Moving Tips

A New Way to Move
Jul 18, 2019
Book Your Move Online in Minutes You’re busy-working, socializing, going to school, taking care of kids and pets—in addition to the other 36 things on your to-do list. We know…
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Tips for Moving in Summer
Jul 11, 2019
Editor’s Note: This post was updated on 7.11.19 to reflect the most recent information and policies to give you some great tips on moving in the summer! No one up…
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Your Checklist for Moving
Jul 10, 2019
Moving can be a stressful–but exciting!–experience. It always involves a lot of change– whether you’re moving a few streets away, or moving to a new city or state. It’s easy…
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The Last Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need
Jun 27, 2019
The Last Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need Why is this the last moving checklist you’ll ever need? Simply because this checklist was designed to help you stay organized before,…
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What to Pack First When Moving
Jun 24, 2019
No matter how excited you are to move, you likely still dread packing. It’s much more fun to spend your time looking at pictures of your new home, visualizing which…
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6 Tips For Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House
Jun 10, 2019
These days it is not uncommon to be 28 and still living in your parents’ home. Some millennials don’t take the leap and leave their childhood home after reaching adulthood…
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8 Reasons Why You Should Move To Houston
Jun 07, 2019
8 Reasons Why Moving To Houston Is A Great Idea From a growing international community to a rich arts and theater scene to a thriving economy, Houston is the city…
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Cheap Movers May Cost $100/hr or Less, But You’ll Pay in the Long Run
Apr 26, 2019
Ads for movers charging $100 per hour or less might catch your eye, but you might also notice a little voice in the back of your head saying that’s too…
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Construction Creates Career Opportunities
Apr 17, 2019
Construction in Houston Promises Many New Career Opportunities Just how booming is Houston’s job market? Check out some of the top areas in Houston that are in the process of…
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Tips on Downsizing To a Smaller Home
Apr 17, 2019
Downsizing to a smaller home makes sense for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean the move will be easy. In fact, it usually means you’ll have to make…
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