Millennials Are Changing The Way You Move

Millennials Are Changing The Way You Move

Millennials are changing the way you move 2

These days, most adults—especially millennials—do pretty much everything on their phones. Whether it’s reserving a flight, ordering groceries for the week, or finally scheduling that overdue doctor appointment… an easy online experience is quickly becoming a must.  And now, 3 Men Movers is adding one more thing you can do from your phone: booking your move.

If you haven’t moved in a while, most moving companies still operate from 9 to 5 and require you to schedule your move over the phone. Seeing this void in the market, the 3 Men Movers development team, a group of highly talented millennials, put their heads together to create something they would love to use themselves.

Their Online Booking Expert (who they affectionately refer to as OBE) makes it easy for anyone to schedule a move at any time, from anywhere. Whether you’re waiting for take-out after work, at the dog park with Buddy, or in your pj’s binge watching Netflix, you can schedule your upcoming move from your phone in less than 5 minutes.

But OBE is about more than just convenience. It’s also about choice. When you use OBE, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can easily choose the date and time you want to move, see rates, and decide if you want to add additional services like packing. But even more importantly, you can choose the actual crew you want. You can see their picture, their years of experience, how many moves they’ve completed, their star rating, and read actual customer reviews. This is a huge perk for those that are handling their move alone because you’ll know exactly who will be coming into your home.

One OBE user, Toby, said: “Easy to navigate, definitely liked the pictures. You want to know who’s coming in your home and this helped with the unknown factor of who it’s going to be… [I] picked movers based on star rating and number of reviews as well as picked a guy who looked very capable to me. Was very intuitive.”

The convenience continues even after you book your move. When the big day arrives, you’ll get a text that lets you see your mover’s profile, contact the crew, and track where your truck is en route to your home… think Uber. Once they arrive, you can continue to monitor progress directly from your phone to see when they’ve completed loading the truck, when they are on the way to your final destination, and when they’ve finished moving you into your new place. How’s that for transparency?

As you can see, 3 Men Movers created OBE with their customers in mind. CEO Jacky Noons says, “I was old school when it came to embracing this new online technology. I wanted people to talk to our specialists on the phone. My son, who is also a millennial, reminded me it isn’t about what I want, it’s about what our customers want.”

With customers that are always on the go, 3 Men Movers is fitting into their lifestyle- not the other way around. To book your move online or check out what the 3 Men Movers team is up to in your city, visit their HoustonAustinDallas, and San Antonio pages.