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Is MOVITS Portable Storage for me?

Is MOVITS Portable Storage for me?

Finding safe, convenient storage for belongings is a big part of moving for many people. Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller house or just want less clutter in your new home, storage can be a great option. But should you stick with the traditional self-storage facility or go for portable storage? And if it’s the latter, which company should you choose: MOVITS or PODS? Here’s what you need to know before you make the all-too-important decision of where to store your extra couch or that end table Grandma gave you.

All About MOVITS at 3 Men Movers

If you’re not familiar with MOVITS portable storage from 3 Men Movers, it’s a container that is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall. When you call to order the container, you can expect one to arrive at your house at the specified time–complete with three professional, uniformed movers!

Once the movers pull up to your house with the container, they’ll get to work wrapping and loading your items. After they carefully put everything into the container, they’ll secure it with a padlock–either your own or one you buy from us–and give you the key. Then they’ll drive away with the container so they can store it in a climate-controlled facility.

And when you need your belongings back, just make a phone call and we’ll load your container on a truck so we can drive it to you. Our movers can then unload everything in your house for you just the way you want it. The whole process is quick and easy, the way portable storage should be!


Okay, we know we have some competition in the portable storage space. Namely, we know PODS is popular, too. But we think MOVITS is the better choice for most people. This is because with PODS, you have to load and unload everything in the container yourself, as professional movers do not come with them. And then you have to call the company to come remove the container once it’s loaded up. Not surprisingly, this means paying multiple delivery fees–a new one for every time they drop off and pick up the container.

With MOVITS, the process is simpler and less costly. You call once to get the container delivered–complete with three movers!–and then we only leave once the container is loaded up and ready to come with us. No setting multiple appointments and paying multiple fees. Plus, many HOAs don’t allow containers like PODS to be stored in front of the house for more than a day, so MOVITS may be a better solution if you want it gone fast.

Of course, as great as we think MOVITS portable storage can be for most people, we’re willing to admit there are a few situations where it’s not the best option. For example, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and don’t want help, PODS may be better for you–because MOVITS containers are fully serviced so you don’t have to touch a thing.

Another reason PODS may be right for you is if you really want to leave a container in front of your house for days or weeks. For example, if you don’t want to rush your move and would like time to load everything over several days, you might want access to a container for a while. And considering that MOVITS are about 4 feet longer than the largest POD–making them very difficult to get off the truck–we don’t offer the option of leaving the container with you. So we can see why PODS may work better in that situation–provided your HOA allows it.

MOVITS vs Self Storage

Another alternative to MOVITS portable storage is a self-storage facility. So why do we recommend MOVITS instead? Well, with self-storage, you have to either rent a truck or hire a moving company that has one. Then once everything is loaded into the truck, you have to drive it to the storage facility and unload it. Then when you want your boxes and furniture back, you or the movers you hire will have to load it all up into a truck and drive it to your home.

That means you or the movers touch your belongings four times, while with MOVITS, the movers only touch everything twice. That not only saves you money, but also keeps your belongings protected from possible damage, since the more an item gets moved, the more chances there are for someone to drop it.

So when is self-storage the better option? Mainly only when you want frequent access to your belongings! With self-storage, you can typically go to the facility as often as you’d like. But with MOVITS, the containers are stacked and hard to access, so we recommend an alternative if you plan to check on your belongings often.

If you’re considering portable storage for your next move, contact 3 Men Movers today to find out more about MOVITS! We’ll be happy to let you know if it’s the best option for your move.

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