Houston Moving Company 3 Men Movers Helping Local Houston Schools

Local Houston Moving Company 3 Men Movers gets to play Santa for a day! We teamed up with CYCLE Houston to help local Houston Kids this Christmas!

Video Transcription

Christmas whoa
we’re here at the cycle event which is really exciting. Three men movers has been a part of this for the past 10 years and basically helping children who have met educational goals. they get to receive a bike and so they work really hard for they know they’re getting one so it’s just really exciting to see their faces. Cant Wait

They just got done unloading really pump have the kids come We have 13 hundred bikes between all of our 16 trucks and had meet at NRG last night

The children as you know all earned their bikes every single one them wrote a contract to do better in school and we would not be able to get these bikes to the student if it weren’t for you.