Moving Tips

Movifesto Part 7: Surprises are for birthdays. Not move days.
Mar 14, 2018
Surprise! You hired the cheapest movers you could find and now your move is going to start two hours late and will cost $200 more than you thought! No thanks,…
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Movifesto Part 6: We are The Experts.
Mar 13, 2018
If you’ve moved a few times in your life, you already know that no two moves are the exact same. Well, we’ve moved people thousands of times, so you can…
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Movifesto Part 5: We arrive as strangers and leave as friends.
Mar 12, 2018
We mentioned in Part Four how disconcerting it can be to have strangers traipsing through your house, picking up everything you own and walking away with it all. Sure, technically…
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Movifesto Part 4: We don’t keep movers that you don’t like.
Mar 09, 2018
The reality of moving means allowing strangers to come into your home and handle all of your belongings. That sounds a little odd when you think about it, and it…
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Movifesto Part 3: We Go Beyond.
Mar 07, 2018
When you hire movers, you’re putting some of your most precious possessions in someone else’s hands, literally. And while your belongings are likely to make it to their destination unscathed…
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Movifesto Part 2: We hustle.
Mar 05, 2018
If you have a move coming up, you’re probably pretty excited to get started…or maybe anxious is a better word for what you’re feeling! Either way, you’re likely eager to…
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Movifesto Part 1: We do what we say. Always.
Mar 02, 2018
No matter how many times you’ve moved in your life, you probably still get stressed when thinking about moving day. After all, there are lots of, well, moving parts that…
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How many boxes do you need for your move?
Feb 28, 2018
If you’ve ever wondered, "How many boxes do I need?" for your move, the answer is, "It depends." I know this is not very helpful, so I’ll attempt to break…
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Help Moving An Elderly Parent Into Assisted Living
Feb 24, 2018
Your parents may spend their lives worrying about you, but as they get older, it’s you who begins to worry about them. If you’ve noticed an elderly parent has trouble…
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How Professional Movers Move a Gun Safe
Feb 22, 2018
Being big on home protection may mean having a gun safe. But how do you protect both your gun safe and your home from damage during a move? Well, you…
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