address health and safety precautions during the moving process. These important measures will address how to be safer while moving during a pandemic. Many state and local governments recognize moving as an essential service, and 3 Men Movers will continue offering moving services to those who are ready to move.

3 Men Movers is a leader in the moving industry and is proud to be a company that puts people before profits. One of the company’s core values is to be The Experts in the moving industry. It is in this spirit that the company announced new guidelines for customers and employees during this turbulent and fast-changing time.

Safety Comes First

  • Moving crews who want to continue providing moving services will follow the new safety guidelines.
  • Every Crew member is required to PARTICIPATE IN A once-a-day temperature check and health screening using drive-through checkpoints the company has set up throughout Texas.
  • Crew Leaders are asked to sign a COVID-19 Crew Leader Pledge to follow safety guidelines.
  • Crew Members are encouraged to wash their hands often for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer over 70% alcohol, and refrain from touching their face.
3 Men Movers employees complete driver temperature checks.

3 Men Movers employees complete driver temperature checks.

Social Distancing is Important

  • All Driver’s Meetings are canceled in an effort to limit group congregation.
  • Drivers have to sign a pledge that they will not congregate in groups of more than five individuals during this time.
  • Moving crews are encouraged to self-isolate if they live with at-risk individuals.
  • Most office personnel are working remotely and are still available to help customers during normal business hours.
  • A small crew of employees will staff the office to be available for any customers that need to access their self-storage and mobile storage units.

Recommendations for Customers with Scheduled Moves

  • 3 Men Movers requests that customers make available a sink with soap for moving crews to wash their hands.
  • Any customers that meet the following criteria are asked to cancel their moves for the safety of both the customer and the moving crew:
    • They have had or have come in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last 15 days.
    • They have traveled to a COVID-19 outbreak country during the last 15 days.
    • They have had a fever, shortness of breath, coughing, body aches, or other flu-like symptoms, or have been around someone who has had these symptoms in the last 15 days.
  • 3 Men Movers recommends that customers be aware if they are in an at-risk group, and to take precautions to protect themselves. Studies have shown that some preexisting health conditions can make at-risk individuals more susceptible to infection.

Reflecting on the importance of the situation, Jacky Fischer, CEO, said, “Postponing your move until we have found a treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19 is the safest way to go, but some customers have no choice and need to move now. For customers who have to move, we have enhanced our already stringent safety policies to provide customers and moving crews with peace-of-mind during their upcoming moves.”

About 3 Men Movers: 3 Men Movers is a woman-owned business that has demonstrated dedication to its customers and its community with a philanthropic spirit and a commitment to honest practices for 35 years. We believe that to have great movers, you must start with good people. That’s why with 3 Men Movers you’re getting kind-hearted experts that go beyond to ensure each customer has an excellent experience. Founded in 1985, We are proud recipients of The Pinnacle Award & The Gold Star Award from the Better Business Bureau. With offices in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, our local moving company has become recognized as the mover of choice for over 30,000 Texans each year.

The 3MM Secret To Exceptional Team-Building: How $50 In Pumpkins Could Generate Up To 20% Revenue

Often in companies, departments work in silos and tend to work against each other instead of with each other. Houston based company 3 Men Movers found that the secret to cultivating employee engagement was purchasing a few pumpkins.

The benefits of engaged employees speak for themselves. Gallup’s 2016 study of engagement at work revealed that the companies with the highest percentage of engaged employees produced 20% more revenue, had a 17% decrease in employees leaving for a pay increase of 20% or less, and a 10% increase in positive customer feedback. The study also found that US employees who say they are engaged hovers at 33%. So, what can you do to get your employees engaged?

Team building is a tried and true method for increasing employee engagement and happiness. However, most companies make the mistake of organizing events that don’t require inter-departmental mingling and creativity. Happy hours and company lunches fail to boost engagement because they promote passive participation and employees tend to group themselves with co-workers that they already know.

The real secret to boosting cross-departmental relations and employee engagement is to devise a way for employees to work together as a team on a project that includes problem solving and creativity.

Every year, 3 Men Movers hosts a pumpkin carving contest. Employees are split into teams of three that include members from different departments that they don’t typically interact with. Each team is given two days to draft a design, delegate responsibilities, and execute the carving of their pumpkin.

The beauty of the event is that it costs nearly nothing but it remains the most successful team building event that the company hosts because it promotes creativity, collaboration, and competition. All of these skills are necessary for successful companies but during the competition, employees get to harness these strengths while having the chance to play and build connections with one another.

Marketing Manager Kate Sanderlin says, “This is easily my favorite office event. I get to learn about my coworkers, appreciate our wildly different tastes, and use my imagination. It taps into your inner kid… you’re a little nervous in the beginning about working with new people, but by the end you can’t wait to present.”

The power of meaningful team building events can be seen immediately. The company saw a 20% increase in sales on the day of the competition along with a boost in competitive energy, employees from different departments mixing and engaging in light-hearted banter with other teams, and an air of excitement in the office. Provide your team with the opportunity to collaborate and watch them thrive.

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid For A Successful Move

At 3 Men Movers we’re dedicated to making moving easy. In our years as professional movers we’ve learned that the issues that arise during a move can usually be traced back to three (easy to avoid) mistakes that we like to call the deadly sins of moving!

3 Deadly Moving Sins

Sin #1: Not Choosing A Reliable Mover

One of our Moving Specialists, Malcolm Washington, recalls a frantic call that he received from a terrified customer after being scammed by illegitimate movers. He states, “They called us because they didn’t know what to do. Their movers were supposed to be trailing them to their new home after they finished loading. When they looked behind them they realized they couldn’t see the truck anymore and they never saw their belongings again!”

Before you book your move, do the proper research. Look for a Texas DMV number on both your mover’s website and on their trucks (it’s required by law in Texas). Once you have the number, verify that it is still valid using the DMV site Truck Stop. On the day of your move, look for a branded truck and uniformed movers. If anything feels off, know that you have the power to stop the move at any point.

Sin #2: Not Being Packed

Everyone has their own idea of what being “packed” looks like. However, being properly packed means having all belongings aside from furniture inside sealed, labeled boxes.

Why is being packed so important? Because the majority of moving companies have an hourly rate. Your mover picking up your items one by one is a surefire way to run up your hourly rate and in turn your final bill.

Sin 3#: Not Having Realistic Expectations

Many factors can contribute to the amount of time that moving takes. The first factor is whether you are packed, which we discussed above. Other factors that can lengthen your move are: your movers having to up and down stairs, the distance that they have to walk from your home to their truck while loading, and the fact that they will have to drive below the speed limit to get to your second location to unload. Always try to book a service elevator if you’ve got an apartment move to save yourself the extra time and money.

In Conclusion

A minor investment in vetting your mover, boxing your belongings, and taking a deep breath the day of your move makes a world of difference. Avoiding these 3 deadly sins is the key to a happy, safe, and stress-free move!

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Local Businesses Help Family Make Life Changing Move

Houston, TX- January 17, 2017: Imagine adopting six children in the midst of the busy holiday season. Now add on having to pack up and move to a larger home to accommodate your newly extended family. This was the situation a recent 3 Men Movers customer named Christi and her partner were in after they took in Christi’s six nieces and nephews. Sounds impossible right? Not when you have the help of an entire community!

Various Houston organizations connected with Christi thanks to a family friend, Nell Richardson. Nell acted as the liaison for the family throughout the entire process. She reached out to 3 Men Movers, after her positive experience with them to see what they could do. The Houston moving company took care of getting the family and their belongings into their new home, even using the same movers that Nell had used for her move.

She also called on her contacts at her retirement community Holly Hall who raised funds to give the family supplies for their new home and Christmas presents for the children. The giving didn’t end there; Texas Mattress Makers not only donated beds to the family, but also gave the family the cash value of the beds to keep.

When asked how it feels to be in her new home Christi states,“to be in a bigger home and to give the kids a bigger backyard feels a lot better. I’m truly blessed.”

Helping Christi and her family get settled into their home for the new year, and seeing so many Houston businesses act with pure generosity during the Holiday season was an unforgettable way to begin 2017.

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Q&A: 3 Men Movers CEO reflects on father’s legacy

Jacky reflects on her father’s legacy and where she hopes she can lead 3 Men Movers company as its CEO.

Noons officially bought 3 Men Movers from her then-ailing father in 2004.

Jack Fischer founded the Houston moving company in an apartment and expanded it into an enterprise that reported more than $20 million 920x920in gross revenue in 2015. He passed away on Aug. 28. Noons now reflects on his legacy and where she hopes she can lead the company as its CEO.

Q: What was your father’s vision for the company, and how did he work toward it?

A: What he really wanted to do in his lifetime was to see us build out the triangle, which was Houston, Austin and San Antonio. When the company was transferred to me, we were able to finish it, and also open up in Dallas, too. He got to see that before he passed away. He was really excited.
But I think, at the end of the day, it was about the drivers. He was the original driver. He started the company not because he had a business plan or an MBA or investment capital. He started it because we needed to pay the rent. We were in dire straits. I was 12. He knew what it was like to be in that situation, so he really wanted to make it a win-win-win situation with the employees getting value, our drivers getting value and our customers getting value, and obviously the ownership of the company getting value. He wanted everybody to get a fair shake in the moving experience.

Q: What was the most important lesson your father taught you about running the business?

A: When I first started running the company, it was stressful. I was making a lot of changes, working long hours. I came to him, and he said, “How’s it going?” And I said, “Oh, I’m so stressed out. There’s just so much stress.” And he said, “Well, if you’re stressed out, you’re not working hard enough.”

He had very little sympathy for complaining or being stressed out. If there was an issue, he wasn’t a sit-still kind of guy. He would stand up and get going. That was it. If you have an issue, don’t get sad about it. Get busy. Start working towards a solution. That was probably the best thing he taught me.

Q: How will you remember him most?

A: Having a huge heart. If anybody needed anything … they knew they could go to him. He would lecture them and give them advice. He was kind of like a preacher. He would preach to you telling you how to this and not to do that. But at the end of the day, he always helped people out.

There are quite a few stories of him helping people out with the down payment of their first home, and different stories like that. He knew what it was like not to have money, and so he always wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of, and everybody had the opportunity to succeed.

Q: How have you built up the company from where your father left it?

A: He had just started in San Antonio and Austin, but he didn’t have locations. He just had a couple of crews working out there to start the business. Since then, we have locations in San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. We’ve introduced a new product called MOVEITS. You call, and we send out 40 feet of storage. We pack it all up, haul it away, and you call us when you want your stuff back.

Pods has a similar product, but they don’t have the labor. And other moving companies have storage, too, but it’s more of a four-step process because you have to move it on to the truck and to the storage place and back onto the truck. This cuts labor costs in half. That’s why our portable storage option is so exciting.

Q: What does the future of 3 Men Movers look like?

A: Our goal is to revolutionize moving with technology. There are so many things right now with the advent of Uber and just different mobile solutions to make the moving process easier for customers and improve the quality of the moving experience. That’s our goal, really. To turn the whole moving process and storage process around and make it easier.

Inherently, moving is very boring. It’s hard to take away from the fact that, no matter what, you’re still going to have a guy that still has to raise a sofa up and down the stairs. But there are things that we can do to make the process smoother.

Q: Are any of your children involved or plan to be involved someday?

A: My son’s working in accounting, and he’s getting ready to start back at college. My daughter is off at college. She thinks maybe someday she’ll come back, but I won’t let her come back to work for me out of college. She’s got to go out and find herself and figure out what she wants to do and work for another company. Kids don’t know how good they have it. They need to go work for some bosses first before they come to me, but, yeah, hopefully, it will stay in the family. Sometimes people look at a company as a commodity or something they’ll sell, but it is my dad’s legacy, and I hope to honor that.

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Broke At 50 – How Our Founder Turned His Life Around To Achieve The American Dream

Few men become legends in their lifetime… John David Fischer was just that. He was referred to by different nicknames over the years: the Maytown Rooster, Wolfman Jack, and simply Jacky to his family. But he will be remembered most as the Kingfish because he was a king among men. He was known for many things, but he was unforgettable for his ability to fight and never give up, and his ability to love unconditionally.

He was born on September 25, 1935 in Sublette, Illinois, during the Great Depression. He was the son of John and Pauline Fischer, and the oldest of 5 siblings. The Kingfish learned to fight from his father, who had a temper and a fondness for drinking. He learned to love from his mother who was a nurse and through her resilience and hard work, held the family together.

The Kingfish attended St. Anne’s, where he was constantly in trouble and often punished by the nuns. Later, he went to Amboy High School, but left school and earned his GED. Liking the water, he decided to join the Navy. That also didn’t work out. Not wanting to be told what to do, the Kingfish would jump overboard and find himself in fights. Although it was said he never started a fight, he never backed down from 3-men-movers-founder-john-fischerone either. After he was asked to leave the Navy he roamed across the U.S. and worked blue-collar jobs. He was restless and lost. He worked in the fields, on assembly lines, and in construction. He had over 100 jobs. He didn’t need to make much money, just enough to go honky tonking. He was a handsome man, 6 feet tall, clear blue eyes, and long wavy hair. He was a pool shark, an amazing dancer, and did I mention he was a fighter? There are many stories that added to his legacy during this turbulent time, when he stole the Miller Lite truck, or when the police got him off the water tower, or when he was shot at, or when he got into a fight because the bartender wouldn’t serve his black friend. He fought often and didn’t always win, but never gave up. He would stay out all night and howl at the moon, but was never late for work.

He was a rebel without a cause until he met Shirley Ellen Russell. Shirley was a small town girl and single mom of four teenage kids. When the Kingfish met Shirley, he fell madly in love.

Shirley’s friends asked her, “What the hell do you see in that wild man?” And she would reply, “He is not afraid to feel things. When he’s happy, he laughs, and when he’s sad, he cries.” Shirley was in love too. They married on December 30, 1972, in Dixon, Illinois. Now the Kingfish had something to fight for.

Slowly, the Kingfish started to change. Suddenly he had four teenage “causes” that went through 3 gallons of milk and 2 loaves of bread in a single weekend and soon there was a baby on the way. He cut his hippie hair, put down his pool cue, and bought a suit. He knew he couldn’t take care of his new family with the jobs he had in the past, he also knew that he was not a corporate guy. Since he liked to have things done his way, he set about starting his own business.

His first taste of success was selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. Sales was a hard job, but a good job for a fighter. He started selling on his own, but soon he grew a small army of salesmen and became the factory distributor for the state. He loved being an entrepreneur and had a knack for sales because he knew how to talk to people. Unfortunately, the Kirby business was one of many businesses that he started that didn’t work. Nevertheless, he didn’t give up.

In 1982, in search of opportunities, he moved to Houston, Texas, which was booming at the time. He found an apartment and 6 months later sent for Shirley and the only child still living at home. With unwavering dedication, Shirley sold all the furnishings, packed up their personal things, and left her family, small town, and everything familiar behind to follow the man she loved.

Houston was a long ways away from the idyllic small town by the river. Shortly after they arrived, Houston went through a recession. The new city did not deliver all of the hopes and dreams they had wished for, but he was broke and returning to their home wasn’t an option. Being a fighter, the Kingfish dug his heels in to make it work.

While Shirley supported the family on minimum wage, the Kingfish tried everything, from selling cigarette vending machines, to selling shrimp and fruit on the side of the road. After his attempt to build and sell wooden furniture had failed, he was left with a junky delivery truck and a stack of bills. Rich people go bankrupt, poor people go broke… the Kingfish was broke. At the age of 50, he was at the end of his line; however, Shirley never stopped believing in him, so he never gave up. He decided to put an ad in the paper for moving services. He had hoped it would get the family by financially until he could think of something better. If he could just make a little money to pay the rent…

His moving company, 3 Men Movers, would grow into a multimillion dollar corporation. Even though he became wealthy and successful, he never forgot his struggles and was always willing to help others. He was the coach in everyone’s corner. He would lecture, motivate, and push them back into the ring of life to fight another round. He gave away millions of dollars to help his family, friends, and employees. Sometimes it was just to make ends meet, other times he would finance the down payment for a new home or help someone start their own business. Having been poor all their life, Shirley would worry that his big heart would cost him because at times people would take advantage of him. The Kingfish would say, “I would rather be known for people taking advantage of me, than ever known for taking advantage of anyone,” and that is the way he lived his life.


In 2003, he sold 3 Men Movers to his daughter, Jacky, and retired in Crystal Beach, Texas. Due to the core values he instilled in the business and his daughter, 3 Men Movers continues to thrive and is now operating in the four largest cities in Texas, performing 30,000 moves a year.

After retirement, the Kingfish began to transform again and became an old hippie. He grew out his hair and settled into life, enjoying books, music and most of all his grandchildren. He was full of love and acceptance and still had the courage to speak out for his beliefs. Because even though the Kingfish didn’t believe in God, he believed in good. He also preached, “Love thy neighbor” and clarified that these words didn’t mean, “Only if your neighbor looks just like you.” In 2015, he bought a home along the Rock River in the town he called home, Dixon Illinois and his life slowed down. He and Shirley would have lunch at his favorite bar the Alley Loop, and he would listen to music with his 2 dogs and look out at the river. He enjoyed visits from his family who he loved dearly. Finally, the Kingfish didn’t need to fight anymore, so now he just loved.

Towards the end, he developed Parkinson’s disease. People thought it was from all the fighting he did early in his life. The disease made it hard for him to walk and on August 21, 2016, he fell. The doctors in the ICU tried to save him by hooking him up to machines and tying his arms down to keep him from pulling things out. But as you know, the Kingfish was a fighter and nobody ties down the Kingfish. He fought for days against the restraints until the doctors finally said there was no hope and untied him. By then, tired from fighting his whole life, he settled into a deep sleep. They took him home and put him in bed facing the Rock River. In the wee hours of the 28th of August his son Patrick whispered in his ear, “You are the Kingfish, the king of all the river fish,” and the Kingfish smiled. Later that day surrounded by love, he slipped away. Most people have never heard of the Kingfish, but those who met him will never forget him.

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30 Things We’ve Learned In Our 30 Years Of Creating Happy Moves

When we first opened our doors in 1985, 3 Men Movers had five employees and one truck: John Fischer, Founder and first Crew Leader, two helpers, and his wife Shirley and daughter Jacky who ran the administrative side of the business. 30 years later Jacky has become our Owner/CEO, our fleet has grown to 70+ trucks with 30+ office staff, and we are creating happy moves for 30,000 families each year. Our growth stemmed from: dedication to exceptional customer service, a passion to create a stress-free move, the expansion of services offered, and with some good old fashion wisdom that comes with time.

30 Things We've Learned Creating Happy Moves

This New Year we wanted to pause and reflect on what we’ve learned since 1985…the takeaways that have defined our culture and values. While there is always room for more wisdom, here are 30 things we’ve learned over the last 30 years from Jacky Noons:

1. Don’t treat others the way YOU would want to be treated.  Treat them the way THEY want to be treated.

2. Listen more, talk less.

3. A good team is a force multiplier.

4. A smile is just as important as a dolly to bring to a move.

5. Arrive a stranger, leave a friend.

6. Surprises are for birthdays not move days.

7. Teaching someone how to be a good mover is easy; teaching them to be a good person is almost impossible.

8. A mover with an amazing smile always has the best customer service reviews.

9. Only hire movers that you would feel comfortable having over for dinner.

10. When it comes to being effective as a mover, size doesn’t matter!

11. Arrive early on the first move of the day, always.

12. If it doesn’t fit don’t force it.

13. Don’t open dresser drawers without permission.

14. Always wrap the bed screws with the rails.

15. Ikea stuff is hard to reassemble!

16. Even super nice people can get grouchy on their move day, and that is ok.

17. Eat a good breakfast on your move day.

18. Don’t pull a moving truck into the driveway, even if a customer asks you to…they are meant to hold cars, not 26,000lb trucks!

19. Jeans aren’t part of our uniforms!

20. Dirty trucks = Upset Jacky!

21. Don’t slide the fridge out.

22. Under promise, over deliver.

23. Stay hydrated in the summer.

24. Make sure the guy in the middle seat of the moving truck wears his seatbelt too.  Seat belts save dads!

25. Everyone should try our packing services at least once.

26. Commercial trucks cannot accelerate quickly and jump around in traffic.  They have to go 5 miles under the speed limit to protect our customer’s belongings.

27. Everyone has a part to play in running a successful business.  The custodian’s job is just as important as the CEO’s, especially when you are in the bathroom and there is no toilet paper.

28. Culture trumps strategy.

29. Drive trumps intelligence.

30. Kindness trumps all!

Cheers to 30 more years of wisdom and creating happy moves!

3 Men Movers Partner with CYCLE for a special delivery

3 Men Movers Donates 30 Trucks To Deliver 3,000 Bikes To Local Schools

HOUSTONDec. 29, 2015PRLog — For the 11th year in a row we’ve moved extra special cargo forCYCLE…3,000+ bikes for children that have met their scholastic goals in elementary schools across Houston. Moving Texans for over 30 years, we’ve had the privilege to3 Men Movers Partners with CYCLE move people’s most prized possessions into the next chapter of their lives, but nothing tops the feeling of giving a child a bike that they have worked so hard to achieve.

3 Men Movers CEO, Jacky Noons, started the partnership with CYCLE, because of how close to home this program is to her heart:

“I have walked in the shoes of the children that benefit from CYCLE.  My parents worked tirelessly just to make ends meet so I was usually stuck at our apartment alone.  For years they didn’t have the money to buy me a bike, until one Christmas there was a used, blue, 10-speed Schwinn bike by the tree.  I was so ecstatic that I named the bike “Blue Duster”.  It sounds kind of silly now, but having my first bike was a huge moment for me. Getting to see the expressions on these kids’ faces who earned their bikes is like reliving that Christmas years ago.”

With Jacky’s passion for this program, CYCLE has become a cornerstone event for 3 Men Movers 11 years and running.

We also want to recognize all of the big hearts that go into making our partnership with CYCLE not only possible each year, but extremely rewarding:

• Our 30+ movers that volunteer their time, moving trucks, muscle, fuel and add the extra special touch of decorating their trucks for the kids
• The La Porte Police Department for volunteering to escort us to NRG Stadium – the caravan you create gives this program the attention it deserves
• The CYCLE volunteers that help us stage and position hundreds of bikes for the big moment when kids turn the corner and their faces light up
• The teachers that help their students create a scholastic plan and reach their goals

3 Men Movers has been in business and helping various non-profits across Texas for 30 years, because of our amazing staff and the support of our loyal customers. We look forward to many more years of supporting CYCLE and our local schools!

Want to find out more about us? Check us out at https://www.3menmovers.com

Kate Sanderlin
3 Men Movers Marketing Manager
[email protected]

3 Men Movers Partners with GREENSpot

3 Men Movers Partners with GREENSpot to Offer Ewaste Recycling to Houston

Houston, TX — 3 Men Movers Houston is participating with the City of Houston and GREENSpot in a citywide initiative to keep e-waste out of our landfills.
E-waste is essentially anything electronic that turns into waste. If you can plug it in and throw it out, it is e-waste. Because of the recent popularity and accessibility of technology, there is now almost as much e-waste as plastic waste on the planet, but it is exponentially more dangerous. Electronics are composed of a multitude of different components. Electronics are typically safe when the item is intact. The danger comes when an electronic device is turned into trash. This item becomes proportionally more dangerous to the environment than normal waste. There are many threatening components in electronic waste that need to be exposed of in corresponding ways based on their individual makeup.

Worldwide E-waste contributes to more than 5% of all municipal waste, otherwise known as the everyday garbage and trash that is thrown out of homes and offices on a daily basis.
Some of the items you will be able to recycle at 3 Men Movers with the help of GREENspot are:ewaste recycling

• Computers
• Computer monitors
• Televisions
• Laptops
• Flat screens
• DVD players
• Keyboards
• Printers
• Radios
• Fax Machines

GREENspot is an environmentally friendly organization that partners with businesses to bring e-waste recycling centers to the public and provide free electronic waste recycling to the community. The organization was started in California in 2009 and is now moving into Houston TX, and partnering with select businesses in the greater Houston community.

The e-waste recycling program that 3 Men Movers is providing to the Houston community through GREENSpot will dispose of this electronic waste in ways that are significantly safer for the environment.
The drop off center for 3 Men Movers will be located at the corporate office, between Hillcroft and Bellaire on the Northbound side of the Southwest Freeway, at 6853 Southwest Freeway, Houston TX 77074.
3 Men Movers was featured as a drop off location for GREENspot in the press conference for the announcement of GREENspot’s entrance into the greater Houston area. The press conference featured the Mayor of Houston, Anise Parker and the Director of Solid Waste Management in Houston, Harry Hayes.

The Original 3 Men Movers was founded in Houston, TX in 1985 by John Fisher and offers residential and commercial moving, throughout the state of Texas. The well-known company now operates under his daughter, Jacky Noons. In the past year, the Houston based company increased their services to San Antonio residents by opening a new portable storage facility to better serve local San Antonio movers. 3 Men Movers provides complete end to end moving and storage solutions such as packing, the sale of moving supplies, portable storage units, full service moving, unpacking, and local Houston and San Antonio storage solutions.
Further information regarding this can be found by contacting Markting Manager, Kate Sanderlin at (713)-333-6683 or by email; [email protected]

3 Men Movers: BBB Accredited Texas Movers

That’s right! 3 Men Movers is now accredited with the BBB all throughout Texas! 3 Men Movers has been accredited by the BBB of Central and Southeastern Texas region with an A+ rating since 1997. That speaks directly to 3 Men Movers’ dedication to customer service. BBB accreditation places special emphasis on a business’s ability to address complaints, a strong part of 3 Men Movers. 3 Men Movers is proud to announce their official accreditation by the BBB of Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin region. 3 Men Movers is now formally BBB listed in Austin, Midland, Georgetown, Pflugerville, San Antonio and Dallas! 3 Men Movers is built on strong family values and ethics. The company strives to offer all the moving services that a residential or commercial-based customer might need. From packing tape to dedicated moving managers, 3 Men Movers offers it all. 3 Men Movers is a fully insured and licensed residential moving company, serving the Houston area, as well as San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. 3 Men Movers continues to build upon its loyal customer base by offering moving, storage, packing and other services. The family-owned company was founded in 1985. So if you need to move call the BBB accredited Texas movers you can trust!

BBB Accredited Movers

3 Men Movers Partner with Elves and More

The Original 3 Men Movers volunteered as a team in partnership with the Elves and More charity for the 9th year in a row on Saturday, December 14th, 2013.

Houston, TX – December 20, 20133 Men Movers partners with Elves & More
At the stadium, 3 Men Movers volunteers and Elves & More volunteers worked together to load the trucks with bicycles and toys donated to children throughout Houston. Donated bikes and toys were loaded into over thirty 3 Men Movers trucks for delivery to underprivileged children in Houston. The delivery took place throughout the city with most bikes distributed at area schools.

Logistics and loading the bikes and toys into the moving trucks took place starting Friday, December the 11th at Reliant Stadium and continued on through Saturday morning. The event provided 20,000 bikes to underprivileged kids. Executives, movers and office staff of 3 Men Movers met at their corporate office and drove festively decorated moving trucks to Reliant stadium.

“The opportunity to volunteer each holiday season with Elves & More has become a part of our company culture. It’s a way that we can not only help the Houston community but also come together as a team,” said Jacky Noons, owner and CEO of 3 Men Movers.

A little more about the Elves & More Charitable Organization:
To say thousands of children have benefitted from the Elves & More Organization would be an understatement. In order to be eligible for a bike, each child signs a contract with their teacher that they will meet certain criteria such as good grades or positive behavior to be eligible for the new bike. Throughout 2013, Elves & More has delivered over 135,000 bikes to underprivileged children. The goal of Elves & More is to change children’s lives one bike at a time. The bikes provide the children with the ability to get to afterschool events, tutors, mentors and jobs.

3 Men Movers Staff Volunteer:
3 Men Movers held a truck-decorating contest specifically for the event. Executives, office staff and drivers came together as a team at the corporate office at 6 a.m. and drove to Reliant Stadium where volunteers assembled and left all together for delivery.

About 3 Men Movers:
The Original 3 Men Movers has been serving Texans for almost 30 years providing complete end to end moving and storage solutions such as residential and commercial moving, packing, the sale of moving supplies, portable storage units, self-storage, and unpacking. The company has won multiple awards from the BBB and Angie’s list for exceptional service and last year alone moved over 24,000 Texans.
3 Men Movers is a woman-owned business committed to giving back to the community and leading local businesses in environmentally sustainable practices. 3 Men Movers creates loyal fans one move at a time by keeping customer service top priority, hiring the most requested drivers in the state, and providing a one stop shop for a stress-free move, pack or storage experience.

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3 Men Movers President Honored as Elite Top 40 Under 40

3 Men Movers, President Lorie Clements was selected for the prestigious Houston “40 Under 40” Award in September 2013. The winners were announced on October 1st after deliberations of over 400 entries.

Houston TX, 2013 – The Houston Business Journal, 40 Under 40, is a local tradition that highlights and recognizes young business professionals who are excelling in their industry. The 2013 winners are the 15th class of elite winners. As President of 3 Men Movers, Lorie Clements is leading the company in a strategic geographic expansion across the state of Texas while growing service offerings and focusing on customer service excellence. Incorporating her philanthropic spirit, she has led her team in community involvement and added new environmentally friendly services to better serve customers while respecting the environment.3 Men Movers President Ranked in Top 40 under 40

Ms. Clements holds an MBA from Rice University’s, Jones School of Business and a BBA of Finance from the Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. “When I began the search for a candidate to fill the position of President of 3 Men Movers I asked myself, “If I could recruit anyone for this position, who would it be?” Lorie immediately came to mind. I worked alongside Lorie during the Rice MBA program. The program was filled with amazing intelligent professionals, however, Lorie’s work ethic and drive to excel made her stand out among her peers. I consider myself, my company, and my employees lucky to have such an accomplished individual at the helm,” says the owner of 3 Men Movers, Jacky Noons.

The Original 3 Men Movers was founded in Houston, TX in 1985 by John Fisher and offers residential and commercial moving, throughout the state of Texas. The well-known company is now owned by his daughter, Jacky Noons. In the past year, the Houston-based company increased their services to San Antonio residents by opening a new portable storage facility to better serve local San Antonio movers. 3 Men Movers provides complete end to end moving and storage solutions such as packing, the sale of moving supplies, self-storage, portable storage units, full-service office and residential moves, and unpacking. Further information regarding this can be found by contacting our Marketing Department at (713)-333-6683 or by email; [email protected]