Top Mistakes That Will Drag Out Your Move Day [Checklist]

Top Mistakes That Will Drag Out Your Move Day [Checklist]

Know what can kill your chances of having a good moving experience? Preventable mistakes. No matter where the errors come from, no one wants their move day to take forever. Everyone hates a painfully, unnecessarily long move day—especially if you have appointments or deadlines. Sometimes issues are unforeseen, but that’s not what this advice is about.  

We’ve dug into the most common, time-sucking blunders— from both customers and movers—that make your move day tedious. THE GOOD NEWS: These mistakes are 100% preventable! With this guide (and a free checklist) you can skillfully dodge the frequent mistakes people make when moving that drag it out, costing you more time, money, and frustration in the end.  Keep these questions handy to ask whenever you book any moving company

[Download This Checklist] 24 Time-saving Questions To Ask Before & During Your Move

Time is super important when you’re moving. The more info both parties have before your move, the easier it is to avoid these time-sucking slip-ups. We want you to have a streamlined and stress-free move—even if you don’t move with us! 

Click to download this checklist of questions to avoid mistakes that waste your time, money, and energy on move day!

24 Things Your Moving Company Must Know to Move FAST

Click to download the free checklist above! It’s chock-full of the top 24 questions to ask so your move doesn’t take forever.

How Long Does Moving Take? Factors That Affect Your Move   

It’s super common for people to not know what to disclose to movers. Plus, some moving companies don’t have a thorough questioning process to find out what could drag out your move day. 

Thing That You Didn’t Realize Will Impact Your Moving Time:  

  • Anything over 600 lbs.  Movers could come unprepared if they don’t know about something this hefty; some companies won’t move any item over 600 lbs. Others may need an extra hand or equipment. Either way, you don’t want to wait around to find out!
  • Gun Safes– Your move will take longer if your safe isn’t empty. Since the door is usually the heaviest part, you or the movers should remove it to fast-track the moving time. Also, check if it’s bolted to the floor because removal will require special tools—and possibly a separate contractor.
  • Armoires- Empty and dismantle this before move day. Keep screws and small parts in a zipped bag, taped to the interior. This way, no one will waste time scrambling to put it back together at your destination.  
  • China Cabinets. Not only do china cabinets take time to dismantle and reassemble, they often have glass shelves and lighting which should be removed & wrapped before transport. You may not know to do this yourself, so tell your moving company when you book. 
  • Barbeque (BBQ) grills, smokers, & pits- Let your company know what type of grill or smoker you own and approximately how large it is (our crews like to research how to dismantle them).   
  • Patio furniture or specialty tools/equipment– Tell movers if you have any odd-shaped or large outdoor furniture, or equipment like a desk saw, workbench, or landscaping equipment. 
  • Musical instruments- Inform your moving company when you’re booking so you can get a crew experienced with musical instruments. On the flip side, make sure you have a crate or case for each musical instrument you own.

Moving Company Mistakes That Make Your Move Super Long 

Mistake #1: Not Properly Training the Crews

As a wise moving guru once said, Anybody can move a box, but not everyone can move. At 3 Men Movers, we personally vet and train all crew members in our proprietary program. Plus, new members get more than a year of live, hands-on training on how to wrap, box, disassemble, reassemble, load, stack, pack, and organize for a move. 

How long does it take to load or unload a moving truck? Will it take forever to move your 3-bedroom house? Can movers reassemble everything at your new location? If your chosen moving company isn’t investing in well-trained or experienced movers, your move could take longer for all of the above. 

Mistake #2: Giving You the Wrong Crew for Your Needs

If your move needs some special care, you can’t afford to waste time dealing with the wrong type of crew.  Your moving company should be able to give you a quick rundown of the crew you’re hiring, and tell you a bit about them. Say that you need someone experienced in moving survivors of a domestic abuse situation, or you need help moving a baby grand piano. Do you really want just anyone to show up?

Mistake #3: Underestimating the Job 

Being confident is great. Being unprepared is not. No matter how experienced a moving company is, they should always be clear on what types of furniture you have, how much you need moved, and any time constraints that apply. The best way to do that? They shouldn’t make assumptions. They also shouldn’t give you a standard crew if your move isn’t typical. Whether you have a ton of stuff to move, have a storage stop, or need to move in by 6 PM, the moving company you hire should be able to provide the best movers to accommodate you.

Mistake #4: Failing to Ask the Right Questions

Moving companies have the best intentions, but sometimes your move takes longer because of what happened before a crew even arrives at your place. When you first book a move, there’s a lot of back-and-forth between you and the company. Certain questions may be omitted or simply forgotten during the questioning process. If you’ve never moved before, you may not even notice. 
However, if the company isn’t asking you the right questions, they’ll never truly understand what you need, which can unexpectedly add hours onto your move day. For instance: it’s easy to fall behind schedule on your move if the crew didn’t know you had 2 armoires to disassemble, wrap, load, and reassemble!

Mistakes That Customers Make That Can Drag Out Move Day 

Mistake #1: Forgetting to Mention Stairs or Elevators 

Most people don’t realize it when they’re booking, but stairs can have a huge impact on how long it takes to move and load or unload a moving truck. Multiple staircases—especially in apartment buildings—can be quite time-consuming for movers hauling heavy furniture or lots of items. Tell your moving company how many staircases and elevators are in each location so they can plan accordingly. Also, don’t forget to mention anything heavy that you need to move between floors! 

Mistake #2: Underestimating How Much Furniture You Have

While you know how much stuff you own, your hired movers don’t. Even then, it’s super easy to overlook or understate what you have (especially if you haven’t started packing). If you underestimate your belongings, you may not have enough movers. It’s a massive waste of time (and money) if you have to wait for more movers to arrive or even reschedule because no one else is available during the peak season. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to better explain yourself: make an inventory or take photos/video and send it to your moving company.

Mistake #3:  Not Calculating Time Constraints in Your Move

Many places have time restrictions on when you can move out or into a residence. Ask yourself if your move could be even slightly affected by such constraints. 

  1. Need to stop at a storage location? Let your movers know if there’s a cutoff time for moving items in. 
  2. When is the latest you can move into your new place? Is there a deadline that would be affected by a flexible start move

Remember, if you agreed to a flexible start time with us—we call it a 'Flex move'there’s no guaranteed start time (just a general range). So, make sure you’ve considered your final destination’s cutoff time for moving in.

Mistake #4:  Being Too Helpful

Movers are there to make your day easier and hassle-free.  The best thing you can do for your own sanity? Let them do the job they're trained to do. The crews want everything to go well just like you do. So, if you’ve communicated clearly and have the perfect team assigned to your job, relax and don’t worry. 

Avoid These Mistakes To Move Quickly, Efficiently, & Save Money

To be clear, this is not about placing blame for mistakes that most people make.  An efficient move day simply can’t happen unless everyone involved is 100% clear, on the same page, and highly responsible. Use these tips and the checklist to ensure both you and your movers will know exactly what to expect. This way, your move can be hassle-free and fast, and everyone can prevent stressful mistakes from happening.


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