Tips for Moving in Summer

If you have a summer move planned, below are a few tips and considerations you need to keep in mind.

No one wants to move in the winter, especially those living in northern climates. However summer moves have their own challenges, too. Your best bet is to find local and professional Austin movers! Book your move with 3 Men Movers today!

Summer Move• Hire a Moving Service Early
– Summer is the most popular season to move, so moving companies are booked far in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you will have a hard time finding reputable movers with an empty slot in their schedule.

• Stay Hydrated – We are a moving company that understands whether you are doing any heavy lifting or simply supervising, just being outside for an extended period of time can really raise your core temperature and make you sweat. Staying hydrated with water is crucial. Make sure your moving team has water, too.

• Pack Thoughtfully – A little extra thought needs to go into the packing process. You don’t want things in a moving truck on a hot summer day that are heat sensitive. This is especially true with a long distance move. Try to pack candles, software, essential oils, makeup, etc. in boxes that you can move in your vehicle. If they must go in the moving truck label them, so they are the last loaded and first unloaded.

• Be Prepared for Storms – Old Man Winter can be cruel sometimes, but Mother Nature can be quite volatile in the summer. Our Texas movers know that thunderstorms, high winds, and flash floods are all concerns in the summer. A little rain is no excuse to cancel a move. Just make sure you have tarps to protect furniture. However, electrical storms are a different story. You don’t want to be carrying golf clubs, a bicycle, or anything else metal while it’s lightening. Contrary to popular belief, lightening does not always strike the most conductive or tallest object.

• Have a Yard Sale – One of the best things about moving in the summer is that it is convenient to have a yard sale. You can get rid of everything you don’t need or want. In doing so, you end up with a lighter move and a little extra money in your pocket.

• Plan for the Kids – If you have children, depending on their age, you may just want to send them to a relative’s or one of their friend’s houses during the move. If this isn’t an option have an essentials box packed for them with activities that will keep them busy and cool. Squirt guns, water balloons, sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. are a few ideas. Also, be sure to pack sunblock for them, too. If your kids happen to have four legs, they need a cool place to relax. Never leave them in the car, so they are out-of-the-way of the movers. Even with the windows partially down the temperature inside a vehicle can become 30 degrees warmer than what it is outside in 20 minutes, or less.

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