3 Men Movers CEO Takes A Stand For Consumers’ Security

3 Men Movers CEO Takes A Stand For Consumers’ Security

Jacky Noons, CEO of Texas-based 3 Men Movers, recently went out of her way to show how much she cares about anyone moving in Texas. More specifically, she went to the Austin Capitol on April 3rd to speak in front of the Committee of Homeland Security and Public Safety. Her objective was to support House Bill 1505, which would require unregistered movers to be ticketed and have their driving record affected.

Unregistered, or rogue moversdon’t have the state license required for transporting goods, leaving their customers vulnerable to price gouging and theft. They can easily set up a website and pay for fake reviews, leading customers to believe they’re reputable. In reality, these movers never bothered to register with the DMV, meaning they’re operating illegally.

Registering with the DMV shows that a company can pass a background check, has met minimum insurance requirements, has a physical location, and will give accurate moving estimates. Even if reported, they can easily disappear, only to return under a new name.  There is no record of past convictions for police to easily access when they pull over movers. House Bill 1505 would change that, allowing police to see past citations so they can give higher penalties.

John Esparza, CEO of the Southwest Movers Association, says, “There are numerous persons engaged in unlawful unregistered HHG (Household Goods) moving around the state. They have access to homes, family, and property. The public often has little or no recourse when the goods are damaged, stolen, or held hostage for a larger than agreed upon price. This bill will put some “teeth” into the existing statute, forcing these unlawful movers to register, pay any existing fines, and comply with the consumer protections administered by TXDMV.”

Clearly, this bill is needed, and it makes sense for Jacky to support it. She’s a board member of the Southwest Movers Association, which protects consumers from rogue movers. Consumers’ safety is always on her mind, as she’s said, “We are not just moving furniture; we are moving families.”

Supporters of this bill hope the new legislation will provide the protection consumers deserve.

3 Men Movers has moved 500,000 families and has five Texas locations.  3 Men Movers is serious about ensuring consumers feel safe throughout their move while upholding the values in its Movifesto.