6 Questions To Ask When Renting

  • Published : 08-04-2013

6 Questions To Ask Before You Sign The Lease So you have been looking and looking for a new apartment or home to rent, and then all of a sudden… …

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6 Ways To Prep For Your Move – 3 Men Movers

  • Published :

6 Simple Shortcuts For A Stress Free Move Many people move on a daily basis here in Houston, Texas. However, not many people look forward to the packing and preparing …

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5 Tips For A Safe Move

  • Published : 05-04-2013

There is a lot to do when you are moving to a new home in Houston and anywhere else for that matter. Although safety may not be what you are …

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How To (Properly) Introduce Yourself To The Neighborhood

  • Published : 03-15-2013

You have chosen your new home and booked the Houston movers to relocate your family, but now it’s time to say goodbye to your old neighbors and hello to your …

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3 Must Know Tips for Moving and Relocating Animals

  • Published : 09-29-2012

Many families have members that bark or meow and if you are moving to a new home, that means the furry guys will be moving as well. Pets and moving …

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Common Questions for Houston Movers

  • Published :

A city as large as Houston, TX has many moving companies, but one of the oldest and most established local Houston Movers is 3 Men Movers. This moving company has …

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