Houston, We Have Storage. MOVITS Portable Storage in Our Climate Controlled Warehouse | San Antonio too

3 Men Movers shows you to the beauty of call to order storage in a video you will not be able to look away from. Some great drone footage of how a MOVITS portable storage unit comes to life! You call for storage, we deliver a MOVIT, fill it with your items, take it away that day to rest in our climate controlled warehouse.

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As dedicated moving experts, we realized that the portable storage options on the market were inefficient so we decided to change that! If you are looking for convenient portable storage, look no further! Our MOVITS portable storage units are the epitome of ease.

You no longer have to deal with your portable storage unit being dropped off in the middle of your lawn for days on end (or worse, blocking the entrance to your apartment building or condo) and then stress about finding the time to fill it up before your crew comes back to transport it to storage. We take care of transporting, loading, and bringing your portable storage unit back to our climate controlled warehouse same day! When you’re ready for your belongings, all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll bring your storage unit to your home and unload it, putting your belongings right where you want them!


Packing tape | Tape for packing test | What tape is the best for packing? | 3 Men Movers

Editor’s Note: This content was originally published on on 10-20-17. We updated and republished it on 7-2-19 to make it even better and more informative!

You have your Houston movers booked, and you are super excited about your brand new place! Now all that is left to do is the dreaded packing. Nobody loves packing, but it gets even worse when you don’t have the best packing supplies to make the process go smoother. You might have never considered this before, but did you know the type of tape you use makes a difference?

Packing tape should not be difficult. Find out what tape stands up to the test and comes out as true champion! Not all tape is created equal and you can clearly see what in this video! This video will also help you learn how to properly tape a box for moving!

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So What Tape Is Best For Packing?

Paper tape blows away the competition for the reasons below:

  • You can write on it with Sharpie, and the ink won’t smudge.
  • It rips easily so you won’t need scissors every time you finish taping a box.
  • It’s easy to find the end of the tape so you aren’t wasting precious time constantly searching for it.

Moving is already stressful enough–why compound it with additional, useless stress over packing? This Houston moving company knows what we are talking about because we have been in the business of moving people since 1985. Visit our website to find additional packing tips or if you decide you’d rather just bypass the packing altogether, you can hire our professional packers to do the job for you. Happy Packing!

Amy’s experience with 3 Men Movers Austin

Amy and her family recently moved to Austin, Texas. We had the pleasure of assisting her every step of the way! Check out this video to hear about how her Austin move with 3 Men Movers went. Thanks Amy!

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How was your move with 3 Men Movers Amy?

Moving is stressful no matter how you look at it but moving with 3 men movers it was a load off my mind because I knew we hired quality movers and they took care of everything from a to z. From wrapping everything, protecting everything, checking to make sure where we wanted our furniture before they set it up, put our beds together so we would have a place to sleep that first night it was top notch. I felt very taken care of. Pampered.

Did 3 Men Movers take care of your belongings?

They used ramps we have a couple of stairs going up to the front door and they used ramps and padded the threshold to protected that and they were very courteous professional people.


Gita’s Moving Testimonial

Gita answers a few questions about her experiance with 3 Men Movers and even talks about her past moving experiences.

Video Transcription

How did you like your movers?

My movers were great. One thing I loved about the service is the fact that it’s very technology driven so I didn’t have to find myself calling and asking for a status I sent an email
in advance, I was sent an email to confirm, I was also sent a survey after
so I liked the whole like electronic experience of that of the move.

How did you like your packers?

Very efficient, very fast, very methodical about what they did. they came in and
assessed both times just what needed to get packed had a really good
understanding of the inventory that they need to get out of there their truck
and they knew the amount of boxes I would need. It was a very fast and efficient
move they didn’t have to go back and forth which was great from an efficiency

How did you hear about us?

I see your trucks everywhere every day of the week on the road in
front of various professional and residences and apartment complexes
across the entire city so there’s it just wasn’t even a choice for me to look
at the other places.

What were your previous move experiences like?

My previous moving experiences were not so great I found that I had to contact my movers twice and thrice to understand status a couple weeks in advance a day in advance hours in advance which was a bit frustrating. They also didn’t come prepared, the
staff wasn’t versed on how many people crew should be there to either pack or
to do the move itself. Didn’t ask a lot of those questions in advance
kind of make the experience one where they were prepared to the outset. so I love the fact that three men movers did that for me.

They work hard,
They were professional.


Peggy’s Story | Helping those effected by Hurricane Harvey | 30 Moves 30 Families

Peggy felt the devastation Hurricane Harvey brought to Houston. As a local from Pearland, she was not able to afford movers, but we told her not to worry. 3 Men Movers is giving 30 free moves to local Houstonians in financial distress and need. We are calling it our 30 Moves 30 Families program. Peggy more than qualified and we get to share her story. We are Texas Strong. We are Houston Strong.

Video Transcription

Forty-four years I’ve been here and I raised my kids here, so it’s real special.

Oh, I’ve lived here all my life so I’ve been through every hurricane that ever came to Houston. So I called my son Monday I said it’s coming up, it’s not stopping, so he came and we got all the furniture up that we could get up and save what we could save because my house is filled with my grandmother’s antiques and I don’t want to lose them.

The camaraderie has been beautiful because it’s showing the love for each other that we’re Pearland and we are Pearland proud and if you lived here you know we just love our little city.

A lady named Janelle brings us dinner every evening. It’s the Mormon Helping Hands and Samaritan’s Purse they’re gonna come and help gut it so we’ve gotta take all the sheet rock out like 4 foot down and put in the paneling they can’t do they’ve got to take all the paneling down.

What is it like five loads six loads and a pickup truck and a van that’s not gonna work and then two little girls five foot tall so then Tiffany found it on Facebook so she called in she said mom you gotta call in so I texted it and in 30 minutes you all called. I mean that is a blessing I mean an absolute godsend thank you thank you thank you It’s awesome thank you.


The Lopez Story | How 3 Men Movers is Helping those effected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard and left a lot of devastation. 3 Men Movers is giving 30 free moves to local Houstonians in financial distress and need. We are sharing the stories of families we have helped and the Lopez family is our first one we get to share. Houston is where we began and this is where our heart is. We are Texas Strong. We are Houston Strong.

Video Transcription

This has absolutely devastated our community.

As you can tell if you go up and down the street, it’s devastated everybody here. Up until Harvey, we hadn’t had any issues with anything here.

It’s flooded our homes so we’re trying to rebuild day by day and hopefully get back on track. The guy when he received my phone call was inquisitive as to why I was moving and he probably wondered if I was well he asked me if I’d been affected I told him I had been and he said you know he was gonna do everything possible to see what he could do to help me with the
whole thing.

You don’t tend to realize how much disaster water can cause and how fast it rises I can only tell you that if they tell you to leave, evacuate… they tell you to do things like that because you never know what could happen.

You guys moved me in 2004 when I moved into my house. My first experience then was amazing that’s why I figured I’d call you guys right back so you guys have been awesome. Thank you, guys. The amount of labor that these people put in. Breaks away.


Moving with pets | Tips for moving with pets | Moving Tip 387

Andrew from operations explains the best way to move with your pets. Moving with a Cat or Dog can be stressful but 3 Men Movers is here to help make it easier. Here are our best tips and tricks when moving with your pets. You can also visit our tips page for a better understanding of moving with your furry loved ones!

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m here with moving tip number three hundred and eighty seven.

I am here to talk to you about moving with pets.

So moving with pets it definitely complicates your move and it’s important to know the first thing to do when you’re planning on moving pets the first thing you want to do is make sure that your moving company and your movers are aware of your pet’s presence.

The next thing you want to do is try to secure your pet either behind a baby gate or possibly in the backyard but what we think the best option is to actually have your pet stay with a friend for the duration of your move so the movers can move in and out of the House that worrying about your pet getting out.

If you have no other option:

Maybe it’s a last minute move and you really need for your movers to do the move with your pet inside of your apartment or home.

Just know that if they do have to keep the door closed and open and close it every time they’re moving something either from inside the House to the truck or from the truck into the new location it is going to add to the cost and to the time frame of the move.


How Long Does Moving Take? Understanding how long moving takes and tips on how to make your move go smooth and fast

Ever wonder how long moving will take? or How long professional movers take when moving? 3 Men Movers has the answers as well as some tips to make your move faster! Malcolm is our most experienced Moving Specialist and his kind voice is here to soothe any worries you have about moving. Stay tuned for more moving tips so your move day is as easy as possible!

Malcolm’s Moving Tip

Hi my names Malcolm and I’m going to give you moving tip number 12
We get this question all the time
It’s very important

How long should my move take?

Now, first of all, we learned a long time ago to never guesstimate how long any single move could take because all moves are different.

No two people ever move the same amount of things.
Now the Key is for you to be packed up and ready to go.

The more ready you are the faster and smoother loading up that truck up will go for you. And it takes a little bit longer to load the truck than to unload it because when we get there our guys go right to work disassembling furniture./
We are going to wrap it up and protect it for you with stress wrap plastic and quilted moving blankets and when we get to your new home we are going to reassemble your furniture and put it inside where you want it.
For some reason unloading usually is faster.
Now if you’re packed up and ready to go you’re going to get moved in a quick and efficient amount of time.
But there are no averages and if someone ever tells you how long a mover is going to take they are just guessing and all they’re doing is guessing and they over guess they don’t under guess. But our guys are really efficient we normally can do 2 jobs in a day, each crew.
And while we can’t tell you how long any single move will take because they all are different

If you are packed up and ready to go when we get there it should be a good smooth process for you.


Our Virtual Reality 360 Moving Experience Preview

Take a first hand 360 experience of what moving with 3 Men Movers feels like. Sit and Relax while we do the padding and the heavy lifting! Simply turn your phone and look around, you will be immersed in the sweet joy of moving with 3 Men Movers. This experience takes you from the front door interaction all the way to the moving truck!

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100 Stars! 3 Men Movers Customer Review Video

A beautiful display of why our customers love us so much! 100 to 3 Men Movers! This review reminds us why we do business and encourages us to strive for excellence! We want to be America most beloved moving company and these reviews give us that hope!

Video Transcription

Recently I moved and my family member highly recommended 3 Men Movers.
She had an excellent experience.

I hired Junior, and his team did an extremely good job.

First of all it was stress & worry free. I was quickly moved, they were all honest and all of them were very professional. I have moved a few times but never experienced movers that were knowledgeable and fully trained.

I was very impressed to see Junior and his team. I felt like they were my family members.

Norma in the office was very friendly, a good listener, professional, honest, caring, and excellent at customer service.

I highly recommend Junior and his team and give them 100 STARS.
100 STARS to Norma
100 STARS to 3 Men Movers!


Moving Tip 58 | 3 Men Movers | Helpful Moving Tips | Preparing for your Move

Moving Tip Number 58! 3 Men Movers is helping your moving process be as simple as possible. This tip is about being prepared for your movers before they get to your place. Learn how having everything in a proper place helps you save money. Stay tuned for more moving tips and visit 3MenMovers.com for even more tips and tricks!

Video Transcription

I’m here with your tip 58 on how to have a stress free move

That tip is to be packed and ready to go

This is several things:

Number One when the guys get there they can immediately go to work

Number Two they are not having to move things out of they way to get to bigger objects and

Number Three they are not having to scoot around and possibly trip over anything that you have.

So be ready to go they will get you moved in a hurry!


Moving Tip 82 | 3 Men Movers | Helpful Moving Tips | Preparing for your Move

Moving Tip Number 82 is Here! 3 Men Movers is helping your moving process be as simple as possible. Stay tuned for more moving tips and visit 3MenMovers.com for even more tips and tricks!

Video Transcription

Tip Number 82!

Don’t forget to label your boxes!

So when you move into your new home, you know exactly where everything is!