Local Moving Company Leads the Way in Paid Time Off for COVID-19 Vaccination

Local Moving Company Leads the Way in Paid Time Off for COVID-19 Vaccination

Houston, TX – April 22, 2021: 3 Men Movers, a woman-owned moving company in Texas, announces paid time off for all employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Employees will be allowed to take up to four total hours of paid leave. This benefit was enacted in March 2021, a month before President Joe Biden announced the tax credit for employers offering vaccine-related paid leave. Even though the company plans to utilize the tax credit, they are proud to have created this initiative before there was a financial incentive to do so. Several employees have already taken advantage of this paid leave, putting the company in a great position to have all of its employees vaccinated. This time off is particularly beneficial since many Texas residents have been forced to travel large distances to receive their vaccination.

This benefit is in line with existing paid time-off measures offered by the company for voting in elections and volunteering. 3 Men Movers is also pursuing a plan to increase the base wage for all employees by the end of the year. In a time when other companies are making reductions, this Houston moving company is investing more in its workforce.


3 Men Movers is guided by core values of HEART (Hardworking, Ethical, Attitude, Respect & Teamwork). It is by following these values that the company is actively planning to increase the base wage for all employees (with the exception of college internships) in 2021. The current base wage is $16 per hour, and the company has rolled out an ambitious strategy to increase the minimum threshold to $20 per hour by the end of 2021. This wage increase will apply to all full-time employees, regardless of if they are office staff, work in the warehouse, or clean the building. Given that the cost of living has increased while wages have remained stagnant, 3 Men Movers recognizes the importance of paying its employees a livable wage.


This generous raise isn’t all that the company is doing to take care of its employees. Beyond the vaccine paid leave and base pay increase, the company will continue to offer many benefits that make the company stand out in the moving industry. These include holiday bonuses that were paid out in 2020 despite COVID-19 related business setbacks, and giving employees $3,000 worth of student debt relief by taking advantage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. In a year that saw many companies closing or reducing their workforce, 3 Men Movers is proud to announce that in the year 2020 it increased its workforce by 13% year-over-year.

Reflecting on the importance of the wage increase initiative, Jacky Fischer, CEO and Owner of 3 Men Movers, says, “It’s about doing the right thing. When employees are stressed about their ability to pay rent or put food on the table, they aren’t going to be able to do their best at work. We truly care about our employees, and at a time when other companies are cutting back, 3 Men Movers is giving back.”


About 3 Men Movers: 3 Men Movers is a woman-owned business that has demonstrated dedication to its customers and its community through a philanthropic spirit and commitment to honest practices for 35 yearsWe believe that to have great movers, you must start with good people. That’s why with 3 Men Movers you’re getting kindhearted experts who go beyond to ensure each customer has an excellent experience. With offices in HoustonSan AntonioAustin, and Dallas, our local moving company has become recognized as the mover of choice for over 30,000 Texans each year.