Top Tips For Moving Out Of Your Apartment

Top Tips For Moving Out Of Your Apartment

There are very few people who enjoy the process of moving (as moving enthusiasts we have a hard time with this…we digress), especially when you have to deal with the rules and regulations that your apartment complex sets. But that’s usually because people are short on time, or get overwhelmed with the moving process. That’s why we’re giving you a comprehensive move out guide to limit apartment moving blues and headaches.

Give notice to office or apartment manager

Most apartments will ask you if you want to renew your lease well before it is up, because if you aren’t renewing they can rent it out to someone else. But if they don’t reach out to you, the standard amount of notice to vacate is 30 days. Mark your calendar! (link to notice form)

Start packing for the move at least one month out

When it comes to packing the earlier you start the process the easier it will be. Setting aside one day to pack usually doesn’t work out. Most of us don’t realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated until we’re knee deep in ugly sweaters from Christmas’ past and the contents of drawers we said we’d clean out three months ago. There are also professional packing solutions, if you want the hands free approach.

Ensure that you transfer your utilities and renter’s insurance

Transfer your electricity, internet, renter’s insurance, gas, water, and home security system to your new address. Where do you do this? Check out this handy website for change of address support across most providers. Don’t forget to update voter registration.

Transfer subscriptions and any other mail

You don’t want your confidential information or your favorite subscriptions to be delivered to the tenant who will be living in your old apartment. Make sure that you (LINK) update your address for anything that you foresee being delivered to your old place. This includes magazines and any monthly subscription boxes that you may be signed up for.

Repair damages

Try your best to leave the apartment in the state it was in when you moved into it. Touch up any paint that you may have chipped on the wall, fill any holes, and take care of any other minor repairs. You’ll thank yourself when you get your deposit back in full!

Do a final walkthrough with your manager

If there are scratches or other dings that you didn’t create you can point them out to your landlord at this time. You’ll also want to confirm and reserve a loading dock for your move out to prevent any confusion on move day. This is the part that most apartment movers skip, but it really is the trick to staying on the same page as your landlord, maximizing your deposit return, and moving out without a headache.

In conclusion

Moving out of your apartment doesn’t have to be so stressful by following the tips outlined above. While pre-planning and communication are key, professional movers can take even more worry out of your day while you handle the details. Happy moving!