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San Antonio Movers Give Their Top 10 Tips for Office Moving

Preparing to move your office can be tricky.  It is important to stay organized and start preparing as soon as you possibly can.
top tips for office moving

Our San Antonio movers have a great deal of experience assisting with office moves and have put together a list of their top 10 tips for Office moving in San Antonio.

1.  Take inventory in the office and decide what you can donate to a worthwhile charity or organization.  If it is a small business move you can clear out items and decide what to donate yourself.  For a large office move, you can make it a company event to clear out and promote donations of unused office furniture to a local charity. Now is a great time to get rid of anything in the company that is no longer needed and just taking up space. Plus you’ll save money by not moving items you don’t need.

2.  Start office packing early.  Time is money with your business.  If you are packing the company yourself, start as soon as you know the move will happen.  Enlist help.  Most people severely underestimate how long a company move and packing can take.  Additionally, any excess inventory adds quite a bit of time to your preparation and packing for the office move.

3.  Hire a full service moving company.  If you are planning on hiring a San Antonio office mover, call as soon as you possibly can. Get several price quotes.  Ask for proof of insurance and check the moving company reviews.

4.  Get the news out of your new address to customers.  Update your address on stationery, business cards, and your website. Your website should be the first priority to change followed by your company listing in any online directories.  You may also want to send out an email to your customer base announcing the move.

If you bill clients, be sure to inform them where to mail their checks in advance.  It is very important to reach out in every outlet and venue possible to inform your customers and other businesses of the move.  A press release may be another avenue your company may utilize to inform the public of your company move.

5.  Make a checklist and give tasks.  Staying organized during your move is essential for quick business moving.  If you have anyone in the company that excels in staying organized, that is the person to be in charge of the move.

6.  Make a checklist with tasks, goals and dates.  This checklist should include tasks to be done in advance, supplies you will need, and an unpacking plan.  Be sure to double check at least a week in advance that the phones and Internet will be working in your space, signs are up, permits have been obtained, and other things that often are overlooked in the haste to simply pack and move have been taken care of.  Being prepared at your new location is just as important as safely moving your office furniture and equipment.

7.  Know the ins and outs of your office move.  Be aware of any building policies ahead of time and inform your mover.  Be sure to examine the building before hand and be aware of the location of all elevators, especially service elevators. Make sure they are in working order and large enough to move the furniture. If there are no elevators, be sure to inform the moving company so they can come prepared.  Find out if there are any time restrictions on moving in your office building.

8.  Make sure that someone is in charge of the final walkthrough.  Ensure the prior property is left in good condition and appoint someone in advance to take on this task.

9.  Protect items and furniture by emptying drawers in advance.  This not only protects the items in your move, it also ensures you will not waste time by having to enlist in your movers help at the last minute to do this. You may also avoid extra charges for overweight items by unpacking drawers before the move.  Many office moving companies have an additional charge for items over 300 pounds.

10.  Follow our helpful checklist for a stress-free San Antonio Office move:
  • Have all company books been sorted and packed?
  • Are all desks empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File cabinets cleared?
  • File drawers locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Computers and other machines disconnected?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Desk pads and chair pads labeled?
  • Have a set of spare keys available.
  • Make sure the furniture is wrapped and protected prior to move day.
  • Make sure the cords to electrical devices are labeled and secured.
  • Don’t forget to throw away (or use as scratch paper) any old stationary that has your old address on it and create new stationary with the new address on it.

Good luck on the upcoming office move.

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