Expert Ways to Use 2021’s Most Stunning Paint Colors of the Year

Did some stunning colors of the year catch your eye on Instagram or Pinterest?

Maybe you just want to update old furniture and need some color advice.

Lucky for you, the most drop-dead gorgeous colors of 2021 are great options for revitalizing your walls or used furniture. 

Annually, global design institutes and paint companies release their color picks for the year, causing color-lovers to create a frenzy of interior design inspiration across the web.

Ok, so you’re not even a teensy bit familiar with interior design… 

That doesn’t matter.

Good news is that you don’t have to actually be an interior designer to fall in love with these standout colors and use them like a pro! 

No matter where you just moved—whether a rental or brand-new house—our new installment series, Spruce Your Spacewill help you create a space you love. 

While we won’t rely on a lot of fancy home design and renovation jargon (and if we must, we’ll always explain), we’ll share exclusive insights from our local business partners that’s 100% doable. 

Spruce Your Space posts will also help you better understand what you can and can’t do to a space you don’t own, as well as alternatives.

(You know, like when you LOVE your rental price and location, but LOATHE the style.)

Now that you know what to expect, see how April Littman, Lead Designer at Neighbor Interiors, recommends using the top colors of 2021 in your home!

How to Paint With Pantone© Ultimate Gray & Illuminating

how to use Ultimate Gray the Pantone 2021 color of the year
how to use Illuminating, the Pantone 2021 color of the year

Both members of Pantone’s leading colorful duo of 2021 are bold yet versatile.

Ultimate Gray is perfect for a cleaner, elegant feeling.

Want to infuse your space with sunny optimism? Use pops of Illuminating in accent pieces or upholstery.


Where to Paint with Ultimate Gray

“The best rooms to paint with Ultimate Gray are going to be rooms with a lot of natural light, because it is really a moody color,” says April. 

“However, if you want a moody atmosphere, you could put it in a smaller room and bring in pops of color, like the Illuminating. That’s a really bright, cheerful color. So if you want to add some accents to brighten it up, that would be a great option.” 


Colors to Pair with Ultimate Gray

Color palette inspiration for pairing with Pantone's Ultimate Gray-2021 color of the year

Since this year’s Pantone© shade of gray is on the darker side, it’s smart to brighten up any walls you’ll be using it on by adding complementary neutrals.

These neutral additions can be whites and creams (if you want a warmer, cozier tone to the room.)  

Want more of a pop? 

Although somewhat dark, Ultimate Gray is neutral in itself. 

So if you prefer more colorful surroundings, it’s still safe to use it in conjunction with other paints or furniture in earthy tones like orange and mauve, or punchy jewel tones, like blues or greens

April’s Best Paint Match for Ultimate Gray:

Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams©

Where to Paint with Illuminating

Despite its positive and upbeat vibe, you may want to skip painting a whole room with Pantone’s sunny yellow Illuminating

While yellow is most often associated with happiness in color psychology circles, Illuminating can be overpowering to paint on multiple walls—or any walls at all. 

“Since Illuminating is such a strong, bright, cheerful color, I’d really only use that as an accent to a room. You could use it as draperies, a throw pillow, blanket, or maybe some vases,” April recommends. 

Exteriors are fair game, however. 

For instance, if you’re seeking to give visitors a warm welcome, Illuminating can also be used to refresh a front door or shutters.

Just make sure to power-wash your house first so you can get an authentic match for any exterior paint you already have!


Colors to Pair with Illuminating

If your dream is to have a room full of energy and life, pair Illuminating with similar vibrant colors like coral

Prefer to tone it down? Stick with whites and creams—or even Ultimate Gray!

April’s Best Paint Match for Illuminating:

Banana Yellow or Sunburst by Benjamin Moore©

How to Paint With Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore©

how to use Aegean Teal the Benjamin Moore 2021 color of the year
Inspiration for Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

To put it mildly, 2020 was a turbulent year. 

So it’s easy to see why Benjamin Moore© chose themes of reflection and calm to inspire its 2021 color of the year, Aegean Teal. 

Wherever you decide to paint with Aegean Teal, this blue-green hue with gray undertones can provide any room with a tranquil, modern touch.

Where to Paint with Aegean Teal

To make a beautiful statement, April recommends painting kitchen cabinets or islands with Aegean Teal

If you’re doing a full refresh of your kitchen, we love the idea of replacing the hardware knobs with bronze or antique gold accents

Your home office and bedroom are also fantastic areas to paint Aegean Teal on the walls, repurposed wooden chairs, or built-ins.

Since it’s such a soothing color, April suggests you avoid using Aegean Teal in places where you want more energy—like a home gym or child’s playroom. 

The only colors you shouldn’t use with Aegean Teal? 

“Any color that’s going to be a dominant color, because it needs to stand out on it’s own,” she advises. “So I wouldn’t bring in any color—like red—that’s going to compete with it!”


Colors to Pair with Aegean Teal

color palette inspiration for Aegean Teal- Benjamin Moore 2021 color of the year

“Some colors that I think would go really great with it are the Ultimate Gray. Even a sand oak would be really pretty with the Aegean Teal.

It can go coastal, depending on what you put it with, so you have to be careful with that—unless you’re wanting a coastal space. But it can also be very sophisticated if you pair it with gray instead of the sand color,” April suggests.


kitchen cabinets painted with Urbane Bronze the Sherwin-Williams 2021 color of the year

Described by Sherwin-Williams© as “down-to-earth,” Urbane Bronze offers a different kind of tranquility that’s more on the sophisticated side. 

It’s perfect for more decorating if your décor goals need a more modern, neutral, or masculine expression. 

Where to Paint with Urbane Bronze

Since it’s such a gorgeous, but dark shade, you have to be careful where you paint with Urbane Bronze. 

“It was developed as an accent color… I wouldn’t really cover an entire room in it because it will feel really dark and heavy,” April says.

Areas that work best to paint with Urbane Bronze include wood paneling, built-in-cabinetry, or kitchen islands

You can even use it to upgrade old wooden furniture placed near any wall painted in a creamy, complementary shade of white!


Colors to Pair with Urbane Bronze

color palette inspired by Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams 2021 color of the year

April suggests sticking to light, bright, or golden bronze colors and accents to best compliment Urbane Bronze in any room. 

Urbane Bronze is one of my favorite colors! It’s so beautiful. To complement it, I love the look of white oak flooring. It has white in it, a little bit of tan, it’s a little bit of a neutral—it really compliments that deep Urbane Bronze.” 

As for what to watch out for when you’re decorating around walls or furniture that’s painted with Urbane Bronze:

“Avoid using black or any really dark colors,” April warns. “A dark and a dark [color] are really going to drown each other out.”

What if I Moved Into an Empty Space & Don’t Know Where To Start?!

Here are April’s tips for how to start your design project when you have a totally blank slate:

  1. Start with a color palette. Colors will affect the furniture you’re going to collect, so save pics of colors that you like.
  2. Determine what larger furniture you want to put into the room. Take measurements of your space to ensure the pieces you love will fit.
  3. Next, work on the smaller accents and decorations.

Use April’s suggestions or an online color wheel for pairing colors together that complement each other and don’t clash.

Wrapping Up

Now you’re all set to infuse the top colors of 2021 into your space.

For more of April’s design advice, check out her Instagram and brand website at!

For more exclusive Spruce Your Space insights, connect with us on Instagram!

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Explore Your New Neighborhood

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So as you get ready to you schedule your move with an Austin moving company, check with your networks--including your social networks!--to see if an old friend from high school or college may have moved to your new city. Most colleges have alumni networks where they watch games together and have events so you can make some new friends too. You should also ask your friends and family members if they know anyone who lives where you're moving. It's always nice to discover you have a friend from home in your new city.

Create a Consistent Schedule

It's easier to make friends when you see the same people over and over. That's why it was always so easy to make friends in school or during extracurricular activities when you were younger. So join an activity where you'll have to keep coming back at the same time and seeing the same people. This might include a workout class at the gym, volunteering with a local non-profit, or a church group that meets every week. Taking up a new hobby that has regular meetings or workshops is also a good idea.

Even work counts when it comes to this tip, because you probably see a lot of the same people at work every day, right? Maybe you've started to say hi to a few people every day as you pass them at your new job. Take it a step further and ask if they've heard about a social event you'll be at--such as a poetry slam at a coffeehouse, or a small concert at a nearby bar. If they're interested in the same event and want to get to know you, they might show up and you can talk! And if your new job hosts happy hour or other social outings, be sure to go whenever you can.

Now that you're armed with ways to make friends in your new city, you're ready to rock your move with the help of some Austin movers. Contact 3 Men Movers at our Austin office today to get on our schedule!

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Old West Christmas Light Fest

Everything's bigger in Texas, and the Christmas lights at Old West Christmas Light Fest are no exception. On select nights from November 22 to December 29, you can head to Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne to see more than 40 "Old West" buildings decked out in countless lights. Plus, the kids can visit with Santa, eat holiday treats, play holiday-themed games and more. Basically, there's holiday fun for all ages at this San Antonio Christmas event.

Holiday Lights on the River Walk

If you normally enjoy the San Antonio River Walk, you'll love it during the holidays! From November 23 to January 6, it's filled with more than 100,000 pretty lights adorning the trees all around the area. And it's free for you to walk around and admire the lights, so go ahead and stroll down the River Walk any night during the holiday season to boost your Christmas spirit!

Wonderland Christmas

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Celebrate SA

Did you know San Antonio is the best city in Texas to celebrate New Year's Eve? Yep, we took the 16th spot on WalletHub's list of Best Places for New Year's Eve Celebrations, and we happen to be the top Texas city on it! So you really can't go wrong when you spend this holiday here, especially considering this year was the city's Tricentennial…so we're definitely celebrating! That's probably why one of the top events to attend will be Celebrate SA, which is a free New Year's Eve event that features dozens of live musical acts topped off by fireworks at the end of the night. Between 6 pm and midnight, you can enjoy live music, food, drinks, carnival rides, games and more as you ring in 2019.

If you're not yet a resident of this great city, you can see now why you should be! Whether you want to move here from another Texas city or just need to switch neighborhoods in this area, contact 3 Men Movers today! We'll send you some friendly, helpful San Antonio movers who will make relocating a breeze for you.