Packing Supply List

So you’ve signed up for our packing service – great choice! Below is a list of supplies that each of our packing crews will arrive with. If you would like for our packing crews to use your supplies first, we’d be happy to do so – simply let your Crew Leader know day of!

ItemUnit Price before 8.25% Sales Tax
Small (16x12x12)$1.90
Medium (18x18x16)$2.50
Large (24x18x18)$3.00
Extra Large (24x18x24)$3.90
Dish Pack Box (18x18x28)$5.25
Small Picture Box ( 37x3x33)$5.00
Large Picture Box (37×3.5×20.5)$7.00
Lamp Box (12x12x48)$5.50
One Piece Picture Box (36x6x36)$7.00
Wardrobe Box (24x21x48)$12.00
ItemUnit Price before 8.25% Sales Tax
Blankets (dozen)$120
Twin mattress cover$3.99 each
Full mattress cover$4.99 each
Queen mattress cover$5.99 each
King mattress cover$5.99 each
25lb Newsprint$24
Bubble wrap roll$54.00
Bungi cords$8.99
Marker$2.79 each
Paper tape$4.99 each