The difference between Hourly Rates and Flat Rates

The difference between Hourly Rates and Flat Rates

As you get estimates for your move, you’ll probably find that some Dallas movers charge by the hour, while others provide a flat rate upfront. So which is the better pricing model? Well, in our experience, providing an hourly rate is best for customers, which is why we do it! Take a look at the main reasons we believe the hourly rate is the right way to go when you hire a Dallas moving company.

Hourly Rates Are More Honest

When you get an hourly rate, it’s pretty clear the moving company is conducting business the honest way. After all, on moving day, you’ll see exactly how long your Dallas movers are out there loading and unloading your boxes and furniture–making the hourly rate rather transparent. But when you get a flat rate, you’ll never know exactly how the company came to that final number.

In fact, you should know that in order to make a profit, many companies overestimate how many hours it will take them to move you. So they might assume the move will take 10 hours and charge you accordingly. But when it only takes six hours, suddenly you’re paying much more than you would with an hourly rate! So if you don’t like the possibility of being charged more than necessary–and who does?–you need an hourly rate for your move.

You’re More Likely to Get Everything Done Right With Hourly Rates

If the Dallas moving company you’re considering offers you a flat rate, you might be happy to have some idea of how much the move is going to cost you. The downside is that you never know if there will be bumps along the way that will delay your move–at which point your Dallas movers might start to cut corners to speed up the job. After all, they’re not getting paid any more than the flat rate if the move takes longer than expected.

So what happens when there are a few hiccups on moving day and you’re paying a flat rate? Well, your Dallas movers will try to make up for lost time somewhere, and the results might not work in your favor. For example, if you unexpectedly need them to take away unwanted furniture on the morning of the move, this could take up an extra hour of their time–and as a result, they might rush through the rest of the job.

Maybe they’ll move a little too fast through your hallways–scuffing up the walls. Or perhaps they’ll skip a few steps when packing your boxes, leaving your belongings a little less protected than usual. Either way, you probably won’t be happy with the rush job! On the other hand, Dallas movers with hourly rates don’t feel the need to rush when there’s any type of holdup, leaving them enough time to get the job done right even after a delay.

Rogue Movers Often Have Flat–and Misleading–Rates

We’ll just throw this fact out there: most of the rogue movers you hear about in the news have flat rates. That’s because it’s so easy for them to deceive you when it comes to the work they’ll put in for the price you pay.

So how does this work with rogue movers? Typically, a customer is promised a flat rate that is super low compared to other movers (too good to be true low). The customer is too excited about the rate to really look into why it’s so low, and agrees to book the service. The movers show up on move day, have the customer sign a contract and then are totally blindsided when the movers start tacking on extra fees. By then, it’s too late to say no, since rogue movers typically won’t unload the moving truck until all of the additional fees are paid.

Sound like a nightmare? It is! That’s why we want to reassure you that you’ll never face this possibility with us. In fact, we make sure to communicate our price estimate to you three times so there are no surprises. See, it’s even in our Movifesto: Surprises Are for Birthdays. Not Move Days.

If you’re ready for a free moving estimate that will be transparent and fair, contact our Dallas office today!