Local Business Leads Moving Industry In Green Business Practices

4 Ways We’re Leading The Movement Of Green Movers

During a move you use paper, shrink wrap, boxes, and tape. It doesn’t seem like a sustainable industry does it? Over the years we’ve taken measures to lessen the footprint we leave as a company and give moving a green makeover!

Paperless billing and communication

All of our communication is paperless from booking moves, sending clients follow ups on the date and time of their move and even payment at the end of the move. In earlier years, our crew leader had to drive back to our office after every move to drop off a paper invoice. We’re saving time, paper, and cutting back on fuel emissions!

Box and newsprint recycling

One of our ancillary services is professional packing. Along with packing, our professionals will also unpack your home. After an unpack, our packers take all of the used boxes, paper, and tape with them to be recycled at our facility.

Electronics recycling

Boxes and paper aren’t the only thing that we recycle. We also allow our clients and our entire community to drop off unwanted or outdated electronics to be recycled.

We encourage our clients to donate unused items

Before an upcoming move we encourage our clients to go through their belongings and donate any clothing or items that have been gently used. Instead of letting these items become waste they can be given a new life!

In conclusion

Taking the initiative to protect our environment is an extremely important part of our company culture. This mission ties back to our commitment to being fair and respectful, not just to our clients but also to our planet.

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