How Long Will My Move Take?

How Long Will My Move Take?

How Long Will My Move Take?

Our Austin Move Concierge, Sarah, answers your tough moving questions. This week tackles a popular inquiry: “How long will my move take?”

Question: How long will my move take?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, I’d have a yacht (maybe we can work something out with my boss!).  In this case, ignore the old adage “time is money” and embrace the knowledge that time used efficiently is more important when it comes to moving your home. I wish that I could give an exact answer to customers when they’re looking for an estimated duration of their move, but in this business you learn quickly not to guess how long moving services will take. The length of a move depends on many factors:

  • The amount of valuables you have is probably the largest factor in the equation. Sure, your place is your average three-bedroom home, but don’t forget the garage… and the family room… and the game room. It all adds up! Luckily, the minimalist movement is back in full swing, but there are still some of you out there with four closets dedicated solely to shoes (see what I did there?).

  • Some assembly required: our movers will disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you! Anyone that has ever purchased something from IKEA knows that these things take time, and we’ll always want to do it right.

  • Believe it or not, the layout of your home can play a big part in how long a move will take, so take note of those tight hallways. For example: if you have a spiral staircase, it will take more time for the movers to get your upstairs furniture down safely. Also, if you are in an apartment on the fourth floor, the flights of stairs can add some time.

  • Heavy traffic to your destination location will add some unexpected time. Additionally, Texas law requires that commercial trucks maintain speeds 5-10 miles per hour (depending on the location) slower than the posted limit. While you’re “guess-timating” how long the move will be in total, don’t forget to take into account the traffic conditions, time of day, and traffic laws.

Although we cannot give you an estimated amount of time for our moving services, we can tell you that for a quick, safe, and efficient move, having everything packed and ready in advance is the key. Lovingly pack all of your Jimmy Choo’s in their respective boxes and put the ‘Fragile’ stamp to good use – that way our guys can get to work as soon as possible.

Refer to our 3 Men Movers Moving Checklist to make sure everything is squared away and ready to put into the hands of 3 of our finest movers. Happy moving!