4 Items To Tell Your Movers About Before An Office Move

San Antonio Movers Help With 4 Forgotten Items During Office Moves

You may be an owner of a small business or work for a larger firm that is moving, either way, you have found yourself in need of an office moving company.  There are many different options out there for office moving and we have written several articles to help you with this.  But, we also see a common theme with office moves and that is that the larger items of office moves are typically forgotten to be planned for pre-move.  With an office move, it is important to begin early, stay organized, and prepare your moving company or make arrangements for the larger items in your office move.  Finding a moving company early and communicating well with the mover is important.

San Antonio movers have found that it can be tricky when preparing for office moves because many of the large items in corporate moves involve extra planning and sometimes even specialized movers.  Many times the coordinator of the office move is new at office moving and easily underestimates everything that needs to be planned for in the move.  Also, the items that take the most planning and extra effort are usually the staples in the office like aquariums or large cubicles and they are easily overlooked.

As an office moving company, we have seen many large office items falls through the cracks that end up causing problems in the move.

Our San Antonio Movers have put together a list of 4 of the most common large items in office moves that are forgotten.  Below is some valuable inside information to hopefully help you in preparation for your office move.

1.)  Aquariums – Typically it depends on the size of aquarium how the mover will handle it.  Specify the size and weight of the aquarium when you are speaking with your mover pre-move.  Salt water tanks are typically very expensive and fragile, which makes them liability issues and you will usually have to get aquarium movers in addition to the regular movers. If the moving company says yes, it may still be at the discretion of the mover.

2.)  Filing Systems – Law offices and accounting firms have a lot of filing systems need these moved.  Office movers can and usually will move them, but need to be informed pre-move to prepare with additional equipment.

Most filing systems are fire safe.  This makes them VERY heavy.  This makes it up to the movers discretion.  Be sure to explain this to your moving company over the phone during the booking process.  Provide the moving company with the make and model and this will allow them to look up necessary information for your move and prepare accordingly.

3.)  Credenza – Some credenzas are extremely heavy and difficult to disassemble and reassemble.  So be patient with your mover on this and provide as much information as possible pre-move.

4.)  Cubicle – Cubicles can be complex and have heavy desk parts.  The proper equipment is needed to move office cubicles.  The quantity of cubicles you have to move is very important.  Specify this to your mover.  It is important when you are relaying a number of cubicles to your mover, to specify the AMOUNT OF CUBICLES, not the number of offices as these two numbers may be different.

For most office moves the best practice is to have somebody come out and assess the scope of the work.  If it is a last minute move and you do not have time for that, pictures and detailed information will help your mover be as prepared as possible in that situation.

As with any large or complex item you want to move it is usually up to the actual mover who shows up on your move day to assess your items.


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