Moving Tips

How Much Storage Units Cost & How to Get Better Deals
Jun 28, 2020
Shopping and trying to figure out how much storage units cost can be a challenge… especially when you’re trying to coordinate a move, too. Prices are heavily influenced not only…
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The Ultimate, No-Panic Guide to Moving in 2 Weeks
Jun 22, 2020
Are you moving out of a house or apartment in 2 weeks and still not ready? Sure, you’ve got a lot to do in a less-than-ideal amount of time—but it is…
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Welcome, Friends of Katelyn! Use KATE30 during booking and receive $30 off*
Jun 20, 2020
Whether you’ve planned ahead or need to move last minute, 3 Men Movers is here to make your move as stress-free as possible!
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Top Mistakes That Will Drag Out Your Move Day [Checklist]
Jun 14, 2020
Know what can kill your chances of having a good move? Mistakes we make when moving. No matter where the errors originate, no one wants their move day to take…
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Efficient Moving Advice That Will Make Your Day Successful
Jun 07, 2020
It’s move day, and time is money. So you definitely need to know how to move out as efficiently as possible. So, what’s the most efficient way to move? Find out…
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Homeowner’s Insurance: How to Get The Perfect Amount
May 30, 2020
Whether you’re moving in for the first time or you’re comfy and settled, having enough insurance coverage for your home is vital. You certainly don’t want to be caught…
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Flood Insurance Advice That Will Protect Your Dream Home
May 24, 2020
Are you living in a flood zone or moving to one? Here’s how to know & understand what flood insurance covers & if have you the right amount.
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Domestic Violence Survivor’s Moving Safety Guide [DOWNLOAD]
May 17, 2020
Moving out or threatening to leave is the most dangerous thing a domestic violence survivor can do. It’s also the most necessary thing a survivor can do. This downloadable domestic…
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Best & Worst Ways to Pack Ahead for a Move
May 17, 2020
Need to pack ahead for a move? See the best & worst ways to pack dishes, plants, jewelry, clothing, and more to make your move more efficient.
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Here’s How to Make Moving Somewhere New Less Scary
May 09, 2020
So you want to move somewhere completely new where you don’t have any connections? Well, there’s a wrong way and a right way to fulfill your desire of moving…
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