Realtor Spotlight Les Sherman

“With Les You Get More!”

Where It All Started

Les Sherman Realtor Spotlight

Meet Les Sherman, an experienced Realtor in the Austin area who opened and works for the Austin branch of Sherman & Company Realtors.

Becoming a successful Realtor was a natural journey for Les Sherman who grew up in Kerrville. His dad recently celebrated the 50th year of Sherman & Company Realtors. Les grew up with real estate and construction. At age 19 he got his Realtors license and at 22, his Broker’s license.

After graduating from Baylor, his real estate experience was further rounded out by working for a Savings and Loan and then for one of Austin’s largest appraisal firms…reviewing 3,000-4,000 real estate appraisals each year.

Then Les Sherman began a 14-year career with Re/Max before returning to his roots and opening the Austin branch of Sherman & Company Realtors.

Les is fortunate enough to have his two daughters, Audrey and Sophia, living nearby in Austin. He and his wife Lori enjoy country & western dancing, live music, cooking, and family events/gatherings.

Get To Know Les

What was your first car?

  • A 1971 Pontiac T-111 with a 350 engine. I worked summers in high school as a State Park maintenance employee to pay for it. It was a real fast car. I remember that I had to talk myself out of 2 speeding tickets. 

Your favorite restaurant?

  • Threadgill’s

Read any good books lately?

  • Blink and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. 

Any advice for young Realtors?

  • Yes. In addition to being a knowledgeable Realtor, be prepared to also act as a relationship counselor in emotionally-charged residential real estate transactions. 

How about advice for real estate investors?

  • Make your profit up front – buy smart. Then plan your future expenditures carefully to ensure positive cash flow. 


Thank you for sharing Les!

Contact:   •   Twitter: @LesSherman   •   512-947-8333

Realtor Spotlight Celena Trevino-Robinson

Celena Trevino-Robinson:

Celena Robinson Realtor Spotlight

Celena Trevino Robinson is an Austin area Realtor with the Austin Summit Group! Check out her advice to first-time buyers.

This 4th generation native Austinite is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to representing her clients in real estate sales or purchases. Celena Trevino-Robinson learned real estate from the ground up – working with her father in residential reconstruction and rental properties. At age 19, as a single mother, she had to grow up quickly.

What’s Celena is up to Today:

She has spent her life educating and helping people in the Austin area. In 2013, Celena decided to re-enter the real estate industry full time and joined the Austin Summit Group. They were recognized as one of the top 5 producers by the Austin Business Journal. “I love working with the founders of this company. Mike and Chrissy Caputo have over 32 years combined experience in our industry. They are wonderful, good-hearted people.”

Today Celena is wife to a successful engineer and mom to her wonderful teenage son. “I love Austin and truly enjoy using my experience to help clients with the largest purchase of their lives.”

What was your first car? A white Honda Accord. I had it as a teenager and well into my “mom” years. It was rock solid and safe.

Favorite restaurant? Suzies Chinese Kitchen. I remember Suzie being a waitress when I was 5 years old. She is now super successful.

Read any good books lately? I saw the movie, but am not reading the book. Gone Girl. What a thriller!

Advice to first-time home buyers? Yes. If you like roller coasters…hop on board. But don’t worry. I’ll be with you every step of the way. I’ll educate you so that you’ll know what’s coming and what to expect. I’ll treat you with integrity and keep you informed every step of the way. You’ll love it!


Contact Celena:

(512) 587 9776

[email protected]


Realtor Spotlight Cindy Crawford

Meet Cindy Crawford – Cindy Crawford Homes

Cindy Crawford Realtor Spotlight

We had the pleasure to get acquainted with Cindy Crawford. Learn more about her interview and some great advice she offers to first-time home buyers.

THAT Cindy Crawford? Yes, if you’re referring to the Realtor who is an expert in buying and selling real estate.

She grew up in Corpus Christi and met her husband Steve when he was stationed in the Navy. It was love at first sight and 44 years later, they’re still going strong. It was while she and Steve were living in Colorado for 22 years that she first got her Realtor’s license. Cindy and real estate were also a “match made in heaven” and her clients just love her.

Moving back to Texas in 2009, she and Steve eventually settled in Round Rock. Cindy says, “No one will listen better, or take care of your property needs like I will! Most of my business comes from referrals, so making my clients happy is my NUMBER ONE Priority! I am PROPITIOUS!” Cindy is happy to work with Keller Williams Realty as her brokerage firm.

Thanks Cindy!

Thanks for taking the time to meet with 3 Men Movers Cindy! It’s people like you that make home-buying and relocating a smooth and happy experience!

Memory Lane:

Cindy’s first paying job was as a pharmacy assistant at Parr Drugs. Her first car was a 1959 Chevy that her dad gave her for her 16th birthday. Two hours after getting the car, she picked up a bunch of her friends and promptly got her first speeding ticket!  We asked Cindy “If you could have any celebrity as a neighbor, who would it be?” She responded, “Joyce Meyer“. Her favorite restaurant is Hula Hut and her favorite get-away place is Colorado! A book Cindy is currently reading is Tony Robbin’s newest book, Money. Tony is giving 100% of the proceeds to the homeless. (What a great way to give back to the community!) 

Some advice Cindy offers to first-time home buyers? Get pre-qualified. Know what you are looking for. Learn the local market. And remember, everything is “not as seen on HGTV or the internet.”

Contact Cindy today!

(512) 217-8990

Realtor Spotlight Nicole Cooper

Nicole Cooper with Horizon Realty

Nicole has Realtor techniques that she uses to help her and her clients find great new homes!

Nicole Cooper Realtor Spotlight
Nicole has Realtor techniques that she uses to help her and her clients find great new homes!

Say “Hi” to Nicole Cooper with Horizon Realty

Nicole Cooper grew up in historic Gonzales, TX where her grandparents still live. She quickly learned that, especially in a small town, your reputation is most important. Nicole puts a high value on honesty and integrity.

With a degree in Business Management from UT, Nicole began her career in real estate as an appraiser. After 7 years as a certified property appraiser she decided to combine insider knowledge of real estate with her love of dealing with people by helping clients buy and sell their homes.

How She Does It

Combining her appraisal background with her years as an experienced agent, Nicole is able to help her clients make wise, educated decisions about one of their most important investments… a home.

“Knowing what a home is worth and understanding the appraisal and lending process gives me and my clients a unique advantage when navigating the sale or purchase of a property,” says Nicole. And she knows how to negotiate. She is a Certified Negotiation Expert – a designation awarded to less than 1% of agents nationally.

Get to Know Nicole:

Your first paid job? Working at a shaved ice stand – Tropical Snow. That job taught me the importance of showing up on time and being dependable.

Favorite restaurant? That’s easy. It’s Vespaio. Not only a fabulous Italian restaurant, but it is also the place where my husband proposed marriage and I got engaged.

Read any good books lately? Yes. The Five Love Languages. It’s all about relationships. A fascinating read.

How do you unwind? Golf, running with my two dogs, playing kickball, volleyball and slipping away to the beach. I speak French, love to cook, travel and experience new cultures.

Contact Nicole today:

512-698-2393   •
[email protected]

Realtor Spotlight Eric Recktenwald

Easy with Eric Recktenwald

Eric Recktenwald Realtor Spotlight

What is Eric’s big secret? Get to know Eric and learn how this Realtor has been so successful in his career!

Meet Eric Recktenwald

With 23 years of solid real estate experience, Eric can honestly tell his clients that when it comes to selling their house, “It’s Easy with Eric. The only person more interested than me in selling the house…is the seller,” says Eric. He doesn’t feel that he needs to sell every house on the market…just the ones that he has listed.

It looks easy to his clients, but Eric has a list of 186 items that he checks off in order to sell a house. In January he sold his 81st property in a row that had been previously listed with another Brokerage but failed to sell.

With a love of the great outdoors and a spirit of adventure Eric grew up in upstate New York …then moved to Denver. In the winter he was on the ski slopes over 1,000 times and in the summer you could find him racing motorcycles. He met his wife of 23 years in Denver and in 1997 they moved to Austin.

Today Eric enjoys Cub Scouts with his 11-year-old son and coaching flag football.

About Eric:

Your first car was? A 1967 Chevelle SS with an unbelievably BIG engine.

You love to? Coach Flag Football, Cook a good meal or do some woodworking

Your favorite food? Steak – medium.

Ready any good books lately? I usually have 4 or 5 business books going at a time. I love to read. I just finished Speed of Trust and Renewable Referrals.

The secret of your success? Combining my background in engineering with my people skills. When it comes to real estate I know how to make it easy for my clients to buy and sell.

Eric’s Contact Information:

(512) 744-4604    °

Realtor Spotlight Tom Catlin

Hey Tom Cat!

Meet Tom Catlin (aka Tom Cat to his many friends.) Tom is a highly successful Realtor with Keller Williams in Georgetown. He’s the kind of guy that just…

… brightens a room when he enters it. He’s always willing to share a smile a quick-witted joke or remark that will make you smile as well.

ATX Real Tom Cat

Meet Tom Catlin (aka Tom Cat to his many friends.) Tom is a highly successful Realtor with Keller Williams in Georgetown.

Catlin grew up in Georgetown and has seen a lot of changes over the years. He thinks that the biggest single change was probably when City Council allowed residents to purchase alcohol in stores and restaurants. That opened the way for the Sun City Development and lots more.

Tom’s knack for marketing and for listening to his clients helps him tremendously when it comes to assisting his clients in buying or selling their property. “I have to find out what’s important to them. I also have a passion for helping our veterans. That’s why I give 10% of my commissions to Hero’s (Hero’s Night Out). It’s a great organization that helps brighten the lives of our returning soldiers and their families.”


About Tom:

Any close brushes with celebrities? All the time. Just last week I was at a local restaurant with Led Zeppelin’s, Robert Plant.

Are you a dog or cat person? Definitely dog! I don’t have one, but if I did it would be a black lab. I like dogs that are almost big enough to put a saddle on.

What do you do to relax? I grab my fishing pole and head out to the lake. It doesn’t really matter if I catch anything. I just love the change of pace – the peace and tranquility.

Favorite food? Whatever is in front of me, I suppose. I never met a dish I didn’t like.

Favorite musical group? That’s a tough one. I’m going to have to go with Boston.

Contact Tom Catlin Today!

[email protected]                          512-592-2929

Realtor Spotlight Rodney Schawlbach

Rodney Schwalbach with ESG Realty Advisors

Rodney Schwalbach

Rodney grew up in Houston and received a degree in Business Management from Texas State.

ESG Realty Advisors offers no-cost commercial tenant representation services to business that are looking to lease space. Rodney only represents Tenants, never Landlords or Property Managers – giving his clients the peace of mind that they are negotiating with a real estate professional on their team.

Rodney grew up in Houston and received a degree in Business Management from Texas State.
Rodney and his wife are both accomplished scuba divers. Rodney had ambitions of owning a dive shop in Corpus Christi but accepted an offer to live in Egypt near the pristine beaches where he was a dive instructor after college. Today he, his wife, son and two daughters live on Lake Travis.

Moving back to the states he began a career in Human Resources. Rodney quickly rose from a clerk in a high-tech company to HR Manager and then Director of HR and Operations. It was in that role that he became an astute lease negotiator. “I loved it! Unlike being an HR Manager, buildings don’t call in sick or get into conflicts with one another.”

Today Rodney represents only tenants, helping them find the ideal commercial space and negotiating their leases. He studies the market daily in order to know what properties are available. Rodney’s business has grown rapidly – primarily by word-of-mouth. “I know the market, I know the buildings, and I speak the landlord’s language. Plus I know how to negotiate the best deal for my clients.”

Favorite food? Sushi. When our first daughter was only 4 years old, her favorite food became Sushi. Obviously I had to learn how to make great Sushi myself or go broke buying it!

Dream vacation? Are you kidding? For a diver that’s really easy. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, of course.

A celebrity you’d like to meet? George Clooney…because he owns a pot belly pig.

Can’t Miss TV Show? Right now we’re watching Prison Break on NetFlix. Captivating!

 Rodney’s Contact Information:

(512) 750-2523

Realtor Spotlight Kim Horther

Meet Kim Horther

Kim Horther

Kim Horther is ONE determined young lady! She grew up, out in the middle of nowhere, in Deming, New Mexico (100 miles west of El Paso… on the way to California.) Her dad was editor/publisher of the local paper.

She went away to Tucson to study journalism, but (at age 19) her dad suggested Kim get her real estate license. She sold 4 homes in 6 months!
She wanted to move to Texas. So, with her real estate commissions in her pocket, she moved to Austin…with no job. Her first interview was with the head of the Texas Union at UT. He told her they had no openings. But Kim would not take “no” for an answer. She asked if he knew what Tuna Helper was. He asked why. Kim told him that she had one can of tuna and a box of Tuna Helper in her apartment and when that was gone, she was out of food. “I need a job!” 45 minutes later, Kim had 3 part-time jobs with The University. She worked hard and ended up as the fund raiser for the Graduate School Dean…who later became Chancellor of U.T. Wow!
Kim moved to Ohio where she met her husband, started a family…and eventually moved back to Austin. She’s been an Austin Realtor for 12 years and absolutely loves her job.

 Are you a dog or cat person?Dog. I have a rescue mutt named Max. But my daughter has a cat. The cat is growing on me.

If you could have a celebrity as a neighbor?I’d go for Carol Burnett on one side of me. She’s such an entertaining person! And on the other side – Doris Day. 

Your first car?A Ford Granada: 4-on-the-floor with a CB radio. My handle was SpecialK.

Favorite restaurant?Chez Zee. What a fun place! Great atmosphere. Delicious food. 

Secret of your success as a Realtor?“When my clients hire me, they are working with a professional who believes in building relationships that last a lifetime. Their business and their referrals allow me to be successful and I never forget that. I am grateful for them every single day.” 

 Like Kim, our Austin movers know this city well! If you’re in need of a trusted and local moving company, call 3 Men Movers for a free quote today!

Kim’s Contact Information:


Realtor Spotlight Richard Schley

Richard Schley (pronounced “Sly”) says:

Richard Schley

“Call me when your house absolutely, positively has to be sold!”

Meet Austin Broker and Realtor Richard Schley. He grew up in Dallas’ University Park and, when in high school, got a summer job at Friendly Chevrolet sweeping floors for $1.10 an hour. Well, you never know where that first job may lead you. Richard spent 40 years with General Motors opening and running dealerships in Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

He made it back to Austin 19 years ago (UT grad 1970) and decided to retire 8 years ago. But after 2 months of going stir-crazy he became an Austin Realtor. What does running car dealerships have in common with being a highly-successful Realtor? Richard says, “It taught me how to match people with the right product and how to negotiate a fair deal for both parties.”

Your first car was? A 1962 Impala: 6-clylinder, 3-speed column shift and a hang-on air conditioner that froze the knee caps. 

Favorite Austin restaurant? Azul Tequila by my house. Great food!

Are you a dog or cat person? Actually, both. But I have 3 cats. I call myself a certified cat socializer for the Humane Society.

What do you do for fun? Race sports cars.

What celebrity would you like to have living next door? Well, years ago I got to hang out with Paul Newman and his car at the race track. What a great, down-to-earth guy. As long as you didn’t talk about his films or his career…he was ready to be your friend. But today, I guess it would be retired race car driver Dan Gurney.

The secret of your success? That’s easy. Personal service. I personally scout out to find my clients their ideal home AND I personally handle the sale of their homes. Even during the recession, the houses I listed were sold within 2 weeks. The car business taught me it’s all about turning inventory. I want my client’s property to be on the market for as little time as possible.

Just like our Austin movers, Richard is very knowledgable about the city of Austin! If you need a local and professional mover you can trust, call 3 Men Movers for a Free Quote today!


[email protected]

Realtor Spotlight Edna Stalik

Elegant Edna!

Edna Stalik is a successful Associate Broker with Realtor SKY Realty.

Edna Stalik

Associate Broker/Realtor SKY Realty

Edna Stalik Realtor Spotlight

Married for 20 years to a military man who was transferred many times, Edna knows first-hand the stress that comes with moving. She also knows the stress of being divorced and having to do things on her own. That’s why she has a heart for the elderly who are facing downsizing and those moving out of their “big house” into something smaller.

“I bring the total package to my clients. Not only will I sell their house, but I have professional associates who will help them decide what to keep and what to get rid of…plus a wonderful team of careful, caring movers.” Edna brings a strong customer service philosophy to the real estate business and strives to be a good listener and a good communicator.
“I look for growth opportunities in everything I do. Helping people buy or sell a home is one of life’s greatest opportunities to grow and achieve the lifestyle you desire. It inspires me to give my all every day.”

Your first job? Behind the soda fountain at Thompson’s Drug Store. I absolutely LOVED it!

Your first car? A white 1957 Chevy.

Favorite movies? It’s a Wonderful Life and Steel Magnolias

Best restaurant?Galaxy Café, because they have a fantastic glutton-free menu.

Reading any good books? Yes. Grain Brain. It’s all about glutton. I saw Dr. David Perlmutter.

Favorite singer of all time? I guess I’m old school. It’s Elvis. What a voice!

Proudest accomplishment? Raising my 3 wonderful sons. Two live in Pflugerville and one in Denton.

Dog or Cat? Absolutely cat. Her name is Allie and is a rescue cat. Does that make her an Allie Cat?

The secret of your success? I connect with and share compassion with my clients.

To be a successful realtor in Austin, you have to know the city well! Like our Austin movers, Edna is very informative when it comes to our state’s capital!

Edna can be reached at:


Realtor Spotlight Eric Peterson


Enter The World of Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson Austin Realtor

As Owner/Broker of Austin real estate brokerage Kopa Real Estate, Eric sees trust as the cornerstone of both his business. As a result, many who started out as clients are now long-term friends who enjoy referring their friends and family to him.

With a degree in Marketing and Finance, Eric began as a mortgage broker in 1996. Then in 2003, after finding that many of his clients were coming to him for advice on real estate as well as their loans, he obtained his real estate license and worked dual careers before becoming a realtor full time.

Growing up outside of New York City in Brewster, Eric enjoyed attending the Mets games with his dad. He is also a big Green Bay Packers fan…which is how he met his wife and business partner, Joyce. She is from Malaysia and knew nothing of football. But there she was – at Billy’s Sports Bar watching the Packers game. Eric says it was love at first sight. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from U.T.

 Your tension reliever? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Similar to wrestling.

Favorite Austin Restaurant? Casino El Camino – great burgers

First car? Plymouth Reliant station wagon. My dad made sure my car wasn’t a “chick magnet.”

If you could have a celebrity living next door? Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Read any good books lately? Zilllow Talk – New Rules in Real Estate

Dog or cat lover? We have a pair of fantastic golden retrievers.

Dream vacation? Paris. In fact, we’re already making plans

The key to your success? Consistent communication, real estate expertise, and patience in making sure my clients understand every detail.

Favorite non-profit? Austin Sunshine Camps. I was honored to be their “Volunteer of The Year.”

 Need to move to/from Austin soon? You need Austin movers who are knowledgeable about the city! Call 3 Men Movers for a free quote today!

(512) 357-6683

In the meantime, download our great comprehensive Moving Checklist to prepare yourself for the big day!

Realtor Spotlight Valerie Palmer

Valerie Palmer with Coldwell Banker Apex

20 years living in Dallas TX, Valerie is very familiar with every neighborhood across the DFW-Metroplex. The communities Valerie serves are Rockwall, Heath, Sunnyvale, Rowlett, Mesquite, Garland and many more.

Say “Hello” to Valerie!

Realtor Valeria PalmerValerie is very professional and courteous with her clients, but her main focus is to adapt and understand what her clients really want whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced home owner. With her focus on adaptability and understanding her clients, Valerie has consistently received the Production Award each month since 2010. Very results oriented, Valerie really loves the real estate industry and enjoys serving the public.

About Valerie

Valerie is a very down to earth individual. Respectful, courteous, individual who is truly passionate about the real estate industry. Besides being a Real Estate Agent, some of Valerie’s Hobbies include tennis, movies, reading, and even Scuba Diving. Being a great individual, Valerie enjoys the outdoors with her friends and family.

What is your favorite food?

I really enjoy eating Tex Mex food and Thai food when I have a chance to.

Dogs or Cats?

I have two dogs that I have spoiled very much! Not so much cats. My husband loves his cats, but I do not really like cats…I love my dogs.

Have you worked with any celebrities?

No… working on it though. Although I did have a friend who was a director for MTV back in the 2000’s and had the chance to meet Jennifer Aniston. I have also met Mark Cuban: a very down to earth individual, but no…haven’t really had a client who was a celebrity.

 Valerie is very familiar with the Dallas/Fort Worth area and so are our Dallas movers! If you need help for your move in Dallas give us a call for a free quote today!

Valerie’s Contact Information:

[email protected]
(214) 212-4983