The Paularena’s Move Review!

Military couples like the Paularenas know the “moving” drill. That’s why impressing them feels extra special. See how these moving veterans felt about our service.

At 3 Men Movers, we’ve helped relocate people who are new to the whole moving process, and who don’t know what to expect when they hire a moving company. But on the flipside, we’ve also helped some people who have so much moving experience they’re practically moving pros themselves…and yet, we can still surprise them by providing the help they didn’t even know they needed!

The Paularenas fall into this category for sure. Being a military couple, they certainly know the drill when it comes to moving, which means it felt extra special for our movers to impress them! So how did we do it? Well, we think having good people who are great movers on our team did the job, but we’ll let the Paularenas go into more detail on how 3 Men Movers impressed them:

“We had to do a move, and being in the military, we’ve done a lot of moves. So nowadays, you know, you’re retired. You go to Google! I made it all online, got on there, and it was easy. They came right on time, so I left. When I came back, it was done! The bed was already put together and everything was in its place. I couldn’t believe it. Four hours!

They were very professional, very friendly. They picked up all their trash. They are great. 3 Men Movers. Great job!”

Basically, our movers made an impression by being fast, friendly and considerate during the move. And that makes sense, because we pride ourselves on only hiring kind, helpful, good people for our moving company. It’s even in our movifesto! Our movers are approachable and respectful, which is why we say they arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Our movers also respect that the home is sacred, so they’ll never leave their trash behind or damage your home during a move.

All of this is why military couples and other frequent movers love us. We’re the experts when it comes to moving, and no matter how many times you’ve moved, you can always benefit from a team of experts by your side. Whether you need professional packers or simply a few great movers to help you relocate, you can count on our team to help. Contact our office in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or Houston today to set up your move!


Video Testimonial – Lauren’s Moving Review

When you move, you need a team of good people on your side who can make sure moving day goes smoothly from start to finish. Whether you need help packing, loading, unloading or rearranging furniture at your new home, it’s time to hire a moving company with professional packers and movers. That’s exactly what one of our valued customers, Lauren, did, and here’s what she had to say about her experience with 3 Men Movers!

“The movers are really professional. They wrap everything to make sure that everything is protected before moving it into your house. They roll out a blue carpet to make sure that nothing gets scratched on the way… they do an amazing job of protecting your home and furniture. I definitely recommend 3 Men Movers. They are on time, really, really fast…and all the movers are so nice!”

As Lauren mentioned, our movers will take great care of your belongings, making sure to wrap everything to avoid scratches, scuffs or other damage. Whether you want to protect your TV from breaking or your floors from getting scraped, our great movers have you covered. We send them prepared with all the right materials for a safe move, including the blue carpet Lauren talked about. So you basically get the royal treatment on moving day! And if you hire our professional packers, they’ll arrive with boxes, packing materials and tape. Basically, we respect that your home is sacred…which is why that’s Part 8 of our Movifesto.

Additionally, we go beyond (which is Part 3 of the Movifesto!), so it should be no surprise that we can do it all. If you run out of time to pack everything before moving day, let us know and we’ll send our professional packers to your home. If you need help rearranging your furniture in your new home until it looks just right, our great movers will do the job for you. We want moving day to be an event you can look back on fondly, remembering how easy it was to transition from your old home to the new one. And we think our great movers can help with that!

As you can see from testimonials like this one, our more than 30 years in business have served us well. We’ve had decades to perfect our craft, and in that time, we’ve realized the best way to get great results is to hire good people. So whether you call our Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or Austin office, you’re going to get in touch with great movers, professional packers and room rearrangers you can rely on! No matter which service you need, contact us today to learn more.


4 Feng Shui Basics


Planning your move means packing, cleaning, and finding the right movers for the job.

But that’s not all moving is about!

(Okay, it mostly is.) But it’s also about making your new house the perfect home for your family, and knowing some Feng Shui basics makes this possible.

In this video, we show you how to get started as you shed the boxes and treat your home like the blank canvas it is.


Video Testimonial – Paige’s Packing Review!

Paige never thought that packing would be so easy!

See why our Packing Service made Paige feel like a Princess

Paige hired the professional packers at 3 Men Movers to get her home packed up safely and quickly, all while she relaxed so she could feel refreshed right before the move. Doesn’t that sound better than scrambling to find boxes so you can pack up your whole home by yourself right before the moving truck arrives? Check out Paige’s experience with our professional packers, and compare it to the last time you packed up your home without much help. You’ll see our moving company makes a world of difference!

“I decided to hire the packers because I live in a three-story townhome with two other girls so…as girls you accumulate a lot of stuff over the years! I knew that whenever it came to packing myself, I really just didn’t want to deal with all of it, and I knew that it would take just weeks to do by myself. I definitely felt stress-free after hiring the services. It’s just taking all the stress off of your shoulders. You don’t have to worry about anything. The packers definitely go BEYOND my expectations! They just want to make sure that everything is nice and easy for you to find later on. Everything was wrapped very carefully with paper and bubble wrap, and they got everything knocked out within two hours. It was kind of nice to feel like a princess and relax on the couch with my roommate. We absolutely just felt spoiled by them. It definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re extremely pleased.”

As you can see, Paige didn’t have to worry about some common questions, like how many boxes do you need for your move? Or the all-important concern: How to pack wine glasses. Our professional packers took care of all this for her, leaving her to relax as needed and then focus on other moving tasks, like building an emergency move kit.

So if your vision of your perfect moving day involves taking lots of breaks on the couch–and it probably should–it’s time to hire a moving company that can take care of all your packing and moving needs. We have good people on our team who believe that surprises are for birthdays, not move days! So you can expect nothing but plenty of help from professional packers and movers who want you to have the best moving day ever. To learn more, contact 3 Men Movers at one of our four locations: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or Austin.


Video Testimonial – Kayla’s a fan for life!

Kayla has moved before but she had never hired a moving company until now. She shares how easy it is to move with us!

Kayla’s Stress Free Move Day

Never hired a moving company before? Neither had Kayla, until she tried out 3 Men Movers and found out firsthand how helpful professional movers can be! If you’re wondering just how easy we can make your move, take a look at Kayla’s experience with our movers:

“I have moved myself before–in only one room–so the thought of moving an entire house by ourselves was pretty overwhelming. I know it’s going to take way less time to have movers do it versus us. So, I definitely feel a lot better about it. They were really friendly and took the tour of the place, figured out what was being moved and what wasn’t, and got started right away. Did they hustle? Yes! They’re workin’ pretty fast right now, that’s for sure.”

That sounds about right! Our movers are known for being friendly, easy to talk to, and just all around good people. They wouldn’t be on our team if they weren’t. No, really. It’s Part Four of our Movifesto: We don’t keep movers that you don’t like. Fortunately, this promise is easy to keep because we only hire good people who our customers tend to like, which makes Part Five of our Movifesto easy to stick to as well: We arrive as strangers and leave as friends. We know you don’t want rude or unapproachable people in your home on moving day, so we only keep friendly, fun people on our team! We just think a positive attitude makes moving day so much easier, so why not make friendliness a priority?

And as Kayla mentioned, our movers really hustle as they load up the moving truck. In fact, being quick and efficient is a requirement of any movers who want to be on our team, as Part Two of our Movifesto simply says: We hustle. Why make moving day last longer than it needs to? Let’s get it done in a day so you can move on with your life tomorrow in your new home!

Want to learn more about how our movers can help with packing, loading and unloading your belongings? Contact 3 Men Movers at one of the following four offices in Texas: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or Austin. We’d be happy to send you some professional packers and/or movers so your move goes as smoothly as Kayla’s did!


Hiring Movers For The First Time – Audrey’s Customer Testimonial

Audrey moved with us without really knowing what moving companies did. She shares her experience and what made her book instantly over the phone!

Audrey Finds her Forever Moving Company

If you’re used to moving without help from professional packers and movers, you might be wondering what you’re missing out on by doing it yourself. And the fact is, you’re missing out on a lot! We’ll just let one of our happy customers, Audrey, describe what it’s like to hire our professional movers for the first time:

"Three days after the move I couldn’t stop talking about 3 Men Movers. I had put my phone number in and somebody called me I think within the hour, and it was Joe who called me. I remember him because he was so nice. He was really kind; he answered all of my questions and every concern that I have, because I didn’t know about a moving company. I had no idea what y’all did, I didn’t know to what extent this moving company would go. So Joe kind of, you know, he offered all the services, like he was like, "We can pack for you, we can rearrange your house…we can do it." As soon as he said, "We can rearrange your house," I was like "I’m in! I don’t care how much it is."

I mean, they came a little earlier than I expected…but truthfully it was a blessing in disguise because we had gotten done so much earlier and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was perfect. They moved our entire apartment, and then moved them back to two different houses. So first mine, and then second my roommate’s, and that took like four hours, I think, even. It was really, really fast. Honestly, we were anticipating six.

Tito? I like Tito so much! He was so kind and he was really, just really personable. I really liked Tito from the get-go! Shout out, Tito! There was actually this one point in the move I started to sweep, and all of a sudden Tito comes out of the corner with a broom–I don’t know where he got it–but he started to sweep, too. And he’s like "Don’t do it by yourself, Audrey!" and I was like, "Tito, you’re a mover. You don’t sweep!" But he just started to sweep anyway, and at that point me and Tony just kind of stood there. We were like…moving companies don’t do this, do they? Well, I guess 3 Men does, I don’t know! Hi, Tito! Hi, Joe! Great job guys!"

And that’s how it is when you hire 3 Men Movers! Our Movifesto states, We are the experts, and that’s true. But our Movifesto also says: We arrive as strangers and leave as friends. I think Audrey painted the perfect picture of what it’s like to hire a team of good people to help move. If you’re interested in a similar experience, contact one of our four locations today: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or Austin. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and would love to help you move!


Our Unstoppable Team Help Desk

Today we want to honor the people that hold together our organization, our unstoppable team helpdesk! We would not be able to run so smoothly without them and can’t say enough good things about these two. Thank you for all that you do.

Administrative Professionals Day


Coming Home After Hurricane Harvey

A story about Peggy finally coming home after 7 months out of her house. Peggy was one of the recipients of our 30 Free moves for 30 Families.

Our Movers Are The World’s Greatest Movers

I’m telling ya. Y’all have blessed me. You blessed me with the move in the first place and now to help with that, that’s so nice, so so nice. I do appreciate that.

I’m coming home. I am coming home.

and now today march the 28thy’all have brought me home
Hi i’m home now
yall were gracious enough to jump in and get me out of high waters
It’s home you know? because when you have got your roots there, its just you know something is just yours
and it smells wonderful It’s got that new smell you know?
(my home) is going to be the worship center, my sewing center, my beauty shop, everything!

well thank you, I love yall
just blessing of Abroham on everybody!

Welcome Home Peggy.


Houston’s Moving Experts

A moving company born in Houston and fulled by it’s hussle bringing the highest quality of service to the Moving Industry and changing the way it works.

The World’s Best Way To Move


We do what we say. Always.

We hustle.

We go beyond.

We don’t keep movers that you don’t like.

We arrive as strangers and leave as friends.

We are The Experts.

We know surprises are for birthdays. Not move days.

We respect that your home is sacred.


The Funnest Moving Company You’ve Ever Seen

We’re not like the rest, we’ve never been. Our teams train not only in moving but having fun with it. We don’t keep anyone you don’t like and that has left us with the best people we could ever ask for. Moving has always been fun for us, let’s make it fun for you too..

Our Movers Are The World’s Greatest Movers

“We wanted to really look at what we do different”


Introducing the MOVIFESTO and what it means

We have been trying to find a way to really talk about what we do differently. After years of revision and months of preparation, we are proud to introduce the values and mission 3 Men Movers wants to bring to every community.

Here is what moving should be like:

I mean you can run a certain way and you can operate it a certain way but how do you communicate how you operate and and getting that concise and getting that all together so that we’re all on the same page about what’s important for us but after 33 years why are we doing this now and I think it’s important in the history of a company to do to do a value check. What we d, we do well. The way we communicate it I think that’s where we’re having an issue and once you define yourself you also define them not only who you are but who you’re not. The Movifesto most of it comes from my dad he had a very specific way he lived his life.

We Do What We Say Always

and that comes straight from my dad John Fisher we ask a lot of questions we make sure that the customer understands the reality of their move um so that when the move starts it goes along flawlessly. If we do something wrong and it happens..I mean we do over 30,000 a year. If we make a mistake, if we tell a customer something we shouldn’t have told them over the phone, we honor it even if it costs us money.

We Hustle

and that means we’re a fast paced company. It’s with our movers, it’s with our people in our office, it’s with me at the head of the company. We’re always running at a super fast pace. The one thing that we hear again and again will get our they hustled they didn’t stop the entire time. It’s 110 degrees outside and they never slowed down one bit and these are the reviews to get over and over again. My dad valued money. He worked hard for his money he wanted to make sure the customer got what they paid for and so if they’re paying for an hour’s worth more that wasn’t an hour’s worth but just standing around that was that was work all three guys need to be working the entire hour if you don’t keep up at fast pace your competition will and they’ll they’ll beat you

We Go Beyond

and what that means is we go beyond all the rules and regulations of the Texas D&B we go beyond what other normal moving companies would do even the small things around the office. A customer will come in and need boxes and I’ll see a salesperson whose job is not to carry boxes run over and say oh let me help you with that and they’ll pick up the boxes and help them into the car with their boxes and that’s what we go beyond means here at Three Men Movers.

We Don’t Keep Movers You Don’t Like
and for that matter we don’t keep anyone you don’t like. We go through any reviews that’s a seven or below and we discuss it we talk about it we’ve rank all our drivers and we look at the drivers that are on the lower end and if they’ve been on the lower end for a while we bring them in for training and if they can’t get better then they have to go find a job somewhere else. We’re all about a reputation we’re all about our brand and if anyone takes away from that brand they gotta go

We Arrive as Strangers and Leave as Friends

when our movers realize that they’re not not just moving furniture they’re moving people they’re moving families they’re moving dogs,  you know doing this the whole family unit and they understand that they need to build that trusting relationships that’s when we excel and that’s when we succeed and what we want to do is show our customer so much respect but at the end of the move they feel like they just met a new friend.

We are The Experts

we care so much about the industry that if you didn’t move with us our customer service people are trained to walk you through the claims process you’re dealing with a rogue mover bad mover you can call our office and if you didn’t visit us you can still ask them and they’ll walk you through it you know you and they’ll send you paperwork and guide you and give you phone numbers and point you in the right direction. We are the experts in the industry and we do everything we can to stay on the edge and continue to be the experts.

We Know that Surprises Are for Birthdays and Not for Move Days

the last thing you want on your move day is have your movers show up and something go not as planned and that’s why some customers think it’s a little tedious but that’s why we go through all the details over the phone ahead of time. Every single fee every single policy that may or may not affect you is told upfront and it’s clear and it’s it’s transparent some other moving companies what happens is is they don’t tell you something and then they don’t tell you about a fee they’ll tack on a 10% fuel surcharge and that’s a very popular other moving company they don’t tell you that when you talk to them on the phone. It’s not until you get there and you get ready to pay your bill that you find out about it.

We Respect that Your Home is Sacred

when when you have three strangers coming into your home they need to respect your house your values your family your furniture the entire way you live and and our drivers understand that

you know I have to easy job I sit in my office and I make decisions and I think about things and the hardest part is at the job and interacting with with the customers and I know that because my dad did it and I was there when you got home at 3 in the morning and left the next morning at 6:00 in the morning to try to get to the next move and he worked every Saturday and he worked every Sunday and and you know I grew up in that lifestyle I miss my dad and I saw how hard he worked but he provided for us and provided well for us and so I think I have a little bit more of an understanding about what it takes to be a mover here because I’m the daughter of the original guy on the truck the original mover people come to me and they’re like oh how do you do it you have to manage all those guys you know that’s just must be so hard that’s the easiest part of the job I’ve always said it’s like I have 60-70 big brothers anywhere in Texas that if I got a flat tire I could call and they will come over and help me out and that’s how I feel if I have these great big hearts they work hard they have these great great values and great work ethic and I consider myself extremely lucky that I work with the best group of guys ever I really did so that’s


Long Distance Move and Pack Customer Testimonial

We packed and moved Travis from Houston to Austin, Texas. Hear his first-hand experience with our professional packers and movers, to see how we make moving between cities feel like moving around the corner.

No time watch? Here’s what Travis thought about his long distance move:

I used the packing and the moving from here to Houston to Austin, Texas.

Nothing but good things to say about the guys that have helped me out. I’ve had two different crews, one for the packing and one for the moving, and both have been extremely courteous. There’s nothing more I could ask for.

Packing was done in less than two hours which would have taken me over ten [hours] maybe even more. The move… we’re going on about 45 minutes and it’s pretty much wrapped up.

They definitely exceeded my expectations, especially with the packing. If I had done the packing myself I would have thrown things in boxes and just kind of hoped for the best that nothing broke. Whereas they individually wrapped everything in paper, wrapped in plastic each pot, each dish, each glass. Everything looked very secure and tight. If it had been just me, I probably would have thrown it in the back of my car and just hoped for the best that nothing broke.

I actually looked at a few other companies, but none of them seemed to really catch my eye like 3 men movers.