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Houston Movers Secret Tips to Pack a Storage Unit for Easy Access

Storage is always a tricky topic.  Almost everyone needs a storage unit if they want to keep their home free of clutter, but storage can be a headache if not done properly.  Whether you use your unit for 6 months or 6 years, more than likely you will need to access items quickly for an event, holiday or special occasion.  The more organized and proactive you are with packing your storage unit, the more likely you will be to avoid frustration when looking for items in your unit.

Most people know the basic tips for packing a storage unit properly.  It’s pretty basic knowledge that stacking your boxes well and labeling things really helps you find your way around a storage unit.  What we have found is that some people are pros at getting in and out of their storage unit.  This comes from years of experience packing and organizing storage units.  You can easily avoid the trial and error of having a poorly packed storage unit on your first try with just a few helpful tricks to maximize organization and accessibility in your unit.

Our Houston movers and storage professionals have put together a list of the top 10 secret tips to packing a storage unit for easy access.Tips For Packing A Storage Unit

1.  If you pack items in furniture drawers or cubby holes inside of something else, label the outside of the drawer.  You label your boxes for easy access and organization, do the same if you use drawers to store things.  This way you will save the space and not forget where to find your items a few months down the road.

2.  Use like sized boxes to stack high and maximize space.  This helps fully utilize your space and the best case scenario is if you can have enough space left over to create a walkway to the back of the unit and have all of your boxes with the labels facing the walkway or cleared area.  This will give you access to almost your entire unit.

3.  Leave anything you may need on a more frequent basis close to the front.  If you feel you will need it while it is in storage, keep it towards the front and labeled.  You may feel at the time that you will remember where it is, but everything starts to look the same after a few months.

4.  Pack your books flat in boxes.  When you are packing books in boxes for storage make sure to pack them horizontally.  If you stand them up it can damage the spine of the books.  Also, label these boxes as heavy and try not to pack them so full that they become difficult to move without assistance.

5.  Use wardrobe boxes for storing clothes in a storage unit.  This is a great tip for easy access to your clothes in a storage unit.  It is also a really good idea for any sentimental clothes you may happen to be storing, like that special fur coat you never get to wear here in Houston or your wedding dress.

6.  Keep seasonal items together and labeled.  Keep Christmas stuff with Christmas stuff and Halloween stuff with Halloween stuff.  When you need one Christmas thing, you will probably need it all and it will be a lot easier to get it if it is all grouped together and labeled well.

7.  Pack electrical equipment in the original boxes if possible.  This is a great way to know exactly what is in the box and saves more space in your storage unit.  While keeping your equipment safe.

8. Odd items, like lamps, mirrors, flat screen TVs, should all go in the front.  These items are most typically the items you will need to pull out of the storage unit early or other items that can’t be stacked easily and should be loaded in the front.  Additionally, if these items are kept in the front, they are easily accessed and less likely to get damaged.

9.  Try not to lean anything against the walls of your storage unit.  This may cause something to topple over leaving you with a surprise when you open up your unit in a few months.

10.  Don’t stack heavy boxes or items on furniture as the weight could damage furniture legs or stacked items could damage finishes over time.  If you decide to stack furniture, use a moving blanket between the furniture and items to prevent or minimize damage.  We hope this helped with your upcoming pack for your storage unit.

Our Houston Movers are deeply invested in your happiness with your moving and storage experience.  Please leave any tips or tricks you have come up with on packing your storage unit like a pro.

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