Houston, We Have Storage. MOVITS Portable Storage in Our Climate Controlled Warehouse | San Antonio too

3 Men Movers shows you to the beauty of call to order storage in a video you will not be able to look away from. Some great drone footage of how a MOVITS portable storage unit comes to life! You call for storage, we deliver a MOVIT, fill it with your items, take it away that day to rest in our climate controlled warehouse.

Video Transcription

As dedicated moving experts, we realized that the portable storage options on the market were inefficient so we decided to change that! If you are looking for convenient portable storage, look no further! Our MOVITS portable storage units are the epitome of ease.

You no longer have to deal with your portable storage unit being dropped off in the middle of your lawn for days on end (or worse, blocking the entrance to your apartment building or condo) and then stress about finding the time to fill it up before your crew comes back to transport it to storage. We take care of transporting, loading, and bringing your portable storage unit back to our climate controlled warehouse same day! When you’re ready for your belongings, all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll bring your storage unit to your home and unload it, putting your belongings right where you want them!