Packing Smarter – 9 Easy Tips!

 Packing Smarter – 9 Easy Tips!

Packing Smarter – 9 Easy Tips!

You can take your chances cramming things randomly in boxes, or you can try these tips that pay it forward with a much easier UNpacking experience! If it is in your budget to hire a professional packer, we highly recommend; otherwise, try these nine tips to become a packing ninja!

Gone are the days of cramming random things in boxes with these 9 handy packing tips! You’ll thank yourself when it’s time to unpack!

  1. Use foam plates to pack dishes.
  2. Pack glasses and stemware in (clean) socks.
  3. Cover openings of toiletries, dish soap, etc. with Saran Wrap and replace the lid to create a good seal.
  4. Leave clothes in drawers and just cover each one with Glad Press ‘n Seal.
  5. Take a photo of computers and media centers before disconnecting so you can see how they go.
  6. Use towels, tees, tanks, hoodies, etc. to cushion boxes and wrap breakables.
  7. Pack books, small electronics etc. in rolling suitcases.
  8. Use colored stickers to label boxes according to room. Always label two sides of boxes. No need to label the top since it may be covered by another box anyway.
  9. Use garbage bags to wrap bundles of clothes left on hangers. These can be laid flat on your backseat.

Packing is usually the precursor to a move, so below you can find some additional moving advice if you are still trying to iron out some details!

•  Always create a checklist. You will likely forget to take care of certain tasks, if you don’t have a written reminder of them.

•  Use toothpaste or a bar of soap to fill nail holes in the place you are moving out of.

•  Defrost your fridge the day before you move.

•  Have quick access to the bare necessities. Pack a box to keep with your containing towels, shower liner, screwdriver, hammer, towel, sheets, and change of clothes.

Happy Packing and Moving!