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Houston Movers Tips to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel in City Traffic

5 Ways To Stay Safe And Keep Your Cool In Houston Traffic

5 Ways To Stay Calm In Houston Traffic

Houston traffic can be…ROUGH. We’ve got 5 ideas to help you keep your cool and keep you safe during rush hour.

It’s no secret that Houston traffic is intimidating and can be frustrating for even the calmest of drivers. Whether you are fresh out of the moving truck in Houston or you have lived in the city forever this is a something that will eventually be an issue for you. If you are thinking of moving to Houston, it may be a good idea to drive around and do test run drives on your future work commute during the times you will need to be on the road. The best case scenario for Houston movers is to work close to their home and plan your commute to avoid congested areas during high traffic hours.

The most effective cure for for Houston movers on the road dealing with stressful traffic is to plan to avoid it. However even if you avoid Houston rush hour traffic at all costs, you will inevitably run into it at some point or another.

If you’ve ever been passed on the wrong side of the road on I-10 or cut off when you were trying to get to your exit on 610, you know how frustrating it can be. Sadly in Houston, being tailgated, cut off and dodging nasty hand signals can be an everyday experience in Houston. Being the victim of an aggressive driver is no fun and it is easy to feel the urge to sink to that level when things get heated.

Our Houston moving company employees fight Houston traffic on a daily basis. They are experts at staying calm behind the wheel and maintaining control in even the most intense traffic.

We know that no matter how important this is though, it can be tough when you start seeing red and have been sitting looking at the same brake lights for hours.

Here are our Houston mover tips to stay safe behind the wheel in city traffic.

1. Keep your emotions in check. It is extremely important to stay calm behind the wheel. There are many reasons to get upset, like a crying baby in the backseat or missing an exit for the third time when you’re already late, but it is not worth it to loose your cool when you are driving. Not only is it your safety that relies on it, it is the safety of the others in your car and the thousands of other drivers on the road at that time. Put on calm music, count to ten (or 500), do whatever is necessary, but stay calm!

2. Give yourself plenty of time when you have plans to be somewhere. Plan ahead, give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you are going. Leave even more of a window if you are going to be driving on one of the main Houston highways during traffic. Allow enough time for delays.

Houston traffic is already stressful and it is never a good idea to put yourself behind the wheel while worried about being late for an important meeting or date.

3. Focus on your driving. Multitasking behind the wheel is dangerous. Texting, talking on the phone or messing with your GPS while driving can easily cause accidents and cause you to make bad decisions behind the wheel.

Recently studies were done in Houston announcing that one of the most dangerous drivers behind the wheel in 2013 is… the new mom! Turning around to stick back in your baby’s pacifier can be tempting but it is not worth it! New moms, use those breathing techniques you just recently perfected for labor and stay calm. You will get there as soon as possible so just tune that crying out until you can safely fix whatever the problem is.

4. Don’t make a stressful situation worse. Tailgating and flashing your lights at other drivers just makes tense situations worse. When you are tempted to do this, tell yourself that you never know what is going on inside that car and just keep on moving.

5. Do it to avoid literally paying for it. If the safety reasons aren’t enough to keep you from raging on the road, there is another good reason to stay calm. Here in Houston there are fines up to $200 for each moving violation coming from aggressive driving. It is even possible for jail time to be given with excessively aggressive driving.

By following the above tips you will find yourself getting places quicker and in a calmer manor. We hope this has helped and we look forward to hearing any tips you may have for Houston movers dealing with the city traffic.

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