What Happens If It’s Raining on Your Moving Day?

  • Published : 05-24-2019

Your new place is ready, your Austin movers are scheduled, and you’ve even started to pack. Being on top of things feels good! You check weather.com for your moving day …

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A New Way to Move Part 1

  • Published : 05-06-2019

Book Your Move in Minutes You’re busy-working, socializing, going to school, taking care of kids and pets—in addition to the other 36 things on your to-do list. We know that …

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MOVITS 101: Why Our Portable Storage Containers Rock

  • Published : 04-25-2019

Most people have heard of PODS, but did you know that 3 Men Movers offers even larger, portable storage containers called MOVITS? MOVITS are great for short term storage if you’re …

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Should you resign your lease or move?

  • Published : 04-12-2019

If you’re renting in Dallas and your lease is about to expire, you might be struggling with the decision of whether you should resign it…or move. It’s a tough choice, …

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Decluttering Your House: How to Get Rid of Things You No Longer Want

  • Published : 04-08-2019

If some days you look around and realize your house is too cluttered, you’re not alone. We all have things we just don’t use anymore, and yet we allow them …

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8 Ways We Protect Your Home and Furniture Like It’s Ours

  • Published : 04-01-2019

Moving can be tricky. Maneuvering heavy things through doors they barely fit through, deciding if you really can carry that box of books another 15 feet without getting a hernia, …

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Your Checklist for Moving

  • Published : 03-22-2019

Moving can be a stressful–but exciting!–experience. It always involves a lot of change– whether you’re moving a few streets away, or moving to a new city or state. It’s easy …

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The Perks of Packing Crews – Straight from our Customers

  • Published : 03-15-2019

Is time running out before your move day? Feeling overwhelmed? Or do you just want to be doing literally anything else besides packing everything you own into boxes? If you …

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Same Day Moves: What You Need to Know

  • Published : 03-08-2019

With some moves, you know months ahead of time and have plenty of weeks to plan every detail. But sometimes life happens, emergencies arise and you have to be out …

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How to Handle Moving Away From Family

  • Published : 03-04-2019

No matter your reason for moving away from family, it’s going to take some time to adjust to the reality that your loved ones are no longer just a short …

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How to Make Friends in a New City

  • Published : 03-01-2019

So your Austin movers just left and you’re all moved in to your new home in an unfamiliar city. Now what? Well, now it’s time to make some new friends …

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How to Choose a Self-Storage Facility for Your Move

  • Published : 02-15-2019

No matter what your circumstances are when you’re moving, there’s one thing you’ll find you have in common with everyone else who’s moved: the realization that you have too much …

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