7 Free Packing Supplies You Already Own

7 Free Packing Supplies You Already Own

There are plenty of items laying around your house that can be utilized when it comes to efficient packing. And the best part? They are free! Let’s face it, no matter how organized you are, moving can be expensive and stressful. So how do you cut corners without sacrificing the safety of your belongings? We’re glad you asked!

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Bubble wrap and packing peanuts have their place, but when you are looking to save money, consider utilizing these free packing supplies you already own: 

1. Suitcases – Why put your heavy clothes in musty cardboard boxes that risk breaking at the bottom? These rolling cases were made for travel! Sure, you’re not heading to some beachy paradise, but your new home can be the next best thing.

2. Towels – Dirty or clean, we won’t judge! Plush towels make ideal safety nets for plates, frames and other fragile items. Consider folding a towel for extra cushioning on the top and bottom of your boxes.

3. Socks – One of the biggest scourges of moving is that invisible space that sits between packed items. Fill in the blanks by putting your (clean!) socks in a ball. Pretend you’re playing Tetris and fill in any openings! Socks also can be a great place to store loose hardware for unassembled items. Just be sure to label them with tape.

4. Hamper – This handy household device is already familiar with holding your clothes. Use it to transport shoes, pillows, rugs, or anything else that might not fit well in a cardboard box.

5. Plastic Bins – Often used to house seasonal items such as Christmas ornaments and Halloween paraphernalia, these storage containers make excellent moving boxes. They generally do a great job of keeping mildew and moisture out and have handles for easy transport.

6. Garbage Bags – Moving within the state or crosstown? Skip the wardrobe box, keep your clothes on hangers, and wrap a trash bag around your shirts, pants and jackets. This saves you unpacking time too when you can simply hang the clothes, rip open the bag and discard it.

7. Rubber bands/Twist Ties – Utilize these bendable helpers to keep your cords neatly organized. They will make your cords less cumbersome to move from place to place.

Some of the best moving tips are the ones that help you pack. After all, the way you pack sets the tone for the entire moving process! Ready for a free quote? Contact 3 Men Movers today.