The Best Way To Pack Your Garage

The Best Way To Pack Your Garage

If you’re not looking forward to packing up your house before a move, you’re probably dreading packing up your garage even more. After all, the garage is where most people store items that are weirdly shaped, extremely heavy or even somewhat hazardous to handle. And yet you don’t want to simply leave your rake, tools or lawnmower behind when you move, so you need to tackle this chore at some point. Instead of putting off this task until minutes before your Dallas movers arrive, take a look at what seasoned moving professionals say is the best way to pack up a garage.


The garage is a great place to store all your tools, but keep in mind that some of them are pretty heavy. Maybe you can throw all your screwdrivers and screws in one box, but you’re probably going to have to break up your collection of hammers, wrenches and other solid tools. Otherwise, the box could end up weighing hundreds of pounds, leaving your tools all boxed up with nowhere to go because your Dallas movers can’t safely lift them! Basically, try not to put more than about 65 pounds worth of items in one box.


Your garage probably has some leaky items in it, such as oils and chemicals for cleaning. Just tossing all these bottles in a box isn’t the best option because they’ll likely leak onto all your other boxes during the move. That’s why one of the most helpful packing tips to remember is to line a box with a black contractor bag, place the leaky bottles into it, tie up the bag and then seal the box. Voila! No more leakage during the move. Just note that if you plan to put these items in storage, they may need to be in a climate-controlled building. And that’s if the storage center allows you to store them there in the first place, so be sure to ask first.


While we’re on the subject of leaky items, you might as well get some packing tips on how to move any big tools that have gas or oil in them, such as a lawnmower or edger. The most important step to remember is to drain out any gas or other liquids before you pack these items. This is because moving items that contain gas can be hazardous. Plus, there’s the chance they’ll leak during the move, damaging your furniture and other boxes around them. Just don’t take the chance; drain them before you pack them up!


Part of knowing the best way to pack up a garage is to acknowledge that this part of your house is home to some irregularly shaped items. How do you even start to pack a rake, broom or shovel? Well, the easiest option is to tape them together with packing tape on the handles. Sure, you can use other types of tape — such as the ever-popular duct tape — but they tend to leave a sticky residue behind. That’s why our Dallas moving company recommends putting packing tape on these items. This allows Dallas movers to grab a few items at once, making your move go faster.

Now that you’re armed with these packing tips, you can pack up your garage with confidence. But if you’re still a little confused on the best way to pack up a garage, you can always leave this job to Dallas movers with decades of experience! Contact 3 Men Movers today for a quote on our packing and moving services. We’ll be happy to help with your move!