Thankful Series Day 6 Life and the Small Things

We asked our employees one question in a room by themselves. We got everything from touching to comical and love every answer. We are #ThankfulFor each and every one of them. This is day 6 of our thankful series and we are just thankful that we are here and able to do. We don’t want to lose sight of the small things that can be easily overlooked.

Video Transcription

I’m just thankful to be here considering how up and down life can be for some people and the various things that we go through. I’m just happy to still be here and I’m grateful so I make sure to spread that thankfulness to my son and to my loved ones and to always be grateful and find the small things in life. I’m just thankful to be alive. I’m glad I get to wake up every day and live life and be happy. I’m thankful for life. I have so many things going right in my life. I’m thankful for life I’m pretty blessed. I’m thankful for my creativity and for my art. Every now and then I draw something and it takes me somewhere else, it makes me very good about me that I did it. So I’m very thankful that I have that. Meeting people that have helped with my life adventures. Thankful for just being able to do. I know, I feel like anything is possible.