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Super Size Your Move®

We have been moving since 1985. During that time we saw the need for a service that efficiently addresses the moving needs of large homes and businesses. Other movers didn’t have an effective solution, so we created one (cause that’s how we roll).
Instead of having a standard truck make multiple trips and burn up your day with excess travel and loading time, we send a truck to you that tailored for your large move. We also send a four-man crew in the place of our standard three-man crew for extra efficiency! 3 Men Movers offers Super Size trucks throughout Texas from each of our locations in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas

What is the difference between a Super Size truck and a standard truck?

The standard moving truck you see on the road is 24 ft. With our Super Size truck you will be getting double the amount of space!

Why would I need a Super Size Move?

Super Size trucks are a time and money-saving option for those who have 4-5 bedroom homes and bigger, as well as mid to large businesses. The spacious truck will allow the movers to safely move a larger volume of items at once and the extra crew member will give your crew the ability to load the truck more quickly. The time that you save with our Super Size truck and crew will save you money and you can use that extra time getting settled into your new home!


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