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Editor’s Note: This content was originally published on on 10-20-17. We updated and republished it on 7-2-19 to make it even better and more informative!

You have your Houston movers booked, and you are super excited about your brand new place! Now all that is left to do is the dreaded packing. Nobody loves packing, but it gets even worse when you don’t have the best packing supplies to make the process go smoother. You might have never considered this before, but did you know the type of tape you use makes a difference?

Packing tape should not be difficult. Find out what tape stands up to the test and comes out as true champion! Not all tape is created equal and you can clearly see what in this video! This video will also help you learn how to properly tape a box for moving!

Video Transcription


So What Tape Is Best For Packing?

Paper tape blows away the competition for the reasons below:

  • You can write on it with Sharpie, and the ink won’t smudge.
  • It rips easily so you won’t need scissors every time you finish taping a box.
  • It’s easy to find the end of the tape so you aren’t wasting precious time constantly searching for it.

Moving is already stressful enough–why compound it with additional, useless stress over packing? This Houston moving company knows what we are talking about because we have been in the business of moving people since 1985.┬áVisit our website to find additional packing tips or if you decide you’d rather just bypass the packing altogether, you can hire our professional packers to do the job for you. Happy Packing!