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What To Expect on Your Move

A walkthrough on your move.

Hi, I’m Lorie Clements president of 3MM, and I’d like to share what you can expect on your move with us today.

First, our crew leader will go over the contract with you and e-mail you a copy. Then, the movers will perform a pre-move inspection during which they may call your attention to anything that may have been previously damaged. Next, you will sign in the movers and your movers will safely and quickly begin loading your items.

Please ensure that all items you wish to be moved are on the truck before it departs for the destination.

After the move is finished, you will sign your crew out and receive your invoice and a short survey by email. You will receive a short survey by e-mail after your move is complete, please take a moment to let us know how we did.

On behalf of everyone here at 3 Men Movers, thank you for joining 25,000 Texans each year in making 3MM your local mover of choice.

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