3 Myths About Our Unpacking Service Debunked

3 Myths About Our Unpacking Service Debunked

If you’ve moved a few times over the years, you’ve probably hired movers at some point. Maybe you’ve even hired professional packers to help you prepare for a fast approaching move. But have you ever hired UNpackers? That’s right; there are professionals who can help you unpack all those boxes after you arrive at your new Texas home. They’re just not as popular as Houston packers or movers tend to be, thanks to some common myths. But I’m about to expose the truth behind those myths, so that next time you’re wondering, "Will a moving company unpack all my stuff, and if so, should I get that service?" the answer will be a resounding yes!

Myth 1: Unpacking is easy enough to do on my own

Okay, I’ll admit that technically everyone has the ability to unpack. But realistically, how soon will they do it? Here’s a hint: not soon enough! We all know people who moved six months ago but still have a room full of boxes, simply because they got too busy to finish unpacking. The job sounds easy, until you start doing it and you see how easily life gets in the way.

And if you’re a procrastinator, it’s even worse! At least when you’re packing everything, you have a deadline since you have to be done before your Houston movers arrive. But when you get to your new home and are surrounded by boxes, with no unpacking deadline in sight? That’s when you unpack just your TV, sit on your couch and prop your feet up on the boxes in the family room. Unpacking basically becomes a never-ending nightmare!

But when you hire a Houston unpacking service, they’ll unpack everything within hours. You’ll feel like you moved in months ago, not yesterday. So will a moving company unpack for you? Yes, and you’ll love how easy this service will make your life after the move.

Myth 2: Unpacking is a luxury service

Well, if you consider not living out of boxes for months a luxury, then sure, this is true. But even so, don’t you deserve that luxury? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself! After all, when you have three professionals unpacking all your boxes, they’re naturally going to get the job done faster than you. It’s a question of efficiency, not luxury. When you use a professional packing service, you know they have the experience and equipment you lack. Why not step aside and let them do the job within hours while you spend time with family and adjust to your new place?

And as a bonus, unpackers can haul away boxes and packing materials, meaning you won’t have mountains of empty boxes and bubble wrap hanging around your house for weeks. Normally, you’d have to use a box cutter to break down the boxes, and then squeeze them into your vehicle before driving to the dump.

If none of this sounds like fun to you, let 3 Men Movers handle it. When you use our unpacking service, we simply scoop up all those packing materials and put them in our trash compactor, and then a recycling company hauls it away. It’s easy for us and easy for you!

Myth 3: The unpackers won’t know where to put things

We know, your home is unique, and only you know where everything should go. Well, kind of. Believe it or not, over the years our Houston movers have realized that nearly every house is set up the same way. You know, utensils by the dishwasher, pots and pans near the stove, etc. So chances are your unpackers will do just fine.

But even if your home is truly set up differently than most, you can always put sticky notes around the house where you want certain things to go. You might still have to move some items around once the unpacking service is done, but that’s the easy part, because at least everything is out of boxes and can be moved quickly. The fun part is rearranging and decorating, right?

If you now see the value in this service, and you’re wondering, "Is there a packing service near me?" contact 3 Men Movers today! We’ll be happy to help coordinate your move, whether you need Houston movers, packers, unpackers or all three.