Creating Positive Energy: 5 Feng Shui Basics

Creating Positive Energy: 5 Feng Shui Basics

Planning your move means packing, cleaning and finding the right Austin movers for the job. But that’s not all moving is about! Okay, it mostly is. But it’s also about making your new house the perfect home for your family, and knowing some Feng Shui basics makes this possible. Here’s how to get started as you shed the boxes and treat your home like the blank canvas it is.

1. Check Your Chi

The Chi is the flow of your home. Still not sure what that means? Think about how freely water would flow through your home. Would it flow easily from your front door to your bedroom, or would furniture quickly get in its way as soon as it passed the foyer? If it’s the latter, it’s time to clear all the walkways in your house, ensuring there’s plenty of room for water (or at least your house guests!) to come through your home. Once you clear those paths, you can rest easy knowing you have good Chi!

2. Look at a Bagua Map

Bagua Map

Feng Shui experts use a Bagua Map to ensure their space has good energy. This map contains eight areas, and each describes a different area of life. They are:

  • Love & Marriage
  • Health & Family
  • Fame & Reputation
  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Creativity & Children
  • Career & Path in Life
  • Helpful People & Blessings
  • Spiritual Growth & Cultivation

Each area on the Bagua Map corresponds to an element, number, shape, body part and color. So when you want to improve one area of life, simply focus on using the corresponding colors, number, shape, etc. in your home.

The easiest way to figure out which details to change in your home is to draw the floor plan of your house, and then overlay this Bagua Map on top. You’ll see every room has its own area of life. Use your front door as a point of reference, so when you lay the Bagua Map over the floor plan, one of the three bottom pie slices on the map lines up with the front door. So, if the door is in the center front of your house, it lines up with the Career square on the map, meaning enhancing this part of your home just might improve your career! Here’s a printable Feng Shui Bagua Map for you to get started.

3. Know the Important Rooms

Sure, you love your new home, but you probably love some parts of it more than others, right? It turns out it’s okay to play favorites when it comes to your house. In fact, if you follow Feng Shui, you know there are three parts of the house that are more important than others: the front entryway, the master bedroom and the kitchen.

Why? Well, the Chi comes into your home from the front door, so that’s pretty important. And you use the master bedroom to nourish your health. Finally, you use the kitchen to improve your health through good meals, which fuels you for the day so you can find success in every area of life.

4. Realize the Power of Color

It’s tempting to paint your new house the second your Austin movers start unloading your belongings. But wait until you know which colors are best for Feng Shui, because every shade creates a particular feel for the room. For example, green is associated with growth, motivation and action.

On the other hand, red is associated with passion and love, while white represents focus and purity. Keep these guidelines in mind as you pick paint colors.

5. How to Mess up Your Feng Shui

There are a few mistakes you don’t want to make if you want good Feng Shui. Here’s what not to do:

  • Breaking up the Chi of the house with different flooring in each room
  • Keeping hallways and entryways dark
  • Putting a TV in the master bedroom
  • Arranging your bed with one side against the wall
  • Letting two mirrors face each other
  • Keeping dead plants in your home

Knowing these basics should guide you as you decorate your new home. But first you need to get there! Choosing the right Austin moving company can help with that. Contact 3 Men Movers today for a quote on the Austin movers you need!