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Packing Delicate Items Safely For Your Next Move

We all have that special set of china, family heirloom, or fragile glass figurine that we want to ensure remains safe during our next move. Broken items are one of the things that people fear most about moving. Often, these delicate pieces also have sentimental value which makes it even more devastating if they are damaged. Your items will have a very bumpy ride in the back of a moving truck.

Pro tips that can keep your precious items safe during your next move!

What you’ll need:

  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Brown Paper Tape

    Double wrap each item with paper and bubble wrap

    Keeping your fragile items protected begins with wrapping and packing them properly. You’ll want to go above and beyond when packing delicate items. The trick here is to wrap each item first in two layers of bubble wrap and then in two layers of packing paper. Finally, seal the layers with a little bit of tape. This ensures that your fragile items stay nice and tightly wrapping during the process of moving and don’t break while being loaded, unloaded, or in transit.

    Add paper to the top and bottom of the box as cushioning

    Crinkle up a few pieces of packing paper and add it to the bottom of your box before you add any delicate items and once you finish packing your box, add another layer of paper to provide some cushioning and extra protection. You can also add paper in between items.

    Label your box

    Ensure that your movers know that your box contains fragile items and should be treated as such. Along with noting that the box is fragile, you should also list the contents on the outside of the box so that you’ll know what’s in it when you start unpacking.

    Leave an inch of space at the top of the box

    Wondering why? Here’s the inside scoop; if your fragile items are packed at the top of the box and a heavier box is placed on top of it, your item could be cracked or seriously damaged. Leaving at least an inch of space prevents this from happening.

    In Conclusion

    These tips may seem simple but they make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your belongings safe during your move. If you are extremely worried, you can also transport your delicate pieces to your new home ahead of time. Another option is to hire our professional packers who have plenty of experience packing fragile items! Read reviews on our packers here!

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