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Answer from a Move Concierge: Can We Move It?

Answers from a Move Concierge

Our “Answers from a Move Concierge” series connects you to our knowledgeable Move Concierges across our four markets. This week, our Austin Move Concierge, Sarah, answers what movers can and can’t move.

What Movers Can & Can't MoveIt’s difficult for us to say “no” when processing your move, but safety regulations and Texas law can prevent us from moving certain items. Our list is not set in stone, so if you don’t see your item listed below, give us a shout to make sure we can move it. We’ve learned that there are no strange questions in the world of moving! When in doubt, try asking yourself these questions to determine if we can safely handle your items:

  • Can it explode?
    If it can explode, Texas says we can’t move it. This means anything with fuel in it, firearms and ammo, as well as aerosol cans (spray paint, varnish, etc). The back of the truck can get pretty hot which makes for unsafe moving conditions for these items. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t ship it, we probably can’t move it.

  • Does it drive?
    We cannot move small vehicles. This means motorcycles, ATVs, go carts, riding lawn mowers, etc.

  • Would The Hulk have a hard time lifting it?
    You’ll be getting three strong, human, men to come move your items. They can move gun-safes (emptied), pianos, pool tables, and anything up to 600lbs, but that’s the tipping point.

  • Do you water it?
    According to state law, we cannot move plants. The reason behind this is that pests can live in plants and they can be transported to new areas this way. Additionally, most plants do not survive moves in rugged conditions. It would probably be best if you move them in your personal vehicle.

  • Can you pet it?
    We can’t move pets, even if it’s in a cage. Your companions will need to be moved to your new home with you in your vehicle. In the same vein, we cannot move aquariums, no matter the size. These items are very fragile and it is not worth it to risk your pet’s home.

  • Can it spoil?
    No perishables, please. If you can’t donate it to a food drive, we can’t move it in our trucks.

  • Is it loose?
    3MM does not move loose items or unpacked hanging clothing. If you want it to be moved, and it’s not a piece of furniture, please make sure it is appropriately packed (in boxes or hard plastic containers, no trash bags) prior to the movers arrival. This also means that loose items such as jewelry, books, medications, etc. should be removed from drawers and packed into boxes.

Remember: this is not the final say when it comes to items that we can and cannot move. If you are unsure of something, we would love it if you gave us a call so that we could talk with you personally about our ability to move some trickier stuff. We also have an assortment of packing guides to help you safely pack & transport your valuables. As always, happy moving!